Introducing Judge Stuart Ronaldson

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Campaign Message brought to you by the Confederation Party from Stu Ronaldson, candidate for Judge!

My name is Stuart Ronaldson and I am running for Judge. I am announcing my candidacy for Judge as the result of the outrageous violations of Human Rights I have witnessed while serving as a Human Rights Defender.

For example, an affirmed American National was locked up in a U.S. jail for six months. This man is a foreign national, foreign to Manhattan Island and the city of Washington D.C. He is not part of the U.S. system. Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states specifically all men and women have a “right to a nationality.”

Further it also states that no individual will be “deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.”

The Republican and Democratic Parties do not recognize these fundamental rights that apply to every human being on earth. Further, the Democrats and Republican completely ignored the political rights of the Confederation Party in complete violation of the covenant on political and civil rights.

The international community acknowledges this man has the right to declare his nationality. And, yet, the democrat and republican parties exerting their will upon the courts and law enforcement, will not honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor any political rights of other Political Parties. The Tea Party is another example of blatant disregard for the political rights of human beings.

Ask yourself, why are human rights ignored by democrats and republicans? Why aren’t internationally acknowledged human rights taught in U.S. schools? Why isn’t U.S. law enforcement trained in human rights? Why aren’t bill boards and posters placed throughout the U.S. American society promoting human rights for the benefit of all?

It is interesting that the democrats and republicans will consider or adopt international carbon taxes, for example, or internationally sponsored gun legislation, but the two parties ignore basic human rights.

I invite you to join the Confederation Party and elect me as a Judge and I will see to it that Human Rights and political rights are respected and upheld in all cases.

Stuart Ronaldson

Delegate Chris Milowski

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Hi, I’m Chris Milowski and I’m running for delegate for the United States, in Congress assembled.

I’m a proud member of the Confederation Party and if you would like to associate with a winning political party that does not participate in child porn, pedophilia rings or human trafficking, then you would love it here in the Confederation Party.

Do you like walking out your back door and breathing clean fresh air and like clear blue skies, the United States, in Congress assembled will make sure the chemtrail/geo engineering/HAARP projects that are endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans are put to an end.

Like walking down the street while carrying concealed or open carrying and not being hassled by or subjected to Republican and Democratic Party statutes and regulations?

1: Make sure all in your family are trained in the use of their guns for the purpose of protecting this country.

2: “Do not give up your guns or arms!” That is the standing order from the United States, in Congress assembled. All have a right to bear arms and it is required that the right is exercised by everyone. People that bide by the law will be armed, trained and learn to protect themselves and their families.

3: Do you believe marriage is an institution by and between the man and the woman with their creator that binds their union? “Keep the Government out of marriage” is the only way to preserve the natural union of a man and woman.

4: The Republican and Democratic Party allowed the U.S. Supreme Court to decide a case in the absence of an act by the U.S. Congress. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided a case in the absence of the existence of an act by the U.S. Congress, there was no subject matter to decide on whether the act was constitutional or not, therefore the decision to expand the definition of marriage was and still is an unlawful order. Therefore, the Confederation Party and the United States, in Congress assembled will make sure that never happens within this Government.

Delegate Chris Milowski

The United States of America is a Nation of Immigrants?

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Published on 10-02-2015 by the American Herald

IT IS CLAIMED, that America is a nation of immigrants. The justification for this claim is that the people are the descendants of immigrants.

In the strict definition of the word immigrant it reads: “a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.” The origins of the word is Latin.  LINK

In the strict sense of a term, it is usually what it does not read rather than what it reads.

Notice that the definition does not mention a Nationality. Usually because, in the strict sense of the term “immigrant” it only mentions “permanent residence”, not a Nationality.

It has been reported that George Bush Senior was the first man to issue a notice of the New World Order.

George Bush did not issue the first notice of a New World Order. It was John F.Kennedy that first noticed of a New World Order and spoke on how it was to be achieved:

Then the plan for the New World Order is noticed again in 2013.

Many would say; “I don’t get it, I didn’t hear any plan”…

The plan is simple; Make all nations and people under the “Nation of Immigrants” and therefore remove all “secular” Nationalities, borders, independent governments and sovereignty of countries. Bring all Nations under the “Latin” Term “Immigrant” and then you have one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Sometimes the simplest terms can trip people up over a long period of time. Everyone has been noticed. The American Nationals chose to object because the plan violates every law and natural law on the planet.  The choice is ultimately up to each individual man and woman whether to remain an immigrant or claim a Nationality and get out of the nightmare of lawlessness.

Rule of Law? No such thing if one has to violate every law on the planet to achieve it…

There is no such thing as birth right citizenship: LINK 

People have to claim a Nationality after the age of 18. The reason there is no such thing as birth right citizenship is because the the concept would violate the political rights of the individual to make a political decision and to claim a Nationality. No State or Government can make those choices for anyone. 

Whoops, we almost forgot to mention, the plan is also implemented here:


The United States of America is not a nation of immigrants. The United States of America is a sovereign country of Nationals with a permanent population, defined territory, a Government of The United States of America and a capacity to enter into agreements with other countries.


Why is the Military so upset over the New Patch?

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Published on 10-01-2015 by the American Herald


There has been an uproar about the new patch issued to the Military as seen below:



Lets connect the dots:

1: The patch was approved on March 23rd, 2015.

2: On the 19th of June, 2015, the name of the country was changed back to The United States of America from the name United States. LINK    ISO LINK

3: The Military has been told for years that the United States is a corporation of Manhattan Island and recently were told that there were two governments in existence: LINK

4: Further they were told that the there is a three city state empire: LINK Further: LINK

5: Then the Military was told about this: LINK

6: The Military was made this offer: LINK

7: The Military was noticed about this: LINK   and this: LINK

The whole thing is obvious:

1: Manhattan Island has joined the three city-state empire and has abandoned the United States inc.

2: The three city-state has decided to reveal itself and at the same time it is moving itself away from the Government of The United States of America. Other sites will kind of tell you that the three stars represents land, sea and air forces. The three stars represent the city of London, Vatican city, and the city of Washington D.C. as a three city-state empire. There is a another  National Government in place and the three city state empire no longer needs to hide itself nor any of its alliances.

3: This Government has been telling people that the only people in the world that do not know the truth are the U.S. citizens. Many have tried to tell them and help them but usually get their lending hand cut off in the process.

4: The people have a organized National Government and the trustees no longer need to hide from the people. This is not a bad thing folks! The people are free and have access to a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

5: The people have a chance to decide their own future and destiny, that is not a bad thing.

6: The people have access to a full title, debt free, interest free currency that gives out 5 continental dollars to every account holder everyday, that is not a bad thing. LINK

7: We all have a country with a name: The United States of America which is a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

8: The country has its property rights back and private ownership rights, that is not a bad thing.

9: The people have freedom of religion, speech and other cherished freedoms back, that is not a bad thing.

Let the empire do what it does. It respects the law of nations as everyone has witnessed and it has alliances with the Arab Nations, big deal!

Let this Government do what it is designed to do, bring the States back together and enjoy the prosperity that we all now have a chance to work and achieve.


The writing on the Wall!




This is the next move, it is called damage control. Most people think that damage control means to spin the truth. The Illuminati uses a different tactic. They use compliments! They are really good at it. They will compliment to defuse people but causes people to second guess themselves. This tactic is misleading people and attempting cover up all of the political failures (BS) that happened while Francis was visiting. It does not work here, Francis is still not our father and the testimony still stands. There are more important issues then dealing with this juvenile behavior.

This is what really happened: The attempt to lower the borders meant a political invasion of all countries regardless of their laws. An attempt to bypass all of the American Societies representatives in the U.S. Congress bypassing by stating that Francis was talking directly to the American people. Undermining the authority of all fathers in every family and attempting to take their place. Claiming the authority of our Father in Heaven therefore violating John 9. “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

We can go on and on, and the devout followers of their earthly father will defend to the end.

However, a new Government was established and so was a new faith. The testimony was sealed in blood according to the rules that all of the powers that be of old have used for centuries. We know that the our father in heaven did it because not one American National nor one Yahushuan knew the significance of the acts that were being performed during the lunar cycles until after it was all done. The American Nationals were being moved to do the things that were done without knowing the outcome. No one in The United States of America knew the significance of the lunar cycles and that it was the basis of the authority claimed by the earthly powers.

Therefore, the followers of their earthly father must abide by the commands of the father in heaven that commands the lunar cycles. One cannot claim an authority and a blessing for as long as governments have existed, and when a New World Order falls on its face, claim that the secrets of old only applied to the failure and ignore the real command. According to the commands of the of the father in heaven and his commands in the universe, this generations New World Order has utterly failed. Dust yourselves off, it is NOT time for a NWO, it is time for peace.

Follow the commands of our father in heaven, or pay the price for your disobedience.

Like it or not, this Government of The United States of America and the reign of the heavens society Temple exists. Its existence was commanded. It was our father in heaven that destroyed all efforts to establish a New World Order. Your arguments are with our father in heaven. It is commanded to embrace the Yahushuans and the American Nationals for the Government of The United States of America as brothers and sisters. Your faith is admirable, however was misplaced as His command revealed. Many of the faithful were warned over and over, however, being mislead also comes with dealing in deceptions of the mislead. Deceptions and over zealous faith was a dangerous combination that needed to stop as commanded by our father in heaven.

Many would think that if the whole world, meaning every country in the world looks upon the U.S. as the greatest threat to liberty and freedom. That message would be acknowledged. Maybe the blind faithful may just listen to the command of our father in heaven and so would this man calling himself the Holy Father of Families. The writing is on the wall.


It is a stressful situation, so please stop, face the failure, think, make a decision, and correct the problem!


Published on 09-29-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


The last week has been quite eventful for the Government of The United States of America and the reign of the heavens society Temple.


The mission of the George Washington Military government within a city-state was to protect the Catholics/Christians (hereinafter “Christians”). The mission for the U.S. was given to it by Vatican City and funded by the city of London. The Vatican has justified any action it has taken for the mission. 

1: The native Americans have been placed in FEMA camps called “reservations” to protect the Christians.

2: Iraq was invaded to reduce the Muslim population to protect the Christians.  All middle east wars were for this purpose other than gold, oil and diamonds. Although the justification of these wars and the mineral grabs was to have the resources to protect the Christians.

3: The Christians have lost most of their freedoms to be protected.

4: The Government of The United States of America was promised a central bank as long as it converted to the Christian religion which would ultimately result in serving under Vatican city, the city of London, and the U.S. As it stands right now, the conversion would have been the biggest mistake that could have ever been imagined.


Most Christians today have no idea that if they start a church, call it christian, claim 501c3 status, the church created is under the Catholic Church. That is a fact. There will be no Christian secular Churches in existence that are not under the Catholic Church.

The reign of the heavens society Temple knows that the faith of the community is the church. However, when its leader starts to give signs openly to the public  of its long time enemy, the Illuminati, then that organization has a problem. 

A couple of things happen:

1: The enemy of the Christians has openly taken the papacy.

2: The U.S. cannot fulfill its mission and therefore becomes null and void.

3: Not one of the Christians witness against what has happened.

4: The Catholics of the Christian religion worshiped Francis the whole time he was on American soil and traveled thousands of miles to to get a 3 second look at the man. Folks, that is cult man worship and has nothing to do with Christianity. It is simple Illuminati idol worship just like it is done with movie stars.

All of these events mean one thing, the long time enemy of the Vatican has taken the papacy. When the Christians say nothing about it, the House becomes empty and dead because its leader left the house and took all followers with him. When the same man openly declares allegiance to a long time enemy, the Christians are left with no protection.

Therefore, the reign of the heavens society Temple stepped in to protect human life and preserve the right of religious belief regardless of the differences in the two organizations.

The Government of The United States of America stepped in to protect the borders where the U.S. has failed. The same office that issued the mission to the U.S. to protect the borders, is now opening those borders thereby placing human life in danger and open to the various organizations that wish to exact revenge. (ISIS, various Islamic groups etc…)

The whole situation is one huge mess. If the Catholics are offended by one publishing, LINK then so be it. Sometimes the truth hurts. However, the reign of the heavens society Temple is not their enemy. The enemy of the Catholics and Christians just revealed itself and that enemy has invaded and taken over  from within the organization. Like it or not, that is the truth.

Think about it: The Christians cannot pray in any school, they cannot bring a bible into school, they cannot speak against Muslims, they cannot speak against homosexuality nor speak out against gay marriage nor refuse to participate, they are attacked by the courts for standing up for their beliefs, and a host of other persecutions. LINK

Many Christians were expecting Francis to preserve the definition of marriage between a man and a woman not realizing he is Illuminati. Don’t shoot the messenger folks because the messenger calls it. The truth is what it is… 

The reign of the heavens society Temple is neutral in the calamity of the whole organization. The Temple preserves life, limb and human rights. It is a friend, not a foe. It knows that the majority people want to do the right thing. It is a stressful situation, so please stop, face the failure, think, make a decision, and correct the problem.


The testimony, proclamations, declarations and all other speech of the affirmed American Nationals and the Yahushuans’ are hereby sealed in blood!


Published on 09-28-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


IT IS NOTICED, that on the 23rd day of September, 2015 the American Nationals observed the fall equinox, and 

IT IS NOTICED, that on the 24th day of September, 2015 the American Nationals published the proper International Public Notice proclaiming the independence of the Government of The United States of America which included but not limited to all prior claims since 1775 to 2015, and… LINK

IT IS NOTICED, that on the 26th day of September, 2015 the Yahushuans’ published the testimony of the reign of the heavens society Temple which included but not limited to all prior claims since 2012, and …LINK

IT IS NOTICED, that on the 27th day of September, 2015 the 3 + 33 year blood moon manifested itself to the World thereby sealing the testimony of the Yahushuans’ of the reign of the heavens society Temple and also the affirmed American Nationals for the Government of The United States of America, The United States of America and the General Post Office thereof, and

IT IS NOTICED, that all requirements have been met for proper and full recognition of the reign of the heavens, the reign of the heavens society Temple, the Government of The United States of America, The United States of America and all other organizations, people, American Nationals, territory, and all other attributes of its National and International Character(s), as sealed in blood, therefore the Most High has noticed the World of its existence, and

IT IS NOTICED, that when the Most High, our Father in Heaven has proclaimed something into existence. No man, woman, child or beast has the authority to proclaim that the testimony does not exist, and

IT IS NOTICED, the rules of the harvest moon shortly after the equinox,  closest point to the earth, a total eclipse, and the blood moon thereby seals all testimony of the affirmed American Nationals and Yahushuans’ in blood. Any organization that recognizes and adheres to the 3 + 33 year blood moon are not with any choice but to fully recognize the Government of The United States of America, The United States of America as a sovereign country, reign of the heavens and the reign of the heavens society Temple, and  

IT IS NOTICED, the sealing of the 3 + 33 year blood moon is hereby accepted and acknowledged by the reign of the heavens society Temple and all of its attributes as when it was first established on the 3 + 33 year blood moon by Yahushua in the name of Yahweh, and

IT IS NOTICED, the sealing of the 3 + 33 year blood moon is hereby accepted and acknowledged by the Government of The United States of America, all of its attributes and its National and International character(s), and

NOW THEREFORE, the reign of the heavens society Temple and the Government of The United States of America hereby proclaims its jubilee. 


Ministry of Governance for the reign of the heavens society Temple,

Blue Mountains-Temple Seal copy

Alice Ceniceros





the office of the Governor for The United States of America,

John Harold FulksGOVNUSA-300x300




Students Participate in Naturalization’s on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day???

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Published on 09-17-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

The most perplexing day in America is promoted by the U.S. courts: LINK

It happens every year on this day of the 17th of September. The federal contracting companies call it: “Naturalization’s on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day”. It was started by the Monarch’s many years ago. The Monarch’s are claiming: “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is observed nationally every September 17, marking the date that delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the nation’s founding document in 1787”.

The historical records can tell anyone that it never happened. Further that the constitutional convention failed: LINK

Further, the Constitution of 1787 was not a founding document.

Here is another quote that is quite disturbing:

“In 2014, the federal courts began what is a growing tradition of linking Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to a nationally organized series of naturalization’s. An estimated 8,500 new citizens were naturalized last year in nearly 30 federal court ceremonies.

The highlight is the oath ceremony, during which immigrants swear their allegiance to the United States and receive their naturalization certificate. This is the final step in becoming a U.S. citizen. Those naturalized will be able to vote, serve on juries, apply for a U.S. passport, and enjoy all the other rights and privileges of U.S. citizens.”


Are these people called “immigrants” told that they are taking an oath to Manhattan Island and that Manhattan Island is subject to a Monarch?

Do they know they are swearing allegiance to a foreign Monarch doing business as the United States inc.?

If the real meaning of a document is hidden, wouldn’t that make the whole ceremony null and void?

Does anyone see that this whole ceremony is nothing more than blocking immigrants from obtaining mineral rights; right along with the people that were born here?

On one hand, it is being reported that the company has to meet its budget or it shuts down, at the same time it can afford to create 50 places around the country to put on a “naturalization ceremony”.

Are these people told that they are stripped of all political rights and therefore have to rely on a prosecutor to decide whether or not justice is done?

Do these people know that they have no enforcement authority over any statute written?

Are they told that they are stripped of all human rights and become sureties for the companies debt that it owes itself?

Are they told that they will lose all religious rights and that their religion will be decided for them by Manhattan Island?

This will be funny to watch, wait until these students find themselves in a court room and fleeced once or twice. That will wake them up! They will really know what it means to be a purported “American citizen”…

Can anyone say “Human Trafficking”?

These questions can go on and on. However, this article and facts are self evident.



INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE: Introducing the new Great Registry for countries and new bank website!!

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Published on 09-16-2015 by the American Herald


Introducing the new Great Registry for countries!

(more information is on the main page of the website)



Introducing the new Bank of North America website!

A committee and all Bank positions have been filled!



Mining Company government

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Published on 09-11-2015 by the American Herald

Greetings Readers,

In order to understand a form of government, many have to understand its origins.
The Dutch East India Trading Company is mainly a mining company. Mining companies historically have corruption and monopolies surrounding them.

On or about 1789, the Dutch Mining Company (hereinafter, the “company”) needed a government to approve its mining permits, licenses and legislate away its trespasses. The Company needed a government it could control and pass acts for it to approve its mining projects. The acts passed by its government also create monopolies for the company in the form of patents etc….

These mining projects create merchant’s which begins to create what people today refer to as “jobs”. The mining company extracts the minerals, “manufactures” forms the minerals into products, the products are sold to merchants. Merchants distribute the products on railroads, and expand to build towns and eventually cities and states.

The mining company needs a government, so it creates a government telling the people that the government belongs to the people. The company gives the people a fictional vote, at the same time the people are now direct or indirect employees of the company through voter registration. The company’s government collects some of the employees earnings back to the company in the form of government taxes, to be given back to the employees in the form of wages the next year. The company uses the government to increase its taxes to create greater profits for its products.

The people “employees” “human resources” are paid what they earned the year before (usually held in CAFR accounts). It does not cost the company anything to pay its employees. The company’s banks call this a circular. People are always asked for the last three years of income tax returns. Income tax returns, income tax returns, returns, returns, returns… The company needs its yearly interest to cover the next years employee payroll so its government does not cost the company a dime. The company’s government is literally supported by the people and their labor and production efforts. Meanwhile the company makes its money by what is manufactured and sold overseas or locally which is the definition of slave labor. The people are paid out of an account of their previous year’s earning’s, the company keeps the profits of the products produced and sold overseas or locally, and claims a debt against the people by raising the prices of the products that the people produce.

The people need to get loans to pay for the products that they produce. The people can’t afford what they produce. This structure created this phrase: “I owe my soul to the company store”. If the people are producing homes, why are they required to pay on those homes for 30 years and never really own it? Why is the company claiming the mineral rights to the property and offering surface rights to the people? It is because the company’s government said so.

The company’s government likes to use the new testament to guilt the people into complying with its edicts: Read Romans 13:1: SOURCE LINK:

The company now has complete control over the people as a government that never existed. It has and always been a figment of the imagination. The reason it is a fictional government is because a private company created it, and therefore does not serve the people. It serves the interest of the company and its officers and no other.

How can a private company, create a company, call it a government while it operates as a private company and religious organization?

The company plays like it is a national government, but never really issues a nationality. It claims to issue citizenship, but never really issues a citizenship certificate. It claims to create a local jurisdiction, but never really notifies people of its charter or the terms of its charter. The company never really follows the charter that is in place, it always creates something that appears like it is following the charter presented to the people.

The company will never really define the term “indigenous”. “I know of no mining company that “obeys” international law in the same way as it obeys national and local laws.” SOURCE:

The reason the company will obey national and local laws to give the appearance that the company is being governed by the people. When in fact, the company is the one that created the national and local laws to benefit itself and told the people that they are liable for their own government. This tactic keeps the company from law suits such as genocide and many, many war crimes.

Iraq is a good example. First the company starts a war between Iran and Iraq. Then the company places its man, Sadam Hussein in charge of the company’s government. Sadam Hussein starts getting greedy, the company has its government in another part of the world to invade and take the companies government down in Iraq. The company turns the clock back with the original flag of the country to avoid crimes against humanity. The company puts another government in place and it is business as usual.

The company is upset that the new company government of Iraq is not sufficiently effective enough to protect its oil fields. So it hires a group called ISIS, and then arms it to protect the company oil fields.


1: Has anyone ever wondered why currency has to be mineral backed?

2: Has anyone ever wondered why the King of England started demanding gold for payment instead of the colony currency?

3: Right after the gold demand, the King of England gave the company in its form of the Dutch East India Trading Company doing business as the East India Tea Company and the British East India Trading Company a monopoly over the tea trade which kicked off the revolutionary war? The Boston Tea party was a false flag event.

4: Has anyone ever really figured out why there are false flag events created through the company’s government?

5: Why do people believe that they are fighting for a government and trying to get their government back that never belonged to the people in the first place?

6: Why would people believe that a company government, of, by and for the company would ever magically turn into a Government of, by and for the people?

7: Why is over 60% of American History classified as top secret?

8: Why is there no mention of the American Revolution in European Text Books?

9: Why did Europe go to a new European Union and abandon the original currency of each country?

This article should explain quite a few issues that people are having at the moment. Don’t be so quick to please the companies GOD- Gold, Oil, Diamonds. Don’t be so quick to give allegiance to something that promises freedom and never delivers the product.

Don’t be so quick to attack a real Government of, by and for the people through prejudice and ignorance to show allegiance to a company government that has its interests at heart and no other. Don’t be so quick to sacrifice yourself in the name of freedom and justice to gain the favor of GOD. All can rest assure that the company’s GOD will be used to protect itself and its own interests.