James L. Madara, Todd Askew, Toni Canada, Thomas J. Easley, Thomas Giannulli, Denise M. Hagerty, Aletha Maybank, Laurie McGraw, Kenneth J. Sharigian, Rodrigo A. Sierra, Todd Unger, Brian D. Vandenberg and Leslie A. Weber Are Hereby Charged With War Crimes!

Published in the American Herald on 10-14-2021


Excerpt below from the Great Jury True Bill of Indictment found here: LINK

“The Great Jury agrees that the Respondents have Violated Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code LINK for Respondent’s advocating for and exercising the inoculations of experimental genetic vaccines resulting in adverse reactions and death in civilians LINK and LINK (Video 1, Minute Marks 00:00 to 3:10) during a declared live exercise LINK while under declaration of war against the Coronavirus LINK,”

Published by the office of the Special Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America