Published in the American Herald on 08-02-2021



Comes now, the trustee for JEFFREY ALAN THOMASSON, PMA (Hereinafter, “Affiant”), being competent to testify, and being over the age of twenty-one years, after first being duly sworn according to the law to tell the truth to the facts related herein states that Claimant has first- hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to the best of Claimants knowledge and belief, and

  1. Affiant states that Jeffrey Alan Thomasson, (hereinafter, “JAT”), is a natural born American and on (04/20/2017) JAT signed a State resident Declaration to The United States of America at 6:17 PM UTC-6 declaring JAT’s residency evidenced in Exhibit 1 within this Affidavit of Fact, and


  1. Affiant states that JAT accepted and acknowledged signed and submitted the Bilateral Social Compact by and between the people for The United States of America thereby claiming JAT’s person exists as one of the people within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America, further entering a body politic in accordance with the Law of Nations, and


  1. Affiant states that JAT took an oath to a nation, affirming JAT as a National for The United States of America also known as an American National in accordance with The Law of Nations, evidenced within the publication by the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America in Exhibit 2 of this Affidavit of Fact, and


  1. Affiant states that JAT took an oath to the Continental Army Military Branch for The United States of America, and


  1. On (June 14th, 2020) at approximately 3:50pm UTC-6, Affiant was driving a vehicle leased to Affiant and was traveling on South Silver Street heading northbound in State of Kansas, within the metes and bounds of The United States of America evidenced on page 4 within the private Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement, Exhibit 3 of this Affidavit of Fact wherein it states, “This Agreement shall in all respects be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of The United States of America”. Affiant had an emergency situation wherein a tire was leaking air, and


  1. On the aforementioned day and location Affiant was pulled over by a person dressed in law enforcement attire acting as a STATE OF KANSAS judicial officer (hereinafter, “JO”) stating Affiant was speeding when in fact Affiant was going below the speed limit because of the tire leaking air, and


  1. JO demanded a driver’s license and proof of insurance and then proceeded to walk back to JO’s vehicle. JO walked back to Affiant’s vehicle and told the Affiant the JO did not recognize affiant’s international driver’s license, and
  2. JO demanded the Affiant call someone to drive the leased vehicle home or be arrested, and
  3. The JO was not a party to the lease contract directly, indirectly or through council, and the Affiant states and publishes that the Affiant and the JO are within completely different political spheres from one another, and
  4. Affiant does not have the political option to register Affiant’s vehicle within a private property registry within the State of Kansas. Private property had been registered within private auto clubs and given plates and therefore capitalism was upheld. If private property is regulated by a state, then the state is implementing communism, and
  5. Affiant contacted the presumed Court Clerk for the City of Paola, Kansas at the time, Audra Harper (hereinafter, “Respondent 1”) by email and was told to go on the Zoom platform to a court for the City of Paola on (August 27, 2020) at 1:30pm UTC-6. Affiant was told by KANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION member Sheila M. Schultz, presumed Municipal Court Judge for the City of Paola, in the state of Kansas (hereinafter, “Respondent 2”) that Affiant would have to make a plea of either guilty, innocent, or no contest. KANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION member Lee H. Tetwiler (hereinafter, “Respondent 3”) was appointed prosecutor to the case against Affiant. Affiant was then asked if Affiant would like council. Affiant stated that Affiant would need a Liaison since the presumed Municipal Court of the City of Paola is a foreign court. Respondent 2 did not understand and belittled Affiant, but then provided a court appointed KANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION member Richard M. Fisher (hereinafter, “Respondent 4”). Affiant was then told to contact Respondent 4.  Affiant contacted Respondent 4 and was given another court date.  Affiant sent an affidavit to Respondent 4 to put on the record.  On the day of court Respondent 4 withdrew from the case and did not put the affidavit on the record, and
  6. Respondent 2 then assigned Affiant a second Liaison and was told to contact KANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION member Stephanie Keis (hereinafter, “Respondent 5”). After contact, Affiant attempted to explain that Affiant’s Person was not in the political sphere of the state within the United States corporation.  Affiant was then told by Respondent 5 that Respondent 5 would postpone the next court date and would get back to Affiant.  2 days later Respondent 5 told Affiant that Affiant was supposed to go to court and a warrant had been placed on Affiants Person.  Affiant was then told Affiant would need to post bond and Affiant must have a plea at the next court date.  Affiant told Respondent 5 to put the previous affidavit on the record and provide copies of oaths for Respondent 1 and Respondent 2, and
  7. Two weeks later Affiant emailed Respondent 5 and was told that Respondent 5 withdrew from the case. Affiant then contacted Respondent 1 to find out what Respondent 5 had done. Respondent 1 told Affiant to be in the Zoom court on (February 8, 2021). Affiant then sent Affiant’s affidavit to Respondent 1 to file on record. Respondent 1 denied Affiant’s request and during a conversation with Respondent 2 Affiant was told that there is no court record, and
  8. As of the 324th Day in the year of Yahweh 6022, translated (February 8, 2021) Affiant has all email conversations in order at request.  Affiant contacted KANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION member Ron Wood (hereinafter, “Respondent 6”) and tried to get Affiant’s affidavit on record.  Affiant requested Respondent 6 get copies of the oaths of Respondent 1, Respondent 2, and Respondent 3, as well as a copy of the warrant placed on Affiants Person. Respondent 6 sent two attachments on a formal request to Respondent 2 for this information. The copies of oaths requested are evidenced within Exhibit 4 of this Affidavit of Fact. A newly appointed presumed Court Clerk for the City of Paola, Kansas, Amanda Vanvlack (hereinafter, “Respondent 7”) now has the task of filing records for the Municipal Court of the City of Paola, Kansas, and
  9. A Notice to Cease and Desist was emailed to the Court Clerk for the Municipal Court of the City of Paola, Kansas by the Legal Liaison for the American National Union of The United States of America and Affiant has signed limited power of attorney to WILLIAM EMORY REFFETT, PMA, a Human Rights Defender International, publication number 278200023321, evidenced within Exhibit 5 of this Affidavit of Fact, and   


Respondents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (hereinafter, “Respondent(s)”) acting as judicial officers within a state that has no social compact to authorize a legislative body politic of the state are committing Communism for the Executive Orders in the form of a “Bond”, evidenced within Exhibit 6 of this Affidavit of Fact, issued upon Affiant to be invested in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) associated with the City of London Corporation attempting to move Affiant’s person in to the offshore Internal Revenue Trust in one of the territories of the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc. from the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America to which Claimant has claimed Claimant’s lot in accordance with the Law of Nations, therefore denying Affiant’s right to private property in accordance with Public Law 101-17-1 wherein it states, “Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others”, and

Respondent(s) have violated Affiant’s right to freedom of movement in accordance with Public Law 101-13-1 wherein it states, “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state”, and

Respondent(s) have violated Affiant’s right to a nationality in accordance with Public Law 101-15-1 wherein it states, “Everyone has the right to a nationality”, and Public Law 101-15-2 wherein it states, “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality”, and

Respondent(s) have forced association upon Affiant by the members of the KANAS BAR ASSOCIATION, a voluntary association that has no authority to legislate without a legally published social compact by and between the people of a state in accordance with the Law of Nations Book I, Chapter XIII §158, in violation of Public Law 101-20-2 wherein it states, “no one may be compelled to belong to an association”, and


In accordance with Article VI of the Constitution of the United States of America it states, “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”, therefore each one Respondent shall show evidence of taking the mandatory Article VI oath in the form of rebuttal to this Affidavit of Fact within the specified time given within this Affidavit of Fact, and

Affiant requests that compensation in the amount issued by the Human Rights Tribunal International (or the amount equal to) by Respondent(s) for damages incurred upon Claimant should a Judgment and Order be issued in favor of Claimant from this initial charging instrument in the form of Affidavit of Fact.

The Respondent(s) named within this Affidavit of Fact that Affiant has claimed nefarious intent committed upon Affiant have Ten (10) days from the publication of International and National Notice to give rebuttal or these claims stand as fact.


This 135th Day in the year of Yahweh 6023, translated the 1st day of August in the two thousand and twenty-first year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name. LINK