Wesley Clark is inciting violence!

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Published on 07-21-2015 by the American Herald


Wesley Clark, a former 4 Star General of the Army and currently working for Blackstone has been found to be inciting violence by and between the American Society and the U.S. Military.

Wesley Clark has not offered any reason why he has turned against the American Society nor the U.S. Military on behalf of a third party. However, he has obviously made a political decision that does not involve the survival of the U.S. Military nor the American Society. If the American Society is wiped out, the U.S. Military no longer has any support and therefore the U.S. Military is gone. Whatever political decision that was made by Wesley Clark, to continue to use the U.S. Military credentials to incite is considered sedition against the U.S. Military and the American Society.

It would be best for Wesley Clark to come clean with whom he is working for and why. Inciting violence against soldiers in the U.S. Military perpetrated by fear caused by Wesley Clark would be considered an act of betrayal against those soldiers that supported Wesley Clark for so many years.

Loyalty cannot be demanded, loyalty has always been earned and that fact has been proven over and over in history. The ignorant are the ones that believe that they can force others to think a certain way that would be acceptable to the people that Wesley Clark is now supporting outside of the American Society and the U.S. Military.

Wesley Clark has officially claimed exile from the American Society and the U.S. Military by inciting violence by and between the two in an effort to destroy both which has rendered Wesley Clark “stateless”. This means Wesley Clark, in his own words is not a U.S. citizen nor a resident of any of the U.S. states in the American Society. Wesley Clark is foreign to both. This decision was made by Wesley Clark alone and that decision should be honored by the American Society and the U.S. Military.