Students Participate in Naturalization’s on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day???

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Published on 09-17-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

The most perplexing day in America is promoted by the U.S. courts: LINK

It happens every year on this day of the 17th of September. The federal contracting companies call it: “Naturalization’s on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day”. It was started by the Monarch’s many years ago. The Monarch’s are claiming: “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is observed nationally every September 17, marking the date that delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the nation’s founding document in 1787”.

The historical records can tell anyone that it never happened. Further that the constitutional convention failed: LINK

Further, the Constitution of 1787 was not a founding document.

Here is another quote that is quite disturbing:

“In 2014, the federal courts began what is a growing tradition of linking Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to a nationally organized series of naturalization’s. An estimated 8,500 new citizens were naturalized last year in nearly 30 federal court ceremonies.

The highlight is the oath ceremony, during which immigrants swear their allegiance to the United States and receive their naturalization certificate. This is the final step in becoming a U.S. citizen. Those naturalized will be able to vote, serve on juries, apply for a U.S. passport, and enjoy all the other rights and privileges of U.S. citizens.”


Are these people called “immigrants” told that they are taking an oath to Manhattan Island and that Manhattan Island is subject to a Monarch?

Do they know they are swearing allegiance to a foreign Monarch doing business as the United States inc.?

If the real meaning of a document is hidden, wouldn’t that make the whole ceremony null and void?

Does anyone see that this whole ceremony is nothing more than blocking immigrants from obtaining mineral rights; right along with the people that were born here?

On one hand, it is being reported that the company has to meet its budget or it shuts down, at the same time it can afford to create 50 places around the country to put on a “naturalization ceremony”.

Are these people told that they are stripped of all political rights and therefore have to rely on a prosecutor to decide whether or not justice is done?

Do these people know that they have no enforcement authority over any statute written?

Are they told that they are stripped of all human rights and become sureties for the companies debt that it owes itself?

Are they told that they will lose all religious rights and that their religion will be decided for them by Manhattan Island?

This will be funny to watch, wait until these students find themselves in a court room and fleeced once or twice. That will wake them up! They will really know what it means to be a purported “American citizen”…

Can anyone say “Human Trafficking”?

These questions can go on and on. However, this article and facts are self evident.