Political Gurus and Political Dissidents Strike Again!

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Published on 12-05-2015 by the American Herald


The Government of The United States of America just finished elections, made a few new contacts with some more international organizations and here come the political gurus and dissidents trying to steal again.

The Clerk receives a message on Skype about the existence of this group calling themselves “Union States Assembly”. The groups so-called Scribe and Historical Records keeper is a man by the name of Mark Charles Dunlevy.

The Government of The United States of America first heard about Mr. Dunlevy on 2012-09-10 at 9:59 PM, when he declared Permanent Residency within the United States, at least that is how he filled out the form. The recorded documents are still available. 

Since Mr. Dunlevy was and is still a resident, the Secretary of State, Tom Goudey called Mr. Dunlevy to ask why the group calling themselves the “Union States Assembly” was using a symbol very similar to the one used within this Government.


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“Notice of Non-Association with political gurus and political dissidents!

“Published on 11-22-2015 by the American Herald”

“The political gurus go to the websites of the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Office and take information to make it appear as if the Government of The United States of America is associated with them or working with them. It is a way for the political gurus to make money off of political dissidents.

Then the committee asked Mr. Dunlevy if he knew that the Articles of Confederation was already claimed and amended.

Mr. Dunlevy first said no and that he had never heard of us. Then we asked how he was claiming the Articles of Confederation, and Mr. Dunlevy proceeded to claim that the Articles of Confederation were abandoned. Then proceeded to claim that he did not like the way we were headed with the Articles of Confederation.

Quote from the Notice:

“They will grab knowledge and information for political gurus that is legitimate and staple and sew bits and pieces together that look like a Frankenstein monster sold by political gurus attempting to legitimize their paperwork or position to the untrained political dissident. The political gurus use only pieces and parts to avoid copyright issues and make it appear as if the political guru wrote the document themselves. The main goal of the political guru is to make it appear to the political dissident that the political guru has all of the answers. The political guru usually creates more problems than they resolve. The political dissident is usually placed on a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist list as a result of the political gurus efforts.”

Mr. Dunlevy et al is claiming the same thing this Government claimed back in 2010 and was discovered in 1997. 

Although the American Nationals appreciate the fact that their claims are extremely solid, the American Nationals do not appreciate the fact that someone declares residency, takes information and then advertises it as if it was theirs and attempts to take a Government and a Nationality from the American Nationals without just compensation for all of the hard work that went into their Government.

The actions taken by Mr. Dunlevy et al consist of many crimes along with the four lies that were told to the committee by Mr. Dunlevy himself while at the same time claiming on their website:

“7) We are peaceful and have no desire for unjustifiable acts of war or any harmful intentions toward anyone or anything, lawful or legal.”

The committee noticed Mr. Dunlevy that the logo being used was similar and would give people the impression that this Government was involved with this “Union States Assembly” group and Mr. Dunlevy outright refused to remove the logo or change it. Mr. Dunlevy was noticed that this Government stands alone and does not appreciate anyone piggy backing on it. Mr. Dunlevy also claimed that he would fight this Government to the death.

The group never uses their full names, they use coded Initials when referring to each other. If they weren’t doing anything wrong, why hide the full names? Then Mr. Dunlevy  claimed that the group had a representative, then when asked the name of the representative, he changed the claim to a “spokesman” and still withheld the spokesman’s name.

Mr. Dunlevy et al claims that only the States can amend the original Articles of Confederation and did not like how it was done.

The claim by Mr. Dunlevy et al is not a party to the Articles of Confederation nor was a party to the claim back in 2010, therefore did not have a say as to how the Articles of Confederation were amended. The original 13 States had abandoned the Articles of Confederation, and therefore forfeited a vote by any delegates as to what the amendments would consist of in the present day. In fact, Mr. Dunlevy et al was notified and had already accepted the claim  that had been settled in 2010-11 by declaring residency. When Mr. Dunlevy et al was cornered with these facts, he promptly changed his claim in mid-stream to the term “Dormant” instead of “abandoned”. 

Even after all of the lies told, the committee asked why Mr. Dunlevy et al would not simply work with the Government of The United States of America and was notified of a program in place to help the group with their struggle. He said, “Because we were making the wrong choices as to how to set up a government”.

Quote from the Notice:

These political dissidents have no comprehension in law and the political gurus have no consideration for the human rights of others. Political gurus plagiarize, ignore copyrights and  believe that anything on the internet belongs to them and usually use the information to form bizarre liens in the name of political dissidents to attempt a big payoff for themselves.

Watch out for these people folks! LINK

They have started out in dis-honor and will remain in dis-honor until they start respecting the Human Rights of others. The Union States Assembly is simply a knock off of the “Union States Project” which were already notified of the claim in 2010 of which we believe fell apart due to in-fighting and corruption.

A lot of these groups are the same people doing the same thing, take from others, no original ideas, will not work with others, hard headed and stubborn. Many are years behind in research and discovery.

For entertainment purposes, people might want to look at the FAQ on the website of the “Union States Assembly”. Particularly this quote: “A. We follow the ONLY lawful law forms”.  We are still scratching ours heads on that one.

The major problem is that these types of groups form and try to associate with others that are legitimate. Then their antics ruin good names by claiming false association with legitimate organizations. The main problem is felt by many organizations around the world.

The only way to fight this type of theft is to expose it as soon as it is discovered. The Government of The United States of America has survived that last 7 groups like the “Union States Assembly” and will survive this one.