Published by the American Herald on 05-06-2021


The United States of America
State of Minnesota
Judicial District # 24
NAC: 7233B Q7KBQ
[email protected]


Date- The 48th Day in the year of YHWH 6023, Translated (May 6th, 2021)

Comes now Brandon Alan Anderson, Trustee (hereinafter “Affiant”) being competent to testify and being over the age of twenty-one years, after first being duly sworn according to the law to tell the truth to the facts related herein states that Affiant has first- hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to the best of Affiant’s knowledge and belief, and;

  1. Affiant signed a promissory note on the 193rd day in the year of YHWH 6021, translated (September 27th, 2019). Note is known as LOAN #57090, whereas the loan states In return for a loan I have received, I promise to pay U.S. $121,125.00 (this amount is called “Principal”), plus interest, to the order of the Lender. The Lender is FARMERS SAVINGS BANK, a State Chartered Bank, evidenced in Exhibit 1, and
  2. Affiant states that LOAN #57090 is contract fraud and at the time of signing aforementioned Note Affiant was oblivious to the fraud associated with contracting for land deeds with bankers as well as the demand for U.S. currency only, and
  3. On the 349th day in the year of Yahweh 6022 Translated date (March 2nd 2021). Jenna Lea Anderson (hereinafter “Witness 1”) called BANKERS’ BANK to see if Affiant could have a meeting with a bank officer on behalf of BRANDON ALAN ANDERSON, PMA (hereinafter “Association”). Witness 1 received a call back from a Steve MacMillian (hereinafter “Respondent 1”) and handed phone to Affiant. Affiant asked Respondent 1 if Respondent 1 could speak on behalf of BANKERS’ BANK as a power of attorney, wherein Respondent 1 declared that Respondent 1 is an officer of the bank and claimed power of attorney for BANKERS’ BANK. Affiant requested a face to face meeting with Respondent 1 wherein affiant could give Respondent 1 payment and some paperwork, however Respondent 1 refused due to alleged COVID 19 laws in the state of Wisconsin. Respondent 1 gave Affiant an email address, however the email did not work. Affiant and Witness 1 decided to make a trip to BANKERS’ BANK main office, and
  4. On the 350th day in the year of Yahweh 6022 Translated date (March 3rd, 2021) Affiant went to BANKERS’ BANK headquarters at or around 10 am UTC -6 and spoke to Carol Wanski (hereinafter “Respondent 2”) Affiant placed documents on Respondent 2s desk and stated Affiant has paperwork and payment for Note #57090. Respondent 2 looked at the documents and the National currency asking what it was. Affiant informed Respondent 2 that it was +100 Continental Dollar Labor Backed, a legal money for all debts public and private. Affiant explained to Respondent 2 that Affiant spoke to Respondent 1 the day before. Respondent 2 took the paperwork with legal tender and exclaimed thank you, walking into the back room. Documents Affiant provided was the Declaration of Value of the Continental Dollar, the Legal Tender for Debts Public and Private Act of 2016, the NATIONAL CURRENCY ACT OF 2017, and a Notice from Association provided within Exhibit 2, and
  1. On the 352nd Day in the year of Yahweh 6022, Translated (March 5th, 2021). Affiant noticed an envelope laying on the floor of the porch at NAC: 7233B Q7KBQ. Inside were the documents provided to Respondent 1 on the 350th day in the year of Yahweh 6022 and a typed letter dated for (March 4th, 2021) as well as the +100 Continental Dollar Labor Back labeled as LB F 60223140015 that was offered for that months payment, provided within Exhibit 3, and
  1. On the 4th day in the year of Yahweh 6023 Translated (March 23rd, 2021) Affiant published a Notice of Mistake Publication Number: 202103135686. Published for 3 consecutive days with no objections, Link provided here: , Affiant than sent out 3 Notices of the Notice of Mistake to BANKERS’ BANK via registered mail, Notice and documentation provided within Exhibit 4, and
  1. On or about the 42nd day in the year of Yahweh 6023 Translated (April 30th, 2021), Affiant heard a knock on the door at NAC: 7233B Q7KBQ wherein a possible actor in a postal uniform hands Affiant two letters from an association named Wilford, Geske & Cook A Professional Association claiming to be ATTORNEYS AT LAW document provided within Exhibit 5, and
  1. On the 46th day in the year of Yahweh 6023 Translated (May 4th, 2021), Affiant witnessed a vehicle pull into the driveway, the driver claiming to be a postal worker. Alleged postal worker handed Affiant a letter labeled as NOTICE OF ACCELERATION AND NOTICE OF YOUR RIGHT TO CURE DEFAULT at the address of 7233B Q7KBQ addressed for 45760 710th Lakefield, MN 56150, evidenced in Exhibit 6. Letter is from BANKERS’ BANK threatening Affiant with homelessness and starvation of the members of the Association if Affiant does not comply. Affiant utilizes the land and all buildings for agricultural purposes wherein Affiant feeds the members of the Association and is attempting to help with feeding a Nation. The amount of land is not more than what Association needs, however is the amount needed from nature for survival. Evidenced within Exhibit 7, and
  1. On the 47th day in the year a Yahweh 6023 Translated (May 5th, 2021) Affiant sent out a certified published objection to both entities BANKERS’ BANK and Wilford, Geske & Cook A Professional Association, found at this link and provided within Exhibit 8 of the affidavit. Affiant will continue to send out 2 more within the next 30 days, and

Course of Remedy

The Affiant claims that Slavery, seems to be the intent of BANKERS’ BANK and Wilford, Geske & Cook A professional Association part of the American Bar Association along with the American Bankers Association and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and all Federal reserve banks within their respective districts. Affiant seeks recognition of full discharge of the fraud perpetuated against Affiant and Association. Affiant asks that BANKERS’ BANK and Wilford, Geske & Cook A Professional Association cease and desist any more attempts to cause or threaten to cause homelessness or any other human rights violations perpetuated against Affiant and members in Association . Affiant is willing to waive the amount of 19,104 USD wherein Affiant does not associate with the federal reserve however this is the amount in notes extorted from Affiant by BANKERS’ BANK from monthly payments and a 10,000 USD down payment.

Further Affiant sayeth naught

Signed on this 48th day in the year of Yahweh, six thousand and twenty-two, and the 6th day of May in the two thousand and twenty first year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name, translated (May 6th 2021)

Signature of Affiant,

____________________________, Trustee

Brandon Alan Anderson, Trustee