The Declaration of Executive Power by the United States, in Congress assembled!



The United States, in Congress assembled convened today to issue a Declaration of Executive Power! This declaration and the information therein resolves a 240 year problem that has tormented each and every generation since the great theft by deception in 1787.

If the three city-state empire is going to have their New World Order, they can fund it on their own dime and somewhere else besides The United States of America.

The U.S. Military and all the branches thereof are no longer obligated to follow orders from across the pond and many other changes will be realized once the declaration is fully understood.



The office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America hereby introduces the American National Passport and the Government of The United States of America grants Refugee Status to the European people!!



The office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America hereby introduces the American National Passport! LINK

Further, the National assembly passed a motion to classify the European people “refugee status” in the European countries that have transferred their national currencies, national identities and metes and bounds to the European Union, owned and operated by a small group of people, thereby rendering the European people stateless by their former representatives.

The European Union representatives have been committing war crimes and human rights violations against refugees since the European Union was established. Therefore, attacking stateless persons are known as crimes against humanity thereby qualifying the motion to be entered on the Official Record of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.


Texas Prosecutor’s office caught stealing a car, tampering with a witness and hiding evidence!



On or about the 1st of July, 2017, on a Saturday evening the Clerk for the Courts for the Government of The United States of America was pulled over about 2 blocks from his house. Long story short, they towed the car. The funny thing is that the car was removed from the Crown Temple roles since March of 2017. No arrests were made of the Clerk for the Courts. The registration of the vehicle in the Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America was recognized and acknowledged by the Florida DMV where the car in question was removed from the Crown Temple system.

The prosecutor Brett W. Ligon: Montgomery County District Attorney and/or Darla Fay Faulkner: Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney
207 West Phillips Street, 2nd Floor, Conroe, Texas 77301 advised the two police officers to state that the registration was not recognized to hide the evidence of existence of the Government of The United States of America because the police officers were told and assumed it was some guru scheme under the testimony of Southern Poverty Law Center. That advice now places the entire Police Department under legal liability for Grand Theft Auto and mis-representation of material facts. They found out that the registration was legit and here is the rest of the story.

The Clerk for the Courts was a witness in a murder trial and withdrew his testimony 06-05-2017 because of his political decision and the fact that the prosecutor rendered no protections as to the identity of the witness and further blatantly placed the witnesses picture on you tube without regard to life and limb. So the prosecutor decided it would be a good idea to pull the witness over and attempt to traffic the vehicle back to the Crown Temple Roles and literally gave the Clerk for the Courts an oath to sign thereby attempting to traffic Clerk for the Courts to the Crown Temple roles to be held surety for the murder trial as a witness. The Prosecutor is paid a bonus from the Crown Temple on murder trials and that bonus was in jeopardy.

Once Montgomery County Texas found out what it had done, they told the towing company to place a claim on the vehicle IN THE NAME OF A THIRD PARTY (LLC), hid the tracking in the mail of the certified letter in an attempt to privately pressure the Clerk for the Courts to sign the oath and pay the claim to get the car back and of course, accept the theft of intangible property rights meaning their driver’s licenses never mention intangible property rights and only guarantees a trial before it is taken which is no driver’s license at all. Can anyone see the manipulation of due process? The Crown Temple works on behalf of Vatican City Treasury and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher is its Military arm to enforce the edict that all intangible property rights belong to Jesus Christ but conveniently held and spent by men. The next thing we are expecting is that their foreign Crown Temple trial will be re-scheduled to an earlier date on paper where a warrant is created because of this International Public Notice. The reason is that the Crown Temple is liable because the car was stolen across International boundaries and now the Crown Temple has to explain why its international boundaries even exist in a foreign land and why its statues are forced on foreigners but benefit its agents. That doesn’t sound very holy to anyone.

History: When the 1789 constitution of the United States was written, a void was created in it that a a real Executive Branch was never to exist under an oligarchy thereby allowing the foreign Crown Temple to come in and enforce its laws for the purpose of extracting the wealth of a nation into the treasury of Vatican City. The system was exposed in this particular case and now the theft of intangible, intellectual, and tangible property is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. If in fact the Crown Temple in the city of London denies a theft occurred in this case, then slavery is also proven. Ironically, the address of the Municipal Court and Police Department is on Plantation Drive. If no one is putting this in perspective, the Crown Temple is foreign to this country so where did it obtain its authority to place foreigners on trial for anything in America or setup courts in a foreign land operated by foreign agents under the classification of agency? The answer is that it doesn’t have the authority otherwise they would have never had to hide the fact from the people.

A hearing with the General Post Master Council is scheduled for Tuesday of next week to hear a motion for a Writ of Replevin. We are not expecting the respondent’s to show because their arrogance knows no bounds. It has also been reported that gold coins have been issued to prosecutors in this aforementioned office when the maximum sentence is served to please their god that was stolen from the Berbers and Biblio’s of North Africa many years ago. In other words, the Crown Temple system is running a wealth extraction scam on America and the Romans know it and have mentioned it in you tube videos in the past. When will the crime end because we are obviously in a time where all secrets are being revealed?

07-14-2017 LINK TO COURT JACKET UNDER “RUEDA, JR., Juan Manuel”

The Government of The United States of America hereby condemns the Democratic Party!


                             INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Government of The United States of America hereby condemns the Democratic Party. Under normal circumstances and Internationally a condemnation will usually be within the subject matter of an act committed by a party. In this situation the Democratic Party itself is being condemned for the following nefarious acts committed in the view of the public at large:

1: Implementing a white supremacy scheme in an effort to implement the plan of genocide through ethnic cleansing, ie.. Planned Parent Hood and inciting civil war.

2: Consistently publishing false accusations through CNN and MSNBC and other news outlets.

3: Filing and publishing harassment lawsuits thereby using the Crown Temple in the city of London as a political weapon violating its neutrality.

4: Murdering Democratic Party Members for exposing nefarious acts and other crimes of the Democratic Party.

5: Harassment of foreign countries in an effort to start wars that commit crimes against humanity without legal rights to invade those countries thereby profiting from said murders on both sides of the conflict.

6: Aiding and abetting the terrorist organization known as C.A.I.R. Council on American-Islamic Relations classified as a Terrorist Organization by United Arab Emirates, November 28th, 2014. Aiding and abetting a terrorist organization is in fact treason against the country.

7: Consistently undermining the security of the country in an effort to use Islam as its weapon against minorities in an effort to implement ethnic cleansing.

8: Creating a closed loop system of non-recognized currency in an effort to fund its international nefarious acts outside of its political rights thereby never taking and or accepting responsibility for its own crimes.

This concludes these particular points of condemnation, however the Government of The United States of America reserves the right to add more points of condemnation as the case may arise.


Introducing The Equal Protection Act of 2017 and General Orders Issued by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America!!



The Equal Protection Act of 2017: LINK

The Subject Matter of The Equal Protection Act of 2017 is to reverse the despicable resolutions of the U.S. Senate that are designed to protect specific groups rather than the people as a whole.

Order granting Sheriff Joe Arpaio International Immunity from suit: LINK

Order deporting Council on American Islamic Relations: LINK

Order for permanently adjourning the Council on Foreign Relations LINK

Order protecting Donald J.Trump and his family from personal threats: LINK

End of this particular International Public Notice.


Introducing The Private Membership Association Classification Act of 2017!



Upon the motion of the National assembly, the United States, in Congress assembled passed The Private Membership Association Classification Act of 2017 for the benefit of American Nationals and residents of The United States of America. LINK

The whole controversy and debate for the last 20 years is now resolved with clear definitions and classifications.

Now the Attorney’s don’t have to smear the reputation of people that claim certain things about the all cap name controversy and the people that have been trying to figure it out don’t have to guess anymore. Problem resolved!


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg commits act of war against the Government of The United States of America!



On or about 06-19-2017, Mark Zuckerberg, head of Face Book and CEO arbitrarily decided to disable the feature that allows the Government of The United States of America to post messages on its business pages.

Mark Zuckerberg has not contacted the Government of The United States of America in anyway, shape or form to explain the reasons for this act of war. The act was simply done.

Mark Zuckerberg did not take the business pages off of Face Book, so no one knows what has happened meaning that the act of war has been hidden by Mark Zuckerberg.

The reason why the Government of The United States of America calls this an act of war is because Mark Zuckerberg was instrumental in the over throw of the Egyptian Democratically elected Government which caused many acts of human rights violations and many war crimes against the people of Egypt. LINK

Here are some definitions of war crimes: LINK

If anyone reads that aforementioned article, it clearly shows that Mark Zuckerberg was instrumental in the take over of the Egyptian Government through a group called ” The Facebook Kids”. This is called a War Crime committed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced last month that he was going to take it upon himself to decide what constitutes Hate Speech outside of any court or Government in the world. LINK

Mark Zuckerberg has become the definition of despotism. Mark Zuckerberg has become an enemy of The United States of America and the United States because his takeover of the Egyptian Government was on behalf of Islam. The takeover of Egypt by Islam caused multiple war crimes against the people of Egypt wherein Mark Zuckerberg is directly responsible.

The use of Face Book by the Government of The United States of America was a form of monitoring the company which is the right and under the authority of the United States, in Congress assembled.

Mark Zuckerberg is hereby under investigation for War Crimes in many countries in the world because of his direct affect on the general populace. Yes, it is a private company that has affected many political movements that have had a very negative affect on the world itself. Once the private company went political, it is now a public company and therefore it is liable to the law of nations, war crimes and multiple human rights violations under the direction of one Mark Zuckerberg.

To put this situation simply, Mark Zuckerberg is forcing his own personal political will by charter, in an attempt to arbitrarily control the speech of millions of people, which violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights thereby hiring a contracted mercenary force to enforce his own political will through his company, the same way he did in Egypt.

Mark Zuckerberg’s days of tyranny will be over soon.


The United States of America is declared a free State!



The people for The United States of America hereby declare The United States of America a free State for the purposes of defining itself as a free country and free of des-potism within its metes and bounds of its territory as defined within the Articles of Confederation, as amended May 5th, 2015.

The definition of a free State included the original 13 (thirteen) colonies and those States that did not include slavery within its laws. However, the 50 (fifty) American States that became independent States derived from the status of the original 13 (thirteen) States have not operated as independent States and or free States since the inception of a foreign constitution and have not freed themselves from despotism for over 240 (two hundred and forty) years. The foreign constitution has within its wording and has been implemented to operate as a permanent Military occupation of The United States of America. The foreign constitution further violates the Law of Nations due to the fact that a Military occupation does not grant legal rights to the occupier to change the status of the people as one of its citizens.

What about the States of the Union? The States of the Union are within the territory of The United States of America and will function as free States when ready and able other wise their independence will derive from The United States of America until fully apprised of the Law of Nations and able to carry on their own international relations. The Union stays in tact under the Articles of Association of 1774 as amended in the present time.

“State” simply meant country from 1760 to present time;and “free” always meant free from despotism, rather than from some other country.

Now therefore, with this declaration in mind, there are certain rights that accompany free States and shall be enforced by the Government of The United States of America through legal and lawful means for the security of the next generation.

What does this mean?

1: The definition of a state as defined in 1864 by the municipal government of the District of Columbia is hereby abolished within The United States of America and the States of the union.

2: The charter of the judges is hereby deported in accordance with the Law of Nations.

3: This declaration removes resident alien status under a foreign power from the people thereby granting first in time and first in right status to choose their own status and destiny.

4: The lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem are occupiers of a foreign country in direct conflict with the James Monroe Doctrine of 1823 and the Law of Nations thereby implementing an illegal trade embargo against the National Currency of the country. The illegal embargo is being implemented inside a box created on paper called a domestic jurisdiction and barring a National currency to be traded within it. This declaration holds the lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem liable for these damages against The United States of America.

There are many other changes that will take place as this reality is realized after being notice of its existence. We will keep everyone notified of any updates and or resolutions that occur.


Globalists stage a pathetic opposition to Act for America sharia Law Protests!



People often suspect that most news is fake. Take a look at what we found based on that suspicion:

Take a look folks, all of the stories across America are the same stories with almost the exact same wording when it comes to Southern Poverty Law Center. The all say basically the same thing that Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes Act for America as a hate Group

The newspapers and Southern Poverty Law Center all around the country classify protecting women’s rights, protecting women from genital mutilation, protecting human rights, protecting freedom of speech and many other basic rights as “Hate”. They all quote Southern Poverty Law Center which is nothing more than a political organization that has never filed a lawsuit on behalf of anyone for the protection of their rights and in fact they file law suits that are purely political or anything that advances their socialist and communist agenda. In other words, the reputation of the Southern Poverty Law Center is so bad that it has to use the good name of other organizations to gain free press. Further, the Human Rights Tribunal has international warrants for the arrest of most of the Southern Poverty Law Centers office holders for violating multiple human rights across the board. Southern Poverty Law Center has been listed in many human rights suits heard by the Human Rights Tribunal, however they are protected by George Soros through the U.S. Department of Justice that are simply harboring human rights violators and international criminals

The reality is that under Sharia Law, women cannot vote, they cannot drive, they cannot go in public without a brother or other male family member or husband escorting them, they cannot go to school or anything else. The woman in the last newspaper clipping is a fake Muslim because she is in violation of Sharia Law for being in public and speaking. Muslim men do not speak to women directly. If the women do not wear a hijab, the men can legally rape them with no recourse for the woman.

All of these woman that are not Muslim that are supporting Islam and Sharia Law in the name of accusing people of being racists are in violation of Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law they need to wear a hijab on their head and if they refuse, they could be stoned to death while buried up to their waste in the dirt.

Most communist men that are claiming others to be fascists are the first to be killed when Sharia Law takes hold in a country. Their wives and daughters will be sold at a market as slaves to produce offspring for the Islamic Military.

There are 58 examples of these claims because the same thing happened in 58 other countries that have been taken over by Islam and Sharia Law in the past 50 years. The protestors for Act for America were not outnumbered in anyway. Go look at some of the videos and you will see who the police were protecting and who they were protecting against.

The reality about the news media in America is that they are all one newspaper in many different names controlled by a few men that love to play with countries as a sport with real consequences for everyone else. In some countries they call it a blood sport much like the old Roman Empire.

This first picture is filled with actors advertising for a Socialist Newspaper and we still cannot identify the woman in the baseball cap and glasses. She looks like she is famous but we cannot place her. Further, under Sharia Law these women would be publicly beaten or even executed for not wearing hijabs.(head dress or burka). As a matter of fact, all of the women advocating for Sharia Law in the name of accusing others for being racist are in pure violation of Sharia Law on a daily basis. By not obeying Sharia Law, these women are mocking Islam and Mohammad by openly disobeying Allah and can be raped legally under Sharia Law.

All of these women that are fighting for Sharia Law from the Universities are also mocking Sharia Law, Allah and Mohammad because they are not in compliance with Sharia Law by going to school and not staying home to have babies and service her husband.

The woman in charge of Southern Poverty Law Center is also in violation of Sharia Law because she does not wear the hijab, and also does not stay home to service her husband. Under Sharia Law, she should have been married by age nine and a mother by age 13 or sooner and her genitals should have been mutilated under Sharia Law before her first period or she sold on the open market.

All people that advocate for Sharia Law under the guise of racism are all in violation of Sharia Law and mock Allah, Mohammad and Islam on a daily basis which is the reason for their executions when Islam takes hold of a country.

The women in the first picture are not supposed to be mixed with the men and showing cleavage or wearing shorts. All of these violations of Sharia Law carry a penalty of public beating, stoning, rape or public torture and death for simply wearing certain clothing.
A woman cannot pray in public, and is supposed to be covered from head to toe with an net over their eyes to see through according to Sharia Law. Be careful what you wish for in this world

ABC News advertisement

Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune


Fox 4 News


LA Times

NBC News


Seattle News

Socialists Worker news

US News

Washington Post

Washington Post


A pathetic propaganda video from Southern Poverty Law Center and their communist supporters to demonize freedom and equal rights

Source LINK


Intangible Property

PUBLISHED BY the American Herald ON 06-09-2017

Written by Karen

Good day, to all of you faithful readers of the American Herald. I am honored to be a contributing Editor. I hope that you all will join me in making the American Herald the number one Newspaper in this great Nation.

Today we are covering the topic of “intangible property.” Webster defines intangible property as something intangible; specific: an asset (as goodwill) that is not corporeal. Not corporeal? You say, what does that mean? Well, Webster states that that means it is an asset without a material physical body. It is not not spiritual, and we all know that two nots represent a positive. So in other words, it is spiritual. Corporeal means substantial. Not immaterial. So, let us cut to the chase.

Intangible property is literally any thought, idea, or decision that is made on a personal level; on the canvas of the soul or mind. It is the seed that precedes the action that manifests into the material realm. It truly is just that simple. It is the first seed, if you will, that only becomes evident when it is acted upon. This could also include patents, trademarks, trade names, or copyrights. It is intellectual property. This is not a difficult concept when you consider what is private among parties, what is public, and what is strictly personal. In law, some of this intangible property rights are preconceived in the public realm. Where upon we’ve all agree to some intangible property rights, for example, grandparent’s rights. The problem is that statutory policies have been slanted to destroy intangible property rights, or personal choice, in favor of public policy. In other words, public policy has attempted to take a priority, and in some cases eliminate personal choice all together. Interesting of note, is that while researching various subjects, it is evident that many legal web sites do not even mention intangible property rights. If you’ll notice, they often skip over the concept.

Let us know what you think about this topic. Please feel free to leave your comments below. This article is not meant for legal advice. Any U.S. statutes are intentionally mute.