Declaration of Value by the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America, as amended!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The amended Declaration can be downloaded here: LINK

In light of the re-introduction of the States of the Union published on August 9th, 2016, LINK,  it seemed prudent to publish the aforementioned amended Declaration. 

Many will be pleasantly surprised over the wording of the declaration and the declaration will make many people happy. Globalists will not be so happy to see the declaration published with its particular wording and intent.

Please read the declaration and pass it on to your family and friends as it does affect everyone on one way or another.




Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall Slanders the American Herald!

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Published on 08-18-2015 by the American Herald


The American Herald receives some bizarre comments on various articles published by the American Herald on a daily basis.

Today, a comment that was written was outright slanderous in nature. The most interesting part of the comment was its source. The comment was posted on a particular article involving a woman claiming to be a Article 4 free inhabitant. Although the video was entertaining to some and others were disturbed over the videos content. The whole article sparked some real controversy among the people. LINK TO ARTICLE

The comment posted today is as follows:

“You are not making “observations” as you out and out lie. You are another pathetic free inhabitant with a keyboard.”

Please keep in mind that this article is over a year old and the original video had been removed from youtube. So the American Herald staff decided to look up the IP location of the individual making the comment and find another posting of the video on youtube. Here is what we found:

Comment response from the American Herald:

“Well Mr. West Ford, it appears your ip address links you to the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall. How are you boys doing today? Just for your information, we do know that you are attempting to plant a seed that the term “inhabitant” is a bad, bad thing. However, this newspaper happens to know that residents are supposed to take an oath or affirmation of allegiance to obtain the status of inhabitant and then municipal citizens wherein they do receive a dividend check every year and are not liable for any debts. Those debts are passed on to the U.S. state residents. It is also known that they do obtain a United States nationality after that process is complete. It is also known that John F. Kennedy was killed for exposing that fact and attempting to make the exiled people a citizen again. Based on your comment, it appears that the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall is attempting to slander the American Herald in an attempt to hide these crimes against the UDHR and many other international laws by simply using the term inhabitant in its comment. Thank you for submitting more evidence as to identifying the parties that are perpetrating these crimes of slavery and owning slaves, today known as U.S. state residents. Thank you for your confession on behalf of the Brooklyn Bridge New York City Hall. Have a good day!”

The article itself, written by the American Herald does affect and implicates  the taser industry as selling, promoting and requiring torture devices to be used on residents of the U.S. states under the term “pain compliance”.

For those that believe that the American Herald is against the police and siding with the crazy Article 4 lady, is notwithstanding.

However, according to the response by the American Herald, all the cop had to do to really help was offer to take the couple to the nearest county judge to take an oath of allegiance. It would be that simple. Yes, she would have moved from resident to inhabitant and then to citizen and gain dividends check every year. Yes, the driver’s license would not be required and everything would have ended very peacefully. Instead, ignorance was equal on both sides and therefore renders the American Herald a third party neutral observer.


The Government of The United States of America hereby re-introduces the existence of the States of the Union!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

On June 30, 1864, the following definition was introduced into the record of the District of Columbia:

Untitled-1 copyLINK TO FULL PAGE

Quote: And be it further enacted, That wherever the word state is used in this act, it shall be construed to include the territories and the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out the provisions of this act. Approved, June 30, 1864. end quote.

For everyone’s information, that was when the definition of a state was altered. When the definition of a state was altered, the definition alteration was intended to obliterate the existence of the States of the Union. Some may argue that the definition was compartmentalized to that particular act, however that same definition has been the standard operating procedure for the District of Columbia since June 30, 1864 to present time.

The city-state that committed said act was the city of Washington D.C. The city of Washington D.C. committed this act in the name of the District of Columbia.

Since June 30, 1864, every document signed under the altered definition of a state is notwithstanding due to the fact that the District of Columbia was never defined as a State of the Union. Further, any and all agreements signed after June 30, 1864 do not legally exist under the Law of Nations.

Either version of history and no matter what is believed since the Declaration of Independence, the altered definition of a state above would be considered, whether in the past present or future, repugnant to the Law of Nations. 

The Government of The United States of America (Government) has attempted 4 times to receive full recognition from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) thereby allowing the Government to correct the legal problems of the existence of the UPU. The Government showed the purported leaders of the UPU the errors within the General Postal Union Treaty signed in 1874. The UPU has had almost three years to wake up and realize that it does not legally exist. Even though other countries signed the General Post Union Treaty, one of the signatories was a fraud and therefore dis-honored the whole agreement. Dis-honor cannot exist within Commerce. Any act of dis-honor within Commerce is no act at all. Since the UPU does not legally exist, than the United Nations does not legally exist. Since the purported leaders of the UPU did not listen to the Government, the UPU has rendered itself null and void as having any legal existence altogether. The General Post Union Treaty never happened and therefore the Universal Postal Union never happened because all agreements were signed under an altered definition that was not authorized by the States of the Union. 

The Government of The United States of America has managed to preserve the original Union and the States of the Union. It has also managed to hold on to the General Post Office of 1775.

It will be up to the States of the Union to decide the existence of the city of Washington D.C. meaning that its dishonor of treason against The United States of America has yet to be determined as to its continued existence is serving the best interest of the States of the Union or not.

It is noticed, by the Government of The United States of America, that it is its  honor and privilege to hereby re-introduce, under the authority of the Law of Nations, the existence of the States of the Union, to the world; and may its existence be prosperous and peaceful. May the States of the Union shine as the light of real freedom for all to see and witness, that it may have been covered in darkness for a time, yet its light of freedom shall never be extinguished by those that derive their power from fear and treachery.

The States of the Union may for a time exist under the Articles of Confederation, as amended August 5th, 2015. However, the Government of The United States of America, under the authority of the Law of Nations,  shall issue this order that a constitutional convention is hereby ordered to convene, for the people to determine their own destiny.

General Information for the General Public:

The New World Order null and voided itself and its own existence. Therefore, anyone with good reasoning skills can determine that the end times are not here yet. It is time for the people to assemble and re-build their structure, otherwise the Government of The United States of America is here until the self determination is made.

So declared, ordered and introduced by the Government of The United States of America, under the authority of the Law of Nations, on the 143rd day in the year of Yahweh, 6018, translation, 08-09-2016.

office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America,

GOVNUSA-300x300John Harold Fulks

The Government of The United States of America introduces the “Law of Choice” to the World!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Government of The United States of America hereby introduces the Law of Choice to the International Community and the World!

The Government of The United States of America gives notice that the Law of Choice does not exist in any codification, law, statute, declaration, or any other document in any country in and of the world.

For the past six years and since the reforming of the Government of The United States of America, its subject matter is and has always been about choice. 

The whole point is that everyone literally has a choice. 

In all other countries, choice is a matter of perspective meaning choice is handed out from the top down.

Hillary Clinton will win the election, not because she was voted in office, not because the office has not existed for the past one hundred years, but because she carries the message of her task masters and will carry out all commands in delivering that message.

Example: Over half of the Democratic company voted for Bernie Sanders, and when Hillary Clinton won the nomination, the people that voted for Bernie Sanders were locked out of the convention.

Why? It was not because there was emails or the fact that people read emails and blah, blah. It was because Hillary Clinton carries the message and the message is this:

The people that voted for Bernie Sanders thought they had a choice. What this means is that those people that thought they had a choice and exercised that choice were punished for making a “choice”. 

The reason why Trump is constantly attacked is because Trump, in his own heart believes in choice and believes he has the right to make a choice. Choice and permission are two different concepts of law. If Trump thinks he does not need permission, he is not carrying the message of those that control Hillary Clinton.

Alex Jones believes he has choice and resists any notion of permission. Therefore the main stream media will punish Alex Jones over and over whether through slander, name calling or any other type of punishment that is permissive for the main stream media to impose.

All statutes today are written and carried out in a way that punishes the act of choice. This means that if a choice is made, that act of choosing is punished.

It does not matter that you drove 75 in a 55 mile an hour zone, it is the fact that you thought you had the choice to drive 75 miles per hour in a 55 mile an hour zone that created the crime against the state.

It is not the fact that people have guns that is a crime, it is the fact that people believe they have a choice to own a gun. The fact that a choice was made is punished, not owning a firearm without a license.

It is not the fact that someone murdered another that is the crime because murder was legalized in Roe v. Wade, it is the fact that the individual thought they had a choice to take another life. The act of choosing is punished, not the murder.

If anyone does any research on the issue they will find all of these examples over and over in the way statutes are written. The statutes made criminals out of people that think they have choice instead of obeying commands.

This thinking about commands and choice comes from the lack of respect from those powerful countries that do not perceive a threat from weaker  countries. What this means is that if a country does not have nuclear weapons, than that country has basically no vote on anything in the world. The world has not changed since it’s inception meaning that if someone can kill another, or have the capability of killing another, they receive respect. If a country can destroy another, it has a say and a vote and it also dictates which country has a choice and which does not. The more powerful country becomes and acts like a god because it exercises its own choice and gives weaker countries permission. This thinking comes from the powers that be and has trickled down to the inner cities.

The powers that be are called the powers that be because they have nuclear weapons and can destroy the world with those weapons. This means they can kill without recourse and therefore gave themselves the full right of choice while placing everyone else under their permission. It is no different in the inner city where those with the guns make the rules. It is the same thing on a larger scale. The U.S. is the U.S. because it can take away choice without recourse. If the U.S. did not have that capability, no one would listen to it in other countries. The funny thing is just because an entity can destroy a country, does it have the right to tell other countries what to do? Does it have the right to deny choice?

A country and its Government has never made a law that everyone within it has choice which is the reason for Governments rising and falling. It will always stamp out the existence of its own people by abolishing choice or delegating permission.  

Therefore, the Government of The United States of America is going to declare the acceptance and acknowledgement of the Law of Choice. It is time that history is made.  Once the Law of Choice is understood, the mind is free because it realizes that those attempting to quash choice are fighting their own existence and the existence of the universe itself.

In the past, those that made a choice to claim a Nationality were in fact punished for making a choice. It was not the fact as to what they claimed or why, it is simply because they thought they could make a choice. Once it is clear that they are going to make a choice beyond permission, whether accepted or not, is when they have freed themselves from those that gave themselves permission to attempt to reverse existence.

No one has to wait any longer, people are being locked up and punished for making a choice. It has been going on for a while. However, it is also sad to watch the U.S. destroy herself in the process. She had her ups and downs, but she has destroyed her own existence by owning slaves and delegating choice through permissions. She is powerful, but not more powerful than the Law of Choice.


The Mission of the Government of The United States of America is under attack by the States! Part 2


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

This notice is intended to show the people why slave ownership is such a horrible condition. People that claim ownership over others are basically weak and pathetic. Slave owners are without any skills of their own, yet they attempt to use those that do have integrity and talents to support their appetites. Slave owners enforce their claims of ownership over others through intimidation and force.

In reality, when slave owners come up against people that can see right through their facade that is being used to enslave others, the weak and pathetic side is revealed.

If the readers will remember this notice LINK .  It was revealed that the City of Center Hill has been operating  under an illegal charter for 30 years. In other words, it does not get anymore criminal than the way the City of Center Hill has been operating for the past 30 years.

Sumter County, Florida has been enforcing non-existent ordinances against dis-enfranchised residents of the City of Center Hill for over 30 years. This legal condition renders the residents slaves and or property of private slave owners. This same condition has been found in all cities in all U.S. states. 

If Sumter County officials were not aware of this illegal condition, they would have thanked the Government of The United States of America for arresting all city bonds and also would be preserving the General Post Office located in that area. The officials would also correct the problems. Since nothing that resembled any kind of self correction occurred, the intent is to own slaves. Further, the slave owners have no intention of freeing the slaves.

This case started with one man and some tall grass and garbage that needed to be removed from a vacant lot. The people living around the vacant lot kept dumping garbage on the lot. So instead of protecting the property owner from illegal dumping by handing out tickets to the people dumping garbage, they charge the owner with massive fines. 

Since the property was owned by a whole family, the whole family started to quit claim deed their interest in the property to one man because of the harassment of the slave owners running the political sub-division of the State of Florida. Sounds official doesn’t it? All of the slaves should be shaking in their boots over that title.

The owner of the property wanted to preserve the integrity of the property once it was cleaned up and offered an easement agreement to the Government of The United States of America. The mission is to provide dis-enfranchised residents (slaves) with a Nationality to give the former slaves some standing to protect themselves from the army of attorney’s that the stock holders hired to protect their interests and control their slaves.

When the General Post Office was established, all illegal dumping of garbage stopped and the neighbors started watching out for the property. Of course the slave owners of Center Hill saw this as a threat because it made them look bad and started to expose the fact that they were not doing anything to resolve the problem other than they saw another opportunity to steal more paper notes and to remind the slaves of how big and bad they are to keep control.

Once the owners started quit claiming their interest in the property over to the one, the court started removing the people listed in the complaint created by the slave owners one by one. Take a look at one example: LINK

After the arrest of all of the illegal obligations and bonds, the county turns around and adds all of the people back into judgment through judge Michelle T. Morley, who happens to be a stockholder herself and a slave owner . This is called “turning back the clock”. Turning back the clock happens is all cases where a crime is being hidden. LINK to bogus judgment – Notice Michelle T. Morley initials.  Please keep in mind that the initial claim was already paid and all evidence has been recorded and filed.

Turning back the clock is intended to make something look legitimate when in fact the action is notwithstanding. Large numbers are added to the document and words like “if plaintiff is not purchaser of sale” to leave it open to the city  buying the property with a bogus and or fake lien. When reports like this one are published, the publishers are labeled “sovereign citizens” to smear the individuals publishing the truth for the purpose of hiding a multitude of crimes of slave ownership. Diane Lamb is a manager of over 1100 slaves and is protected by Hunt’s law firm located in Leesburg, Lake County, Florida.

Weak and pathetic slave owners do not like it when their crimes are exposed because they live in fear of being discovered every day. The slave owners thought it was a brilliant idea to own slaves under the condition of the slaves never realize they are slaves and claimed as property.

Slaves in America today cannot have anymore than 10,000.00 dollars other wise it is confiscated. They can’t wear certain types of clothing or wear their hair a certain way that may project unity. Unity scares the slave owners and therefore must be disbanded. The slaves cannot say certain words or express certain emotions that are perceivedas being violent against their owners. Slaves cannot vote or have their vote counted because they are property. Slaves are forced to buy insurance to cover the liability of their owners property. Slaves are forced to buy their own medical insurance to cover the liability of their owners. The slaves simply do not know they are slaves. The slaves come in a variety of races, colors and creed, there is no discrimination by the owners. Slaves enjoy the equal opportunity to be owned by another. 

The slave owners create problems out of thin air and transfer the solution to those problems to the slaves. “Politicians create the problems, the slave labor bail the slave owners out over and over and over.”

Nothing has changed since 1789, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The Government of The United States of America fulfills the mission of freeing dis-enfranchised residents by providing a way by law to claim a Nationality. The only people that see that mission as a threat is a slave owner and human rights violator.

The slave owner mentality goes all the way to the White House and the Bank of New York Mellon.

Check this out: LINK

This is another example of back dating a case:

“The U.S. Attorney’s office went and got a court order sealing the autopsy results on Alton Sterling. They also went and got a court order sealing that court order.

The Feds also placed a gag order on the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office related the case.”

The back dating will occur while the case is sealed and in this case, they are trying to seal the order to seal the case to conceal the back dating.

Like it or not, that is the way it is in America until the slave owner mentality is eradicated out of the minds of the weak and pathetic.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”  – J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, The Elks Magazine, 1956


The Mission of the Government of The United States of America is under attack by the States!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

In recent events, Sumter County, Florida is doing its best to get rid of the General Post Office that has been established at NAC:850H2 MR7C8: Proof of acceptance of Establishment LINK

As a matter of fact, a Sumter County, Florida, Fifth Judicial Circuit Court under the control of Judge Michelle T. Morley backdated a case to make it appear that the case was legitimate and completely ignored the fact that she did not have a plaintiff in the case and the fact that the claim was already paid. 

Everyone in America has a story like this in one way or another. Their children are be stolen, executions in the street, property is being stolen, treason on every level from local to international. 

1: The State militias have failed to protect its country.

2: The U.S. Military has failed to protect its country.

3: Human Rights have completely broken down if not non-existent.

4: A private corporation, the Democratic Party is stealing an election right in front of everyone and no one is doing anything about it, therefore the FBI, CIA, DOJ and all other agencies have failed to protect its country and have lost complete control of their agencies to a foreign power.

There have been many exposures of crime, fraud, political crimes, financial crimes, human rights violations, and nothing has changed nor have conditions improved and therefore the only conclusion that can be made is that the country has declared war on itself.

The Government of The United States of America has options under the Law of Nations.


The committee has spoken about this subject and are looking towards the Russian Federation for this request of the very least “sponsorship”. The Government of The United States of America is very confident that if the facts were placed on the table about this Government that the value offered under this sort of treaty would be too tempting not to accept by the Russian Federation. The information that this Government has as to its existence and the validity thereof goes all the way back to the year 1620. 

It is a sad day for America when a foreign leader is respected and trusted more than those within their own country. However, this is where America is at the moment due to the fact that the Russian Leadership at least does what it says it is going to do and is interested in preserving the rule of law.

This subject matter as a matter of right under the Law of Nations, the laws that this country was built upon, will be presented to the National assembly for discussion and possible implementation.

If the people feel like their faces are being slapped while living under their own delusions of freedom, they have no one to blame but themselves while consistently acting in their own best interests thereby ignoring their duties and responsibilities to their own country and the preservation of it. 

The crime will only escalate and the murders will continue, therefore in the interest of preserving this country, the aforementioned political decisions are being debated and pondered by the Government of The United States of America.

The mission of the Government of The United States of America is simply offering a Nationality to dis-enfranchised people known as residents of the states that have no options of citizenship nor protection in any Public Court against stockholders in those states. When that mission is being attacked as a threat by private courts, slaves exist and slavery has never been abolished, there is nothing more to say about North America.


The Republican and Democratic Parties are not National Parties!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The North American National Party is a real National Party where the Democrats and Republicans are 527 organizations. Source link

This is a description of the 527 designation: Source link

Wherein it does read: “However, in common practice the term is usually applied only to such organizations that are not regulated under state or federal campaign finance laws because they do not “expressly advocate” for the election or defeat of a candidate or party.”

As a matter of fact, the Democratic Party decided it was time to claim its official logo in 2010 as a circle with a D in the middle of the circle. The Donkey was never its official symbol. Source Link ——- Online Link

Who wrote the IRS Code? Most people believe it was Congress and they would be correct as far as can be verified today: Source Link

Now we have to go to reality because what you see above as it pertains to the Democrats and Republicans is all fantasy. We can do this by asking a few simple questions.

1: If Congress wrote the IRS Code then which political parties wrote the IRS Code?

2. How can a political party place itself under its own code when in reality, the created can never be greater than the creator?

3: Why would a political party need to register anywhere when it was the political party that created everything after the General Post Office created the political party of any particular country?

4. How can a political party operate as private non-profit corporations and also claim to be National Public Parties at the same time and represent a National Government? Could this be the reason why Bell Said at the link above: “Bell wrote. “But over the past year, several members of Congress — including some taxwriters — and even a couple of courts have made reference to the nonexistent ‘IRS Code.’”

Summary: Possible answers to the four questions above;

1: Two private non-profit corporations wrote their own tax code.

2: The two private non-profit corporations gave themselves exemption status so they did not have to pay its own taxes to itself or to its own treasury.

3: Obviously, either the Democratic and Republican parties never existed as real National Parties or they ceased to operate as National Parties sometime between their creation and today.

4: The only National Party in existence today is the North American National Party because it represents a National Government. That would explain to folks that the only National Money in existence today is the Continental Dollar.

The members of the private non-profit corporations masquerading as National Political Parties are calling everyone outside of their private corporations anti-government and sovereign citizens; therby attempting to murder those same people that are sick and tired of the scam and simply want some form of National Government and some kind of law to have some kind of order in their own lives. It appears that some people are self projecting. 

In conclusion, a private non-profit corporation cannot write National laws, nor issue National Executive orders nor vote in Public Officers to Public Offices nor interact with the Public in anyway because all of its policies, laws and statutes exclusively apply to its members. The same conditions apply to all of the states.

It’s a good thing that the Government of The United States of America exists because if it did not, any real country or nation in the world could legally and by the law of nations come in and take over without any recourse to itself.

Your welcome!


The importance of competent management of public municipal corporations!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

A municipal government is a public corporation. The council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. The public corporation is formed to provide self-governance and a variety of services.

Here is evidence of a corporate entity taken directly from Article 1 of the Charter for Baltimore City of 2010:

§ 1. Corporate entity.

The inhabitants of the City of Baltimore are a corporation, by the name of the “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore,”

Further, we can confirm this under Section 2 of the Charter:

§ 2. Definitions.

As used in this Charter, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) City.

“City” means the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the body corporate as established by Section 1 of this Article I.

So reference to “city” within the charter is not a reference to a land area of streets and buildings but to a corporate entity named “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore”. Thus, “city” equals “company”.

Generally, when a town decides to incorporate, it is the residents of the land mass or area to be incorporated that vote on whether to incorporate or not wherein each voter becomes a stockholder of the city and a citizen of the municipal corporation.

When a city operates without popular vote of the stockholders and citizens living within the incorporated area, the city municipal corporation has been converted into either a incorporated private membership association or a private company. When that happens, the municipal corporation ceases to have jurisdiction within the public and is restricted to placing ordinances upon its own members.

Now the council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. Again, like the example of “city” that operates without popular vote of all inhabitants within the incorporated area, the word “stockholder” is substituted with the word “voter” to lead you to believe the corporate entity is a government body, pursuing solutions for the people, not a private corporation pursuing profit for its stockholders

Note the definition of voter from the Charter of Baltimore City:

(b) Voter.
“Voter” means any person whose name appears on the election records kept by the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore City, as a qualified voter in the City.

There’s that word “city” again. Remember, it is not a reference to a land area but to a private company on paper and the only “qualified” voters are stockholders also known as citizens and inhabitants. Thus the above definition of voter actually says, “Voter” means any person…as a qualified stockholder in the private company.

Inhabitants are automatically classified as residents of the state—usually after six months of continual residency. Residents never receive a stock certificate from the municipality (corporation) as evidence that the individual is recognized as a citizen of the city (stockholder) and an inhabitant of the state to bind the citizen to state statutes that govern the public municipal charter. That is felony conversion of the public record.

Apparently, then, residency has nothing to do with citizenship and the ability to vote because if it did, you would be issued a stock certificate from the municipal corporation. In other words, residing within the city limits (the land area) has nothing to do with being able to vote within the municipal corporation called “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore” because inhabitants are recognized as the City of Baltimore as being the corporation. Without a stock certificate, you are not a “voter” or “citizen” of that corporation nor are you recognized as one of the population (inhabitants).

Residency starts on the county level under the county commissioners which make up the state. Residency and resident are two separate terms with different meanings. Cities do not make up the metes and bounds of the state, counties perform that function. Citizenship on the county level does not exist and neither does inhabitant status as one of the permanent population of the city, therefore, the residents are placed directly under the state legislatures as resident aliens with no ability to vote and are directly taxed by the state legislatures. Inhabitant and citizen status is never offered to your person and therefore the Bill of Rights does not apply. The Bill of Rights strictly applies to the person as an inhabitant and citizen of a municipal corporation.

“Ex parte Shaw, 145 U. S. 444, 12 Sup. Ct. 935, 36 L. Ed. 768; The Pizarro, 2 Wheat. 245, 4 L. Ed. 226. “The words ‘inhabitant,’ ‘citizen,’ and ‘resident,’ as employed in different constitutions to define the qualifications of electors, mean substantially the same thing; and one is an inhabitant, resident, or citizen at the place where he has his domicile or home.” Cooley, Const. Dim. *600. But the terms “resident” and “inhabitant” have also been held not synonymous, the latter implying a more fixed and permanent abode than the former, and importing privileges and duties to which a mere resident would not be subject. Tazewell County v. Davenport, 40111.197”

However, today’s residents are being used as slaves to perform surety services to the inhabitants and citizens of private municipal corporations to reduce the citizens liability and insure the citizens property even though the residents are not subject to the privileges and duties of a citizen. Further, the residents do not have a vote to protect their person and are subjected to many human trafficking violations and human rights violations. GSA is authorizing counterfeit municipal securities issued under human rights violations on a daily basis.

And recall moments ago we learned, according to the charter, that only qualified voters of the company can vote.

So we are forced to ask again: are you a qualified voter in the company?

If so, please display your stock certificate. If not, stop lying to yourself and pretending that you have government representation. You do not. You are outside the corporation and have no say regarding the internal operations of the company nor can you protect yourselves from its tyranny.

Further, if you do not have a stock certificate issued by any city within a state, then there exists a violation of the rights of the child because there is no way to acquire a nationality.
Let’s examine some more text taken directly from the charter.

§ 6. Uniform taxation.
The taxes levied by the City with respect to ownership of the same class of property or property rights, shall be uniform in rate throughout the entire City.

Therefore the city is subjecting mere residents to the same privileges and duties as the citizen and the residents do not have any recourse other than to issue a comment at the city council public meetings.
So, as a reminder, the entry above translates, the taxes levied by the private company and or private membership association against residents. Private companies do not qualify as government yet the Government Service Administration “GSA” gives those entities .gov and maintains the .gov top level domain thereby perpetuating slavery against mere residents.

How did a private company obtain the authority to tax the residents? Does your company or Microsoft or McDonalds have the authority to tax residents?

Of course not, that is why your taxes are classified as gifts to the private corporation enriching the stockholders for no reason other than GSA said it was a government (.gov). Further, these private companies masquerading as public municipal corporations are illegally transferring the financial liabilities of the corporation to residents and simultaneously keeping the profits of the municipality for themselves thereby committing unjust enrichment.

And earlier, didn’t we establish that you had no vote because you had no stock in the company? Yes, we did. So, how is the company named “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore” authorized to tax you when you have nothing to do with the company and it operates as a private company and private membership association at the same time? Yet, GSA (with its .gov designation) advertises it as a public municipal corporation that is authorized to tax the non-members as slaves of the company.

This would mean that all city debt belongs to the city and no other when it decided to operate as a private entity and withhold citizenship which results in withholding a Nationality from the people. Article 15 violation of the UDHR

Not one of the those residents have any form of stock certificate within any public municipal corporation, therefore by maintaining mere resident status only does not give the person any form of vote within the state nor do they have any form of citizen status or record of citizen status anywhere in the country thereby violating the rights of the child.

If no public municipal corporation exists within the state, then the inhabitants receive a share certificate from the capital city. It is the only reason why a capital city exists. However, the states decided to operate as trusts doing business as private companies when they gave up their national money thereby withholding Nationality from everyone.

Residents do not have a vote therefore do not have a right to do commerce within any given state, therefore all commerce is a privilege enforced by the state on behalf of the few inhabitants that do have a stockholder certificate within one of the municipal corporations within one of the states. That is a form of slavery.

Birth right citizenship came from the city and county level wherein the individual is recognized as an inhabitant. Share Stock certificates are transferable by a last will and testament which is the only evidence of citizenship available within a municipal corporation. If a child is born within a city or county, the child has birth right citizenship within that city in the county and its charter. The child then obtains inhabitant status of the state at age 18 and either inherits the stock certificate or obtains their own which is evidence of citizenship within the state capital where the citizen can vote in state elections as well as county and city elections, and can then claim a Nationality within the country.

All residents registered as voters today are simply offering an opinion, not a valid vote nor is the vote counted towards one candidate or the other.

Proposal from the North American National Party:
1: All counties return to their charters in common law and recognize all current residents as inhabitants which will force the municipalities to issue share stock certificates to all of the inhabitants of the county and city giving those new inhabitants citizen status in commerce to their person. Citizen status within the municipality connects the citizen to the state capital and therefore becomes a citizen of the state. This will make the municipalities and the states beholding to the citizens again as stockholders thereby reducing all human rights violations against the residents and cease and desist the issuing of counterfeit securities on the international market.

2: The citizen status will allow the inhabitants to vote within state elections through the state municipalities. The citizen is bound by ordinance wherein the municipality is bound by state statute. This keeps the citizen at arms-length of a rogue state legislature. Remember, it is the citizens of the municipality that vote in the state legislature, not the mere residents. All state elections are held within the municipality and each winner is counted as one vote from the municipality towards the state elections.

3: The citizen’s qualification allows citizen status within the U.S. corporation through the SSN and therefore all taxation comes out of the yearly dividend check “as stated on the 1040 form” received by the citizen through the municipal corporation which make up the gross national product of the country apportioned to all citizens.

4: That citizen status will qualify the individual for National status within The United States of America governed by the Government of The United States of America. This part allows the citizen to separate their commerce and person from their real life and therefore have access to the remedy of human rights when violated against their citizen and person within the corporations.

The commission on United States nationality has completely failed in its mission to educate the residents and have stood by and allowed many human rights violations to occur for decades. It is time to make history and open up the status quo to new management.


Due to recent events, Governor Edmund Jerald (Jerry) Brown, Jr. and immediate family with the assistance of the Democratic Party commit hate crimes on friday!


Published on 07-23-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

In retaliation for last week in another human rights violation case within the State of California, Governor Edmund Jerald (Jerry) Brown, Jr. and immediate family commit the most heinous crime on earth. Hate Crimes carry with them a host of criminal penalties.

Troy Lynn Hill just happens to be black and was referred to as property on 12-26-2015 by some cops in the L.A.P.D. that it is believed that those cops were trying to tell the Human Rights Defenders what was going on in the City of Los Angeles. LINK

There was an update to the case when Troy Lynn Hill was released and it was thought that the case was settled: LINK

The charter investigation was sparked by those simple comments along with many other comments made to Human Rights Defenders along the same lines over a long period of time. LINK

Report from the office of the Deputy Governor for the Government of The United States of America:

American National Troy L Hill has been detained by the LAPD for 2 Misdemeanor warrants.
Bail set at 76,000 The Deputy Governor office received an anonymous call on 7/22/2016 from a corrections jail at 2:00am PST. About 12:00hrs later the Deputy Governor contacted the LAPD jail for the where about’s of one Troy Lynn Hill, spoke with a detention officer to confirm the above information of his detainment.”

Based on the reports in December of last year, Jerry and the Democratic Party know that the State of California does not have jurisdiction on any case in dealing with documented American Nationals. LINK

That did not matter to Jerry and his immediate family because, by their actions, they believe that black people are property and do not have the right to claim a Nationality.

Instead of correcting the problems they have within their state in dealing with human rights violations, the Democratic Party decides to do the petty thing which is retaliate to help Jerry and his family out of the attempted murder and a host of other human rights violations that the family has been committing since they have been in politics.

It appears that the Democratic Party is attempting to bring slavery back to America and their actions prove it. The Democratic Party is already pushing Sharia law everywhere in North America all the way up to their chosen candidates. Under Sharia Law, slavery is legal and therefore the Democratic Party has finally found a way to reverse freedom and equality for all Americans including but not limited to with holding a Nationality from people that are not white. The Democratic Party consistantly bring up race on a daily basis whether on television and in their political campaigns yet no one blinks when they do.

Troy Lynn Hill just happens to work as an assistant to the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America and a General Post Master. Jerry and his immediate family are interfering in inter-state commerce all the way down to the local level on two separate occasions. The family members know it and are purposely doing it to agitate the Government of The United States of America which qualifies these actions as inciting violence against The United States of America.



Does your vote count in America?


Published on 07-22-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The human rights defenders have been investigating more cities around the country in light of the charter of the City of Center Hill. LINK

The people need to know this information to begin to improve their lives.

On the surface, most of the charters that were observed did have elections in accordance to state law. On the surface they appear legitimate where the people vote for their city officials.

In reality, when people go to city council meetings, their voices are never heard and shut down if the concern is legitimate or may improve the lives of the residents of the city. The people are given the privilege to speak however, technically the city cannot hear their voice. 

Lets explain what is happening within the cities of the country because it affects everyone on a daily basis.

When anyone looks at most of the city charters, the wording is as follows:

“All candidates for office shall be registered and qualified electors of the city at the time of their qualifying as a candidate with the city clerk and a resident as required by this chapter”

This makes it appear that anyone can run for office in any given city. “Democracy at work to be envied by all other countries”; However, does anyone notice that the same people hold the same offices or play musical chairs with 0ffices within any given town or city? This can go on for 40 to 50 years. Some clerks have held office for over 40 years and no one can figure out how that can happen.

In order to incorporate a city, the following is general practice around the country wherein the people that live within the area to be incorporated vote on whether to incorporate or not.  LINK

The nature of the municipal corporation is much different then people believe. In a time where homelessness is at all time high, the real nature of a municipal corporation is this:

“A municipal government is a public corporation. The council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. The public corporation is formed to provide self-governance and a variety of services.”  Link


1: Has anyone received a stock holder certificate from any city and reported the dividend check you received on the form “1040”?

2: Does anyone know that if you are not a stock holder of your city you are not a citizen of the city yet you are taxed as if you are a citizen and held to the same standards as a stock holder yet never receive a dividend check from the city?

3: Has anyone been audited lately and asked if they received a dividend check?

4: Does anyone know that all city taxes are supposed to come out of their yearly or quarterly dividend check? 

If not, you have been arbitrarily arrested, suffering detention and exiled from your country because technically, you do not exist on the international record as existing anywhere. If not a citizen of the city wherein you live, no popular vote technically exists and technically you live on the plantation owned by the city and its stockholders thereby suffering arbitrary taxation without representation and is in fact a form of slavery. When someone is not recognized as a documented citizen or National, their status is property because technically the city does not recognize them as a qualified electors because they are not a stockholder. LINK

On the surface it appears to everyone that they have a vote and it is placed on television for the world to see. Reality is a different picture altogether.

On the other hand, if someone is not a stockholder of the U.S. Technically they are not citizens of the U.S. Many will claim that the birth certificate is a voting share stock certificate and has money in a account. In reality, a citizen must hold a share certificate in order to have citizen rights, privileges and immunities and to have a vote in any of its elections.

Many people may claim fraud, but from some points of view, fraud is a matter of perception. This subject matter is far from over.