The City of Center Hill converts itself into a plantation of people that are deemed property!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The City of Center Hill is located in the State of Florida. The City of Center Hill convened in 1986 under an ordinance it passed. The following Section within its charter was changed under the ordinance into the most ridiculous condition that could have ever been devised.

Untitled-1 copy

Yes, you read it correctly folks, the city council shall elect its own officers.

Here is the charging instrument of the Government of The United States of America with all details along with the arrest warrant:  LINK

The International Community has been noticed.


International Tort Claim against General Services Administration!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

Many people have never heard of General Services Administration (GSA) in their life.  It is a little known agency that issues the .gov top level domain name that designates governments on the internet.

According to this International Tort Claim filed: LINK

GSA has been issuing the .gov domain designation to private companies all over the country.

The Government of The United States of America is claiming regulatory authority over the .gov top level domain name. The details of the claim which is about 20% of its evidence to prove its claim is in the document. The Government of The United States of America did not deem it necessary to present a 450 page document wherein the claim can be proven in 14 pages. However, the Government of The United States of America is prepared to present any evidence requested to prove its claim against GSA and its regulatory authority as a National Government.


Carolyn Rousseau Case- Kidnapped and Estate Plundered by the State of Oregon, arrest warrant issued!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Carolyn Rousseau case is a sad one to say the least. The case was heard by the Human Rights Tribunal International last year and the Defenders experience with the parties involved was peculiar to say the least.

Governor Kate Brown was Secretary of State at the time the case was being served etc… The defenders could not understand why the case went cold and closed other than the blatant corruption from the State of Oregon all the way to the United Nations.

However, did anyone notice that Kate Brown went from Secretary of State to Governor? It appears that Kate did a little barter and used the Carolyn Rousseau case and about a hundred and fifty others just like Carolyn’s case to bargain for a higher office.

It appears that covering up human rights violations pays off if you don’t have a soul. We all know one thing, Kate can be bought and she has an amount. If anyone would like to control the State of Oregon, get a hold of Kate and see what she wants and provide it for her and bingo, you can control the State of Oregon and you can commit crimes in the State of Oregon anytime you want no matter how morbid the crime.

Imagine your grandmother needs some public assistance, when she receives help, someone declares her incompetent and grants Nancy Doty power of attorney. Nancy Doty uses the courts, (in particular Claudia Burtons courts) to sell her house and all of her estate with the help of Claudia Burton and Kate Brown and place your grandmother in a home. If anyone in the family protests, Nancy Doty will limit their visits to none with her power of attorney and the protesting party will be called a sovereign citizen which is attempted murder.  They all three bring in millions of dollars per year running this scam on the elderly and of course with the help of private membership associations that are recognized by the United Nations and work under its protection, it has become a International Human Trafficking crime. 

Can anyone imagine getting a letter like this from their grandmother: LINK 

Then your grandfather tries to fight for your grandmother and the court attempts to murder your grandfather profiling him as a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist and an abuser.

Here is the arrest warrant for all bonds, obligations etc.. in the case. The International  Tort Claim in this one mimics the last one but the details of the case start on page: 6 after “That being said”. LINK

There are 15 more cases coming forward. Stay tuned for the one in the State of Florida. There are two people that changed the charter of the town with no vote of the people and began to create obligations and bonds under the bogus charter. Guess what folks, they are led by a lawyer…There were two people that signed the charter in the whole town. The two people started to fill the offices themselves, and one might become mayor. 


American Bar Association fully recognizes the Government of The United States of America!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

For the past 6 months, the State of Minnesota has been harassing an American National over a driver’s license and insurance that he already has in possession. On a separate occasion, the State of Minnesota has been harassing one of the Government of The United States of America’s ambassador over a tax issue continually attempting to contract with the ambassador.

All of this harassment has been going on privately so no one will see what is happening and the human rights violations that are occurring.

This is what the Public sees if they were to check the records on the traffic issue: PDF Version: LINK

public copy

If anyone were to check that particular record it would show on the surface that the individual is crazy and just trying to get out of paying taxes which causes people to ignore his whole cause. It would further cause people to attempt to talk to the man fighting for his freedom to give up because “Its just not worth it”.

The Government of The United States of America is saying that it is legitimate and the State of Minnesota does not have jurisdiction in the case. Further, the Government of The United States of America also claims that multiple human rights violations are being committed by the Minnesota State Bar Association members and its trustee.

Here is the private record on the same case: PDF Version: MORRISON CTY REGISTER OF ACTION @ CH 6-23-16 img089

private version

Whereas everyone can see that the address is fully recognized and recorded on their record and under jurisdiction is reads “NONE” for the State of Minnesota.

For as a result, the record shows that the Minnesota State Bar Association trustee does not care at all about breaking the law or violating human rights. These are the same people where their whole industry is based on law and nothing else.

In a similar case in the State of California, the Government of The United States of America has taken another course of action for the purpose of restoring the rights of the child because when the adult’s rights are taken and violated, so are the rights of the child violated.

The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America has requested an arrest warrant for the arresting of all bonds in the case linked below that has been filed in the National Great Registry. LINK

Here is another link with similar evidence on the Bar Associations record: LINK

The reason why the Government of The United States of America is called and holds the status of foreign is because it is a country and not a foreign company doing business as government to keep control of the subjects/colonists (U.S. citizens) of the various Monarchs of Europe and protecting their interests.  The Monarchs are using their colonists as surety to protect their liability and imposing their obligations on their colonists which is nothing more than a form of slavery.

The next time that arrogance blinds the brain from seeing that the original Government of The United States of America of 1781 brought forward to the present time and reformed as a republic so the current slaves can claim a Nationality is a crazy idea and will never work, think again…

The republic is with the Government of The United States of America, it is not enshrined in the constitution of the United States, that is a company operated by a private trust.

One of these days the people in this country will stop allowing a foreign power dictate their future and destiny and exercise their own right of self determination to freely determine their own destiny.

Infowars is correct, your minds are being manipulated to cover the truth that this country is the last hope for a free world and everyday that goes by without claiming a Nationlity to your own country is another day that light dims.



North American National Party


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                                 3 (5)


The committee for the Confederation Party gives notice that the Confederation Party  hereby does business as the North American National Party and further heretofore shall be known as the North American National Party, and 

The logo and trademark remains the same for the North American National Party as it is for the Confederation Party and all other parts of the chain of title shall remain consistent and perpetual, and 

This notice is hereby published on the 7th day of July, 2016 by the committee for the Confederation Party.


Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Reign of the Heavens Society has grown since its creation four years ago. Firstly, it was a society, then reformed into a faith based organization which created the reign of the heavens society Temple. The Reign of the Heavens Society itself absent the reign of the heavens society Temple has been reformed into and hereby introduces the “Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society”.

Its mission for its membership shall be to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the convention on the rights of the child.

The head of the Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society (FOROHS) shall be the chief of the Human Rights Defenders International that answers to the Society Board of the reign of the heavens society Temple and shall remain an appointed position.

A proclamation is required to join: LINK

Further a membership fee will be required. The new member will receive a membership certificate, a blessing from the Temple and two patches which is a Human Rights Defender International patch and a FOROHS patch.

Its website shall be:

There will be training in human rights and the rights of the child which will involve how to spot a real human rights violation and how to relate that violation to a violation of the rights of the child. Further there will be classes on how to write a report and how to use the Human Rights Tribunal to get your case assigned on the International record. There will be many other training courses available as the FOROHS grows.

All members of the Reign of the Heavens Society are welcome to join the FOROHS and begin a brighter future for this country and the next generation.

Please email for more information on how to join.


A path to peace through the rights of the child!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The covenant on the rights of the child was not accepted very well when it came out and during its existence.  LINK

The main reason was because of how it was presented to the world. The intent of it was not imparted very well however the one that wrote the document definitely knew what they were doing. 

The convention on the rights of the child was first thought of as the state taking the child from the parents and raising the child under a communist rule. However, if the intent of the convention was imparted properly, the document was created to create peace in the world.

Let’s explain; When someone has their child taken by Child Protective Services (CPS). The parents of the child come on television and start talking about how much they love their children and start the defense in the media over the accusations of child neglect demonizing CPS. This process by the parents actually helps CPS in their case and we will explain why.

The parents lose complete perspective over the whole issue by talking about their feelings rather than the rights of the child. For instance if the parents are being accused of having anti-government views or a protestant view of the world and  the town or local government has the socialist view of the world, it is not the rights of the parents that have been violated, it is the rights of the child that have been violated because of this one Article:

Article 2 section 2 of the rights of the child:

2. States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that the child is protected against all forms of discrimination or punishment on the basis of the status, activities, expressed opinions, or beliefs of the child’s parents, legal guardians, or family members.

This same scenario happens when the parents home school their children. Everyone knows that the school districts receive funding for every child that attends the pubic school. This is motivation for the local folks to find a reason to force the child in public schools. Since that is a reality, Article 29 becomes a reality when dealing with education. In particular in dealing with religion:

Article 29

(d) The preparation of the child for responsible life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes, and friendship among all peoples, ethnic, national and religious groups and persons of indigenous origin;

The removal of prayer in schools is not a part of the convention on the rights of the child and therefore the parent has every right to remove the child from school even under compulsory edicts of public education if any part of the covenant is not being carried out.

Another example:

The private central banks are required to uphold the convention on the rights of the child. If the lawyers are back dating loan paperwork to an anchor date, making the buyer the seller at closing, than the lawyers are violating the rights of the child because they are depriving those children of basic housing under dignified conditions. This tactic by banks and lawyers are nefarious because of the result. Since the people are not aware of the convention of the right so the child, the parents are blamed for the undignified conditions and lose their children when the real blame belongs to the paper shufflers that created the violations.

The first thing the people in America have to do is STOP killing each other. The next thing that needs to happen is the police need different training because it is their training that is causing the violence wherein the Police Academies are the one at fault because their training is flawed. Flawed training in the Police Academies causes many violations of the covenant of the rights of the child. All violations start with ignorance on both sides of any issue.

Are we starting to see a connection now with the adults and the children? The children cannot stop the adults from fighting however the adults can start acting like adults to start upholding the rights of the child by not fighting and killing each other. The children shall lead the people to peace.


Copy of the covenant of the rights of the child link

A secret society is manipulating you to revolution!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE
There are many people that will criticize this article as being a conspiracy theory or just plain crazy. However, as everyone that reads this newspaper they should remember that it was the first newspaper to reveal that the executive branch of the city state surrendered to Islam via the leader of Saudi Arabia. Since that time the Muslim Brotherhood  has been exposed and over 80% of the people in this country do not want Sharia Law implemented anywhere within our borders as reported by “Act for America” just a few days ago.

Here is the next bombshell that is going to be reported by this newspaper.

Many people are extremely upset over the decision dealing with the Clintons and the email issue. The decision was no surprise to this newspaper so there was no reason to get angry over the decision.

The real story has yet to be revealed so here it is; America has been infiltrated by a very small group of handlers yet a large network of puppets. They are known as Moloch worshipers. Washington D.C. is full of their puppets including but not limited to the Clinton family themselves. If anyone wants to know more about this Moloch practice, they can read about it here:

The worshipers of Moloch made a deal with Islam when surrendering to Islam, please keep in mind that as Moloch worshipers, they do not and cannot represent the United States because they are classified as imposters. Islam and the Moloch worshipers that have their main temple at Bohemian Grove sought protection from Islam after the 9/11 demolition and the stealing of the gold to further fund their cause.

The evidence for what is being imparted here is everywhere if people would pay attention to their surroundings and the multiple reports on Bohemian Grove.

The truth of the matter is that the United States does not have jurisdiction over the Clintons or any other individual who has sought refuge under Islam and the Roman Catholics. Francis has made it very clear to the world that the Roman Catholics rule Islam based on his comments and support of Islam with the invasion of Europe. Their real threat is the Christians that have a sense of morality and decency.

Many would associate the Moloch Worshipers with the Tarsus Club that has the symbol of the Bull as shown on Wall Street. It is believed that they are related but do not have all of the details and therefore will not be printed here.

Larry Nichols eludes to the connection here:

However, it appears that Larry Nichols does not want to get into the issue within the video for what reason is not known.

The ultimate goal for the Moloch worshipers is to form American into devil worshipers. The ultimate goal of Islam is to form America into Islam. They are both working hand in hand to get rid of any form of morality and decency even though their claims in the public are different.

On the other hand, the constitution of the United States of America has not had any of its offices filled for over a hundred years. Example: The Senate use to be called the Senate of the United States, now it is called the U.S. Senate and the same goes for all offices in Washington D.C. The reason for this is because State oaths or affirmations were set aside by the powers that saw that practice as a threat to their agenda for America.

The end game for all of these factions is to agitate the people into a revolution wherein the people destroy the United States. After that the factions can say that the people voted to destroy their government (private company) and decided to replace it with a new and more advanced government with a lot of frills and greater benefits and a whole lot of political junk to usher in a new devil worshiping government or Islamic government. Either way, it would be the people that were incited and manipulated through agitation to their sense of justice and right and wrong that would make the change. The more they go after the guns the more you buy and hold onto them. It is a way to arm the people and get them to use the guns against the United States. Keep in mind that Islam nor the Moloch worshipers have anything to do with the United States nor The United States of America other than attempting to overthrow it.

The more you get upset over the decisions made by the various offices to not pursue any indictment or charges, the more power you give them and the more control they have over your lives. Withholding justice is incitement. Incitement is a war crime.

One rule of thumb to have peace while all of these factions play out their fantasies, is always expect the worse that can happen when it comes to these factions, never trust them and never listen to them and you will be free of their liability.




The Government of The United States of America has implemented a new Grant Deed Program!

American Herald-Logo-Grey

Published on 07-1-2016 by the American Herald


The Government of The United States of American implements a new Grant Deed program for documented American Nationals.

The discussion was quite extensive over this matter in dealing with the fact that not one office that is listed in the constitution of the United States or the United States of America has been filled in over one hundred years. The people have been left on their own to be attacked on a daily basis by the current dictatorship at the whim of a private central bank regardless if it has been placed in the .gov category.

The program is designed to relay the message to all of the private organizations that the accounts are not theirs to arbitrarily lien, use as a weapon, or used to continue too violate human rights on a daily basis.

The Grant Deed is a legal document for the purpose of conveyance and is not up for debate in any court, private, public or international.

The account is transferred and conveyed to the Government of The United States of America to be held in trust by the Government of The United States of America. Any sort of activity by any other entity against the account amounts to an international copyright violation and trespass among other crimes. Those accounts will remain in trust until the monopolies cease and desist to function as a monopoly. If and when that happens, the Government of The United States of America will make a determination as to what to do with the accounts. 

Meanwhile, the documented American National does business in their new name and new Social Assistance Number (SAN CARDS). Many SAN CARDS have already been issued by the Social Assistance Board through the General Post Office.

Any records held by the private central bank (Bank of New York Mellon) are null and void.

The list that will be growing quite quickly is here: LINK

Adverse Possession of personal property link


The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America granted prosecution powers!

American Herald-Logo-Grey

Published on 07-1-2016 by the American Herald


The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America was granted prosecution powers by the National assembly when dealing with issues over American Nationals. The prosecution powers extend to international affairs and National affairs if documented American Nationals are involved with any dispute.

The granting was done by motion to give the American Nationals more support and protection when it comes to multiple human rights violations that are sometimes witnessed by the Government of The United States of America that are perpetrated against documented American Nationals although that rarely happens.

This grant of power also extends to appointing a qualified individual to administer prosecution powers on behalf of victims, however, the power of individual prosecution to each and every American National has been reserved by the National assembly in cases where the subject matter deals with two or more American Nationals.

The American Nationals support their Governor and believe that this particular Governor will do the right thing in all matters with this new power.