Global Currency Problem Solved by the Government of The United States of America!

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Published on 12-22-2015 by the American Herald


Dear Readers:

After many observations in dealing with a currency code for the Continental Dollar. There have been many solutions come forward in the investigations. This article will list some of  the problems and bring forth the solutions to the Global Market.

First Problem: The countries today are way to chummy with each other which is causing the sovereignty of each country to suffer and making political decisions for the people of each country in violation of human rights.

Second Set of Problems: Terrorism, drug smuggling, high taxation, human trafficking, forcing other countries to comply with foreign tax laws, money supply, currency disappearing into foreign bank accounts causing higher taxes, terrorists coming into America and buying weapons then sending overseas to name a few issues. 

The main problem is the approach that most politicians are taking with these issues.

The solution is very simple and the infrastructure is already in place. No need to spend billions to solve the problems.


1: Every country returns to its National currency.

2: A recognized Global digital Currency is put in place. The Global currency must remain digital in order for the structure to solve the problems.

3: Each country refuses to accept a direct currency exchange with any other country.

4: Each country exclusively accepts a Global digital currency in exchange for its National Currency. 

5: The people use the national currency within its borders. If the people would like to do business in another country, they can use the Global Digital currency within that foreign country which sets them apart from the nationals using their countries currency. This allows the country to track foreigners within their borders which will make it extremely difficult for terrorists to hide within any given country. Visa and Master card is already setup for this type of process of digital and purchase tracking. 


1: The countries taxes are reduced. 

2: Foreigners are easier to track and the people of the country do not have to give up their privacy and human rights.

3: The people have their national currency back and therefore a national identity which resolves all human rights issues.

4: Manufacturing is restored because the exchange rate from a National currency  to the Global digital currency can be calculated based on Gross National Product and therefore causes the countries to start producing again. This creates jobs which solves homelessness, poverty, and hunger issues. The reason why is because prices begin to plummet because the value of the currency for each country goes up and the prices come down so everyone can afford what they produce. Further, the printing of the currency virtually stops for a period of time because the currency is not disappearing over seas.  

5: Tourism purchases can be tracked so that countries can have a database on what is popular, what sells to foreigners, how they spend and what to provide to foreigners while touring their country.

6: Global hacking of bank accounts and other private information can be virtually eliminated because there is no direct currency exchange. What ever is stolen cannot be used in another country. It all has to go through the Global Digital Network which is tracked.  This process will also cut down on the burdens to the intelligence communities and costs for security.

For with this line of thinking, there are many more benefits that can be obtained. There is always going to be flaws and no one is claiming that the process is perfect. However, if a process can cut down on human rights violations, privacy rights issues, actual threats, and many other issues, why not consider the process and lets all think it through. 

If you want to hear more and be a part of this solution, contact the Public Bank here: LINK