A stamp of The United States of America not valid in the State of Mississippi?

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Published on 09-02-2015 by the American Herald


“Being a federal corporation is the ONLY way provided in federal statutes to transition from being legislatively “foreign” to “domestic”.

Don’t worry folks, the Government of The United States of America is not going anywhere. This article will discuss the how and why states will render something invalid which in turn invalidates the State itself. 

Today, the USPS employees arbitrarily declared the mailing stamp of The United States of America invalid. This so happens to be where the Notary Presenter has been sending court documents through the mail to various entities around the country to attempt to resolve various human rights violations that the clerk has received by affidavit. The funny part of the invalidation by the USPS employees in the State of Mississippi is that once the normal channels fail to render service of process, a newspaper publishing is the same as being served. So this arbitrary declaration saves a lot of people a lot of money and time including the General Post Office. 

The next couple of links try to discuss the problem with patents here: LINK….   LINK….  but fail to address the real problem.

Patents are literally being used to control everyone in State governments and the federal corporation that the States have so charmingly embraced.

“Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights, due to ignorance.”

If people will notice that whenever they hit the truth in court documents, all of a sudden the paperwork disappears or is rendered invalid.

The courts and other agencies always want people to use their forms. If you don’t use their forms; their own paperwork is rendered invalid.

The USPS wants the General Post Office to use their stamps, why? Because their stamps are patented by a private company. Has anyone ever wondered why the USPS stamp is fifty one cents?  Here are some other patents on other documents used by the USPS. LINK       PDF LINK

The USPS is no more Public then Fed Ex or UPS. It is a private organization and its postmasters are not public officers as they are told.

Did anyone know that a simple shipping label has a patent on it?

 US08768857-20140701-D00002 US08768857-20140701-D00004

Then take a look at the bottom of that page and look at all of the companies that have patents on everything. You will be able to trace all of those companies to one place. You guessed it! Manhattan Island…. For those that did not know, Manhattan Island is a part of the Netherlands territory under the rule of a Monarch that is connected to all Monarchs of Europe. It also created a private organization called the United States and gave it a country code even though it is a privately owned corporation. If you do not believe that, take a look at this evidence obtained by the Human Rights Defenders:

Untitled-1 copy

Privately owned We can bet that people thought they were citizens of the United States which just happens to be a private organization owned and operated by the Dutch under a Monarch.  This was the reason for the change in the name of the country back to its original name: LINK

If people want to be citizens of the United States, go ahead, make yourself a subject of a Monarch again.

Therefore, The United States of America is the real country, and the Dutch created their own United States to make it appear that it was the country name to fool the people into serving a foreign Monarch again. This was done in 1789. They even gave it a country code at the United Nations. This is the reason why the mail coming from The United States of America through the domestic United States is foreign mail and international mail. The United States of America is foreign to the Netherlands. The Netherlands does business as the United States turned into a federal corporation to transition foreign law into domestic law under federal statute. American Nationals had to exile from the Netherlands and return home to The United States of America. (human trafficking) The American Nationals have been trying to tell the Native Americans about this and that they are foreign to their own land but they just don’t get it. 

This is a certified copy of the report from the International Notary: Notary Report

Back to how control is used. The Dutch are trying to run from Human Rights Violations. Human Rights do not apply to subjects of a Monarch.  In their minds, they are protecting the assets of the company on behalf of their King, (people that think a federal government exists) and also trying to protect their international business interests and rights. So they use the patent excuse meaning that any stamp used that is not a patented company stamp is invalid and the employees follow those orders because they think they are showing allegiance to their country. When in fact they are showing allegiance to a foreign monarch which is completely contrary to their beliefs.  They are so ignorant of the truth, the good guys appear evil and the evil guys appear good.

Thoughts and revelations:

How many judgments in courts have been rendered due to the fact that the companies that hold the patents on the pens, paper and ink used by the courts owe royalties to the patent holders?  How many due process laws and human rights have been violated by this international scheme and criminal activity? The ends do not justify the means: The Earth Federation CLICK HERE.

If the foundation of any organization is built by theft and deceit, it will always fail and is a total waste of time. Please keep in mind that the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Office have the international legal right to invalidate all patents within the metes and bounds of The United States of America that are being used as weapons against a country and its Government.

Further, keep in mind that invalidating a countries stamp by a foreign Monarch is a international crime which makes the Netherlands King open to human rights violations.

Further, the Netherlands King also violated its own UPU agreements to keep mail delivery from being disrupted. Disrupting the mail is an act of violence against international stability and peace. The King of the Netherlands can be served anywhere a local, state and federal agency resides. It can also be served by International Public Notice in a newspaper of The United States of America. Kings of countries are not immune from crimes and human rights violations under International law.  Cease and desist all disruption of International Mail within the metes and bounds of The United States of America. It is rude, infantile, and below the proper standards of a Monarch. If the subjects of a foreign King cannot police themselves accordingly, expect more embarrassment and more liability being placed on the Monarch of the Netherlands.