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Published on 09-11-2015 by the American Herald

Greetings Readers,

In order to understand a form of government, many have to understand its origins.
The Dutch East India Trading Company is mainly a mining company. Mining companies historically have corruption and monopolies surrounding them.

On or about 1789, the Dutch Mining Company (hereinafter, the “company”) needed a government to approve its mining permits, licenses and legislate away its trespasses. The Company needed a government it could control and pass acts for it to approve its mining projects. The acts passed by its government also create monopolies for the company in the form of patents etc….

These mining projects create merchant’s which begins to create what people today refer to as “jobs”. The mining company extracts the minerals, “manufactures” forms the minerals into products, the products are sold to merchants. Merchants distribute the products on railroads, and expand to build towns and eventually cities and states.

The mining company needs a government, so it creates a government telling the people that the government belongs to the people. The company gives the people a fictional vote, at the same time the people are now direct or indirect employees of the company through voter registration. The company’s government collects some of the employees earnings back to the company in the form of government taxes, to be given back to the employees in the form of wages the next year. The company uses the government to increase its taxes to create greater profits for its products.

The people “employees” “human resources” are paid what they earned the year before (usually held in CAFR accounts). It does not cost the company anything to pay its employees. The company’s banks call this a circular. People are always asked for the last three years of income tax returns. Income tax returns, income tax returns, returns, returns, returns… The company needs its yearly interest to cover the next years employee payroll so its government does not cost the company a dime. The company’s government is literally supported by the people and their labor and production efforts. Meanwhile the company makes its money by what is manufactured and sold overseas or locally which is the definition of slave labor. The people are paid out of an account of their previous year’s earning’s, the company keeps the profits of the products produced and sold overseas or locally, and claims a debt against the people by raising the prices of the products that the people produce.

The people need to get loans to pay for the products that they produce. The people can’t afford what they produce. This structure created this phrase: “I owe my soul to the company store”. If the people are producing homes, why are they required to pay on those homes for 30 years and never really own it? Why is the company claiming the mineral rights to the property and offering surface rights to the people? It is because the company’s government said so.

The company’s government likes to use the new testament to guilt the people into complying with its edicts: Read Romans 13:1: SOURCE LINK:

The company now has complete control over the people as a government that never existed. It has and always been a figment of the imagination. The reason it is a fictional government is because a private company created it, and therefore does not serve the people. It serves the interest of the company and its officers and no other.

How can a private company, create a company, call it a government while it operates as a private company and religious organization?

The company plays like it is a national government, but never really issues a nationality. It claims to issue citizenship, but never really issues a citizenship certificate. It claims to create a local jurisdiction, but never really notifies people of its charter or the terms of its charter. The company never really follows the charter that is in place, it always creates something that appears like it is following the charter presented to the people.

The company will never really define the term “indigenous”. “I know of no mining company that “obeys” international law in the same way as it obeys national and local laws.” SOURCE:

The reason the company will obey national and local laws to give the appearance that the company is being governed by the people. When in fact, the company is the one that created the national and local laws to benefit itself and told the people that they are liable for their own government. This tactic keeps the company from law suits such as genocide and many, many war crimes.

Iraq is a good example. First the company starts a war between Iran and Iraq. Then the company places its man, Sadam Hussein in charge of the company’s government. Sadam Hussein starts getting greedy, the company has its government in another part of the world to invade and take the companies government down in Iraq. The company turns the clock back with the original flag of the country to avoid crimes against humanity. The company puts another government in place and it is business as usual.

The company is upset that the new company government of Iraq is not sufficiently effective enough to protect its oil fields. So it hires a group called ISIS, and then arms it to protect the company oil fields.


1: Has anyone ever wondered why currency has to be mineral backed?

2: Has anyone ever wondered why the King of England started demanding gold for payment instead of the colony currency?

3: Right after the gold demand, the King of England gave the company in its form of the Dutch East India Trading Company doing business as the East India Tea Company and the British East India Trading Company a monopoly over the tea trade which kicked off the revolutionary war? The Boston Tea party was a false flag event.

4: Has anyone ever really figured out why there are false flag events created through the company’s government?

5: Why do people believe that they are fighting for a government and trying to get their government back that never belonged to the people in the first place?

6: Why would people believe that a company government, of, by and for the company would ever magically turn into a Government of, by and for the people?

7: Why is over 60% of American History classified as top secret?

8: Why is there no mention of the American Revolution in European Text Books?

9: Why did Europe go to a new European Union and abandon the original currency of each country?

This article should explain quite a few issues that people are having at the moment. Don’t be so quick to please the companies GOD- Gold, Oil, Diamonds. Don’t be so quick to give allegiance to something that promises freedom and never delivers the product.

Don’t be so quick to attack a real Government of, by and for the people through prejudice and ignorance to show allegiance to a company government that has its interests at heart and no other. Don’t be so quick to sacrifice yourself in the name of freedom and justice to gain the favor of GOD. All can rest assure that the company’s GOD will be used to protect itself and its own interests.