Illegal lane change that got out of hand!

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Published on 07-31-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

An article came out in the Blaze that was entitled “

Woman Argues Laws Don’t Apply to Her Because She’s a ‘Free Inhabitant’ — Watch How Well That Goes Over With Officer    LINK

This newspaper heard something in the video that was very revealing, around the 4:31 mark of the video, the officer uses the term “Pain Compliance”. LINK TO VIDEO

Now the woman may or may not have a crazy claim that being a “free inhabitant”, however, a well trained Human Rights Defender looks through all of the theatrics and watches both sides of the confrontation.

1: The officer did not have to tow the vehicle, it was registered and insured according to our sources.

2: The officer started an investigation without probable cause to do so. There were no weapons in the car, no accident had occurred, no alcohol, no illegal drugs, the automobile was not being used as a weapon endangering the public safety. No aggressive driving, the automobile did not fit any description of being used in a bank robbery or any other crime.  There were no wants or warrants.

3: However, the officer used the terms “Impeding an investigation” and “pain compliance”. The American Herald agrees that the conflict is easy to make fun of if there is an individual that is benefiting from the violence of the people protecting them.  Sacrifice and Possession Cannibalization in the American Society!

The situation, no matter how crazy people sound in their claims, did not have to turn violent. The term “Pain Compliance” was used.

Pain compliance is a euphemism [1] for the use of torture[2][3] to control a person[4][5] or animal. The stimulus can be manual (brute force, placing pressure on painful areas, or use of painful hyperextension or hyperflexion on joints),[6] use tools such as a whip or electroshock weapon, or use chemicals such as tear gas or pepper spray.

The purpose of pain compliance is to direct the actions of the subject, and to this end, the pain is lessened or removed when compliance is achieved. This provides incentive to the subject to carry out the action required. LINK

Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or

Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to an organism, usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer’s control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to him or her. LINK

The woman asked for a superior several times. There was no reason for this situation to escalate the way it did. All the officer could have done to save his ego was write a ticket and let the courts settle the matter. 

Here are some questions and answers to contemplate.

1: Which industry has full control over the Department of Motor Vehicles?

A: Insurance Industry

2: Who is passing the laws in that State?

A: The lobbyists including but not limited to insurance companies, LINK

3: Which industry has full control over all State legislatures?

A: Insurance industry because they insure the States.

The real reason this woman was tortured through pain compliance was because she failed to purchase a certain product whether it was a license, or other product. People will claim that she was disobeying the law. However, when a private corporation is passing the laws, then is it really a law?

Once people get passed the crazy sounding claim by the woman about not having to comply with U.S. laws, and dig a little deeper into the issue, you can clearly see that the people behind the curtain causing these conflicts are simply cashing in on pain compliance.  Watch what happens in the future when pain compliance is used under the excuse that someone did not buy an insurance policy under the Affordable Care Act that no one read what was written by the insurance industry in that act.

Hopefully by now everyone can see what it is really like to have a monopoly over commerce and what kind of tyranny that can be enforced on anyone regardless of how compliant they are to the law.

If you read some of the comments under the particular video, you will see all kinds of cruel and unusual statements.

She’s quoting the Articles of Confederation which was the first constitution of the United States. It was the constitution during and immediately after the Revolutionary War. It was replaced in 1788 by our current constitution. Basically it was our rough draft. She’s quoting a law that has been void for 227 years. The intent isn’t even close to what she’s claiming. He didn’t illegally arrest her. She was arrested for obstruction of justice. On a side note, she has a really annoying voice.

This comment is completely false and has been proven to be false through publication.

Ahhh… the sweet sound of a misinformed liberal jackass facing reality. Such sweet music to the ears of the sane.

This guy likes pain compliance and torture and actually believes he is sane.

Good job by the officer… I would’ve had to seriously restrain myself from tazing her ass repeatedly!!!

This guy is considered a danger to society!

Dude I am so glad I dropped didn’t follow through with being a cop. I would have been fired 2 minutes into this.

This guy needs a psych evaluation as soon as possible.

Dealing with the claims of being a free inhabitant or other claims.

1: Prove the woman wrong with knowledge and logic, not torture and abuse and threats of major psychical harm. If you can’t prove your case without force, you don’t have a case. Just because you think someone else is wrong on an issue is not a green light to torture and abuse them, the American Society is nothing more than a pure ego driven society when this happens.


14 Responses to Illegal lane change that got out of hand!

  1. John says:

    I cant believe you are defending this girl! And you say that on person who commented was a danger to society and another needed a psych evaluation? Who the heck are you to make these determinations? People like you are the ones encouraging the behavior this nut job exhibited. And this girl wasnt “tortured” as you claim. I know what real torture is and that wasnt it.YOU need your head examined and you owe this outstanding police officer an apology.

    • admin says:

      No one was taking sides and not defending anyone. Simply making observations as a part of freedom of the press. This article was published a year ago. The video has been removed from youtube. Isn’t it a little late to start making one sided demands designed to show your allegiance at the expense of others?

      • Jaime Valdez-Obeso says:

        Video is still up on you tube. 99% of what you have wrote is pure nonsense and void of any facts pertaining to this incident.

  2. West Ford says:

    You are not making “observations” as you out and out lie. You are another pathetic free inhabitant with a keyboard.

    • admin says:

      Well Mr. West Ford, it appears your ip address links you to the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall. How are you boys doing today? Just for your information, we do know that you are attempting to plant a seed that the term “inhabitant” is a bad, bad thing. However, this newspaper happens to know that residents are supposed to take an oath or affirmation of allegiance to obtain the status of inhabitant and then municipal citizens wherein they do receive a dividend check every year and are not liable for any debts. Those debts are passed on to the U.S. state residents. It is also known that they do obtain a United States nationality after that process is complete. It is also known that John F. Kennedy was killed for exposing that fact and attempting to make the exiled a citizen again. Based on your comment, it appears that the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall is attempting to slander the American Herald in an attempt to hide these crimes against the UDHR and many other international laws by simply using the term inhabitant in its comment. Thank you for submitting more evidence as to identifying the parties that are perpetrating these crimes of slavery and owning slaves, today known as U.S. state residents. Thank you for your confession on behalf of the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall. Have a good day!

      • Kay says:

        I just can’t, I was laughing so hard. Not everything is a conspiracy. We live by the U.S. Constitution now FYI!!! It’s not 1777 anymore as a paper I think you would research a little bit more!

      • DanCooL says:

        OMG! You are HILLARYous! (and brain damage too )

  3. Bilbo Baggins says:

    First off, had there been an unlawful stop the free inhabitant speech may have worked. Though illegally changing lanes is a traffic offense that may have gotten you a few points and a fine, violating traffic laws with no valid driver’s license is a crime that can and will probably get you arrested. You do not need a driver’s license to drive, but it sure helps for when you violate traffic laws. The driver’s license is like an Assurance Policy for your Automobile Insurance, that you know how to drive and have passed the driving test. If you drive with no license and have not violated any traffic laws or other laws, you are technically free to go and technically a free inhabitant of the Earth. The investigation takes place because a crime had been committed, which was violating traffic laws without a valid driver’s license. When she refused to exit the vehicle she broke a law and interfered in a police investigation.

    • Greg says:

      Ignorant, stupid, retarded and legally blind!!!
      You have absolutely no concept of what is going on around you…
      You are the perfect slaves…because you have NO IDEA that you have been thoroughly and completely enslaved! Keep believing your authority figures…it is quite becoming of your dumb ass!!!
      Get your god damn head out of the sand and seek some education before it is too fucking late!

  4. Sean Murray says:

    You must be kidding
    Car was driven by someone with NO license. That’s the crime right there. Traffic violation #1, #2 no license. Why blame the cop?

    • John says:

      Because the cop is in the wrong. He did a great job, doing what he is paid to do. Doesn’t make it right though.

      • Stacy says:

        No, the cop is not in the wrong. The driver had no license. If you live in the US and drive a car you are subject to those laws.

        If the insurance industry owns the DMV and therefore the laws are written in protection of its profits as you claim, then you lobby to have those loans changed, but you can’t simply ignore them because you disagree with their foundation for existence.

        Here’s a more ridiculous way of looking at it. Suppose you are found to be viewing child pornography on the Internet. The images are on your computer. The law is you cannot look at those images. The foundation got the law is NOT relevant at the moment of arrest.

        I agree the police have become a mechanism for protecting the wealth and health of the rich. Unfortunately, that does not mean people can selectively follow the law. If you don’t like it or it’s reasoning, fight the law, not the police officer who enforces it.

  5. Kim MARIN says:

    I hope she was deported.

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