Candidate John Fulks for office of the Governor for The United States of America.

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Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen;

My name is John Fulks and I am running for the office of Governor for The United States of America .

I am proud to be a member of the Confederation Party.

I have been appointed to this office at different times since 2012, and an Affirmed American National since November 2011.

The office of the Governor published orders for the removal of the stars and bars battle standard of the war between the states, to settle the reconstruction acts. The response was swift.

However, the next order was to display the state flags at the same level as the U.S company flag , the republican and democratic parties have failed to respond in any way to this order…

The office of the Governor published an order to have the air force, on behalf of a private company, stop spraying chemicals and metal particles into the upper atmosphere , thereby creating pollution to fall and make people sick by polluting the air, water and land. The meaning of the order was clear.

Most of the chemtrails stopped for a short period of time (20 days) until the Republicans and Democrats stepped in to block the order and the spraying started back in full force. This office does not understand why the Republicans and Democrats want to pollute the environment which will lead to the deaths of their constituency.

This office does not understand why every time it attempts to do something to benefit the people that the Republicans and Democrats step in to stop it.

When, i am elected to hold the office of the Governor, there will be many more of these orders written until there is a response from the democratic and the republican parties.

The standing order from this office is to stop blocking this Government from doing the right thing to correct all the abuse to the people and to the world in general. Greed is a sickness, not a right…

John Fulks