Published by the American Herald on 05-11-2021


Identified as: 20210510-GC-CFA

It has come to the attention of the American National Union of The United States of America, (hereinafter: “ANU”), that a man going by the name John Jay Singleton (a.k.a John Edward Gliha) is using his foreign status which he achieved through the naturalization process offered by the Government of The United States of America, to charge inhabitants for an LLC immunity scam business and legal advice that will, most certainly, make them enemies of the state and put them at war with the I.R.S. trust.
The ANU has condemned this person’s activity and is providing Mr. Gliha with notice to cease and desist or face criminal indictments through the Great Jury, and ultimately, the Human Rights Tribunal International.
Be it known, that the ANU nor the Government of The United States of America condones this person’s fraudulent business practices and is taking action to protect his victims.The ANU are investigating other crimes, such as theft and disclosure violations from particular associations, and thus far, discovery has given us concern enough to warrant this Consumer Fraud Alert.

Thank You.
Carter Williams Grant
Signed on the 52nd day in the year of YHWH six thousand and twenty-three and the 10th day of may in
the two thousand and twenty first year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name. Translation: Tenth
(10th) day of May, 2021.


Published by the Great Council for the American National Union ot The United States of America