The facts about an oath of allegiance to a country!

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Published on 07-18-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

There have been many negative rumors about taking an oath or affirmation to a particular State or to a country. These rumors have taken its toll upon North America and its development into the light of freedom. 

On or about 7 years ago there was a particular individual that created a nation. He was claiming that the people that joined the nation pledged their sacred honor to the nation and to each other which is the definition of allegiance. That might be true and there is nothing wrong with that claim. However, he also claimed that all property was pledged to the nation as well. The property claim was completely false. 

Governments claiming citizens Property is only if the nation is opening up a line of credit with an international banker/agent. The banker requires an audit of all property to determine how high the number goes in the line of credit. The number is always higher then what the property is worth for the purpose of gaining control of the nation and starting the direct tax process of its citizens.  When the government opens a line of credit with a private international banker, the titles to the property go into a trust wherein the “creditor” is now trustee over the property with full control and the governments citizens pay an insurance premium to cover damages to the property that the international banker has legal title to as trustee.

There is not a form of government in existence that has the ability to own property. If any government claims “government owned property”, that particular government is lying. The real goal of that government that is lying about owning property is really about securing tax free property for the international banker to produce income tax free revenue. Most governments today have been turned into covers for private international banking interests. Everything the creditor does is in the name of the government even though the creditor is only acting in his or her own interests. The government is protecting its creditor over and above its duty to its citizens which could turn into genocide, or if the government is in a time of war, the act could be considered a war crime.

This is why usury in its many legal definitions is criminal. The trap that most governments will find themselves in fairly soon is there will be a choice. Its citizens, or its creditors that are stealing from its citizens.

Another way of imparting this scenario is with a question. How long will a mother of a child allow a step father to abuse her child before she acts to stop the abuse?

Warning, if a Government is requiring anyone to pledge their property to that Government through an oath or affirmation, that requirement would be a lie and a trap into perpetual slavery. When you see the word tenant on a deed to property, at least you now know whom is claiming the property and where to send the maintenance bills. If the creditor wants to be a landlord, then it is time that the creditor starts paying his or her fair share.

Why would anyone pay property taxes for a landlord or any other kind of tax for a landlord?