To conform or not to conform?

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Published on 12-25-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

This article has a few examples in it that this commentary hopes will bring some issues to the light and forefront of your thinking. The Articles is entitled: ” To conform or not to conform”.  This article will be lengthy.

Many have been asking why and how do some people in this country get away with crimes and others do not?

Remember when we were all in high school and some of us were tormented and others were not? The basic principals of this whole scenario in high school we all know as peer pressure. The peer pressure did not stop because you left high school. Peer pressure is used in all aspects of the American Society and the International Community. First it is used because is works immediately, and second it is effective up to a point.



How is non-conformity used to manipulate?

On a large scale and in the international community, peer pressure is used to hide crimes. If someone speaks out against or exposes a crime, they are non-conformists and outcasts until they “Play Ball”.  The group “The United West” will be placed on a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist list until they take those videos down and conform. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Sometimes empathy is the best tool used to help people understand the thinking behind this tactic used by people that have fractured a few laws and still remain in power.

Most non-conformist have guns. Since that is true, Islam is going to have a hard time taking America. The oval office is going to have a hard time paying back the money accepted from Islam. If Islam does not take America over, that is bad for recruitment because the failure will reflect on Allah. If Allah fails, then the whole claim that Allah is the one supreme being and is perfect does not hold water. That is the cache 22 for people when they claim to have power of attorney for their own god and profess to know its will. Its a business just like any other organization with the same pressures and sometimes they make bad investments.

Example: ISIS and ISIL were completely wiped out by so-called non-believers and infidels. ISIL was bombed to smithereens by the Russians. Then Islam comes out and claims that ISIS and ISIL does not represent ISLAM. Why the claim? Because ISIS and ISIL utterly failed and that failure reflects on the claims that Allah is the supreme being and never fails. Whoops, can’t have that, so all of a sudden they don’t represent true Islam. That is why Islam does not like to be criticized. Any failure reflects on the god they worship. The best thing to do is start transferring liability to others to make Islam look good. Islam starts issuing propaganda videos to help its image and trash those that can potentially wipe Islam out in America: LINK

In order to fix the problem. They have to take ordinary crime statistics, associate those statistics with a political dissident that believes in owning a gun, isolate the gun owning thinker with the sovereign citizen domestic terrorist label, and there it is, you have thousands of others that have conformed with slavery. 

Another good one is that they claim that the political dissident non-conformist does not believe that they have to follow local, state and federal laws. The exact opposite is true, most of the people “non-conformists” are pointing out that the local, state and federal officers are not following the law as it is written. The law is also not being applied to everyone equally, and therefore the non-conformists are simply isolating themselves from society to clear themselves of the liability of criminal activity. The criminals then label those people as sovereign citizens and domestic terrorists which places their lives in danger.  This is called attempting to murder a potential witness. So the formula used is; conformity=submission, submission=no witness, non-conformity=offense against the state which equals no credible witness.

The Bush family, Clinton family and many other families like them have hurt or murdered a lot of people in America. Yet nothing ever happens to them which means the law is not being applied equally and therefore becomes useless and null and void. The law of the local, state and federal cannot be respected because it is not being applied equally. Further, in the political arena, these families have a a lot of people blackmailed. If one goes down they all go down. 

Here is the problem, if a prosecutor starts the process of equally applying the law, a district manager will come in and stop it claiming that all federal agencies have to stick together. If the prosecutor keeps moving forward, then the prosecutor becomes a non-conformist and political dissident. Eventually the prosecutor will be fired and labeled a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist. Under that label, some local police officers will shoot that same prosecutor in some sort of traffic stop and the news will not divulge that the man was once a prosecutor trying to apply the law equally. It is easier and safer for the “sell out” prosecutors to go after the witnesses then it is to do the right thing. There are millions of witnesses sitting in jail right now because they tried to do the  right thing and follow the law or their political opinions were different from the majority. They simply thought differently then others.

In order for these tactics not to be effective, the people have to start thinking differently. If anyone sees anyone else under the label sovereign citizen and domestic terrorist, it usually means that they are being targeted for political assassination.  It is simply a death threat. If the general public believes what they are being told and fails to support the accused, the general public is now guilty of murder in the first degree when the political assassination is carried out by the police. Now everyone will have to re-think the position that if they are quiet, it will never happen to you. Just remember one thing, there is no limit to the paranoia of a criminal in power.

Paranoia is very powerful and can take a country down.  Criminals in power are constantly focusing on who is with them and who may be a potential witness against them rather than governing and doing what they were elected to do. All of their time in office is spent trying to hide crimes and look good in the press. They govern with fear and public opinion instead of simply governing. They constantly create fictional boogey men to distract attention away from their activities and crimes against their own country.  The enemy is over here or over there while they commit crimes and murder those that seek to expose them. Why would any organization believe that there is honor in their hearts and would do right by them when they are screwing over someone else at the same time?

Now that the readers know the formula of tyrants like Hitler and Stalin, it will not be hard to follow and identify. The basics of peer pressure can go a long way for those that use it on a daily basis. It is up to the people to start using peer pressure to reward those that do the right thing and expose a crime when witnessed, not hide in their homes trying to appear to conform to the wishes of the criminal heart. It is impossible to attempt to be politically correct and also adhere to the letter of the law.