Buffalo Wild Wings Goes full Nazi on Military Veteran


Published by the American Herald

on 11-15-2020

International and National Public Notice


November 15, 2020

Comes now, Sean Cooper, Trustee (hereinafter “affiant”) being competent to testify and being over the age of twenty-one years, after first being duly sworn according to the law to tell the truth to the facts related herein states that affiant has first- hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to the best of affiant’s knowledge and belief, and;

On, November 13, 2020 a friend came to visit and asked if affiant wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings at the mall of New Hampshire in Manchester State of New Hampshire.  Affiant accepted the invitation and made our way into the restaurant. Upon arriving affiant noticed the front doors of said restaurant had a sign that stated that masks were mandatory. Being a medically exempt veteran affiant figured it was appropriate to explain affiant’s situation. As affiant walked into the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, affiant was stopped by the host who was working the front. The host informed affiant that affiant was to wear a mask until affiant got to the bar. Affiant responded by informing the host of affiant’s medical exemption. The host then asked the affiant to wait while the host grabbed the manager.

The manager (hereinafter “Ben”), would not tell affiant his last name but did start a conversation within 6 feet. While conversing, affiant explained that affiant is a medically exempt veteran, to which Ben replied that affiant needed to wear a mask until affiant got to the bar and then affiant could remove the mask for the duration of the visit. Affiant states that the restaurant is enforcing the arbitrary guidelines of an unelected organization known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter “CDC”) to which any orders from the CDC have been outlawed in Article 31 of the social compact agreement by and between the people for The United States of America. LINK

Affiant once again explained to Ben about affiant being medically exempt, and that affiant was willing to cover affiant’s mouth and nose with the sleeve of affiant’s hoody for the 5 second walk to the bar but stated that being forced to arbitrarily wear a mask violates affiant’s intangible property right to determine what is best for affiant’s health and well-being. There was no budge. Before being kicked out, affiant and manager Ben discussed the oppressive actions that Ben had committed. Affiant was being treated unjustly, and affiant further states that Ben’s actions on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings created much social awkwardness to which embarrassed affiant in front of affiant’s friend.

After the aforementioned discussion regarding Ben’s arbitrary actions, affiant proposed a question to Ben asking if Ben was ok with being an oppressor from affiant’s point of view. Ben made it clear that the restaurant rules from the CDC guidelines superseded affiant’s right to determine what is best for affiant’s own health and well-being. Although affiant tried to meet Ben in the middle by offering to cover affiant’s mouth and nose as mentioned above, Ben continued to treat affiant as less than human and hereby accuses Buffalo Wild Wings with the political crime of communism for enforcing CDC guidelines. Ben then asked affiant to leave and let affiant know that affiant was not welcome in their restaurant.  LINK

Affiant further sayeth naught,

Sean Cooper

Published by the committee for the American National Union of The United States of America