A twisted turn of events-A different point of view! Part Three

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Published on 11-05-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

More discussion by the committee has uncovered some information that is no longer considered “conspiracy theory”.

The bottom line is that the States are behind all of the legislation that is designed to attack their own residents. The main question is why?

1: Why would the States set up a situation where they know it will cause major conflict between the people and refugees?   http://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-09-15/family-father-issues/tennessee-expected-to-receive-syrian-refugees/a48122-1

2: The States are not stupid and watch the news. So why is this situation being implemented by the States and blaming their executive branch like they always do? The States know this is happening in Europe:

Source: LINK

Be sure to watch the last part of the second video. It is an interview about a minute or two long telling people the truth.

We have all watched gridlock among st the politicians in Washington D.C. Each time there is a gridlock, an executive order is written which everyone knows  that the Executive Order violates constitutional mandates. This gridlock process accomplishes two things. It allows the States to transfer the blame of the constitutional mandate violation to an idle that has executive immunity. The States can also claim victim therefore public sympathy is gravitated towards the poor poor struggling States that can’t even cover their bills anymore due to an evil executive branch and its policies.

Possible Conclusion:

The States have implemented a population control mandate. The States know that each side of the Christian and Muslim religions will die for their beliefs. The States also know that if pushed together, and the Muslim is treated better then the Christian, the Christian will feel resentment and begin to lash out causing guilt feelings of not being a peaceful Christian.

The question is why would the States declare war on their residents knowing the Muslim will also suffer losses. The answer is clear: “Genocide under the cover of legal population control” passed by the 48 States at the United Nations.

Wait a minute… People did not know that all of the 48 states are members of the United Nations?  Go and look up the State codes like FL, TN, CA… Those are State codes like country codes issued by the United Nations.

This is the really sick part of this population control plan. The residents of each State are funding a war against the residents of each State: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/category/taxpayer-goodies/

Study: Middle Eastern refugees cost US $257,481 for family of four in first five years!

Does anyone still think global population control is still a wacko conspiracy theory?

Agenda 21 members: Go and look at the list under United States of America: