A twisted turn of events-A different point of view! Part Two

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Published on 11-04-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

Some extensive discussion about where this trail leads has been going on for a while. The committee will continue to discuss until the matter(s) is resolved. 

Subject Matter: NDAA, Patriot Act, Public executions without charges, foreclosures and border issues, trading with the enemy act, zoning/agenda 21 implementation etc…


1: National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA). Who passed the NDAA?

Summary: The States passed the NDAA that removed all rights from the people. In order to get a president to sign something into law, the U.S. Congress had to pass it which means all of the States had to vote on it. So the major question is: Who is responsible for shredding the Bill of Rights? 

2: Who is responsible for passing the Patriot Act?

Summary: When the Towers went down, the States rushed to Washington D.C. to pass the Patriot Act. No one forced the States to pass the act, no one put a gun to their heads. The States are responsible for shredding the Bill of Rights!

3: Public Executions without charges or any recourse to whom?

Summary: The States are the ones that are implementing public executions without any recourse towards the executioner. It happens all of the time. See Youtube!

4: Who passed the Federal Reserve Act?

Summary: It was the States that passed the Federal Reserve Act. The States also created the Bank of New York Mellon and is still being used today by those same States. The States created the 12 Districts of the Federal Reserve. The States create money out of thin air. The States enforce all foreclosures. The 48 States gave their private central bank immunity from audit therefore no one would ever make the connection that the States were the ones that perpetrated and shredded their own U.S. constitution with their own private central bank.

The States continue to use a private central bank in a foreign country called Manhattan Island, bundle all Mortgages and deposit them in the Cayman Islands through a registered agent in where? “Austin Texas”.

Notes: Introduced in the House as H.R. 7837 by Carter Glass (D-VA) on August 29, 1913 Committee consideration by House Banking, Senate Banking
Passed the House on September 18, 1913 (287–85, 5 Present)
Passed the Senate on December 18, 1913 (54–34)

5: Who passed the Trading with the Enemy Act?

Summary: That would be the States again making enemies out of the people.

6: Who opened up the Southern borders of the country to illegal immigration?

Summary: That would be the Southern States. The reason why the States want illegal immigration is because they want illegal workers. The reason for the illegal workers is because they are not reported as a liability as employees on the books. When that happens, the price of the Stocks are inflated and profits are up. In case no one made the connection, the States are the biggest stock holders in the Stock Market. The illegal workers also pay State taxes.

7: Who holds the CAFR accounts worth billions? (comprehensive annual financial report) 

Summary: The Governor of each State signs off on the report every year. Easy to find on the internet.

All federal legislation is voted on by the States. The States are the ones that passed everything, yet all blame for shredding the U.S. constitution and the Bill of Rights is always blamed on the feds and never the States. No blame whatsoever has ever been placed on the States for anything that has happened to this country.

A: Who voted to invade Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, WWI, WWII, Afghanistan or any other country? 

B: Who started Guantanamo Bay and the FEMA camps?

C: Who is really in control here? Was it the States that were conquered by the Feds or was it the Feds were conquered by the States and has been blaming the feds for what the States are doing altogether with one mind and purpose.

Anyone that reads this article will come to the same conclusion. If they do not come to the same conclusion, then there is a mind block in place just like the committee discovered in an informal survey.

The States created Homeland Security and the NSA. The States created the surveillance programs and allow all of it to continue.  The States are responsible for everything that has happened over and over and never get blamed. 

How do the States get away with this? LINK The States passed the HR 5736; Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012: Quote:  “Amends the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 to prohibit funds for the Department of State or the Board from being used to influence public opinion or propagandizing in the United States. (Under current law such provision applies to the United States Information Agency [USIA].” end quote

The States created an “at arms length” entity called the United States corporation. The States gave up their right to interstate commerce to hide behind the fed. The States screw the rest of the world over and over and then blame it on their federal corporation and claim it was not the fault of the States because the States deal only in intrastate commerce. The States suffer from an extreme case of passive aggressive syndrome.

The 48 States will completely destroy other countries and then run and hide behind what appears to be their daddy. The 48 States are responsible for sex trafficking rings, drug rings and any other kind of crime that anyone can imagine. The 48 States are masters at shifting the blame and appearing completely innocent.     

In the last article, who knew that the 48 States are parties to the B.R.I.C.S. agreement? If you don’t believe it, it is right in the agreement. Who runs the States? If anyone wants to know who is really responsible for State sponsored terrorism they need look no further then the 48 States. It also appears that the 48 States are well on their way to implementing their own form of the New World Legal Order.