Perception has been our biggest enemy!

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Published on 07-11-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

Perception can be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally. Perception can be the truth or a deception. Example: A child is born, and the name of god to a child is mom and dad. If that child is raised to believe that the color blue is called “red” and the color yellow is called “blue”. To tell that child any different as an adult will be met with ridicule, dis-belief, and scorn against the one attempting to help the adult change their perception.

Here are a series of statements. This path has worked with others.

1: If any European country leaves the European Union, the currency of that country will change.

2: Germany will go back to the Deutsche Mark.

3: France would go back to the French Franc.

4: Italy would go back to the lira.

5: Greece would go back to the Greek Drachma.

6: The United States of America would go back to the Continental Dollar.

The 1789 “new union” U.S. dollar is the same as the European Union Euro that was started in 1999. The people in America perceive the U.S. dollar as being the countries currency and the federal reserve note as belonging to a private central bank that is separate or foreign to the U.S. dollar. People are literally trying to re-establish the U.S. dollar with a gold backed perception. The U.S. dollar was established by a private central bank called “The Bank of New York” established in 1784. The same thing happened to Europe in 1999. Many have been deceived into thinking that a private central bank currency(U.S. dollar=Euro currency) literally belongs to a country when it really belongs to a private central bank that created an overlay survey over the original country established in 1781. The Continental Dollar is the countries currency, just like the Deutsche Mark, French Franc, Greek Drachma, etc… People are more patriotic now then ever whether in a negative or positive. Patriotism is a perception. Will your perception be your ally or was your perception created by an enemy that wanted to re-direct your energy to fight for him?