Convicted human rights violators Anna Maria Riezinger, Paul Stramer and James Belcher; damage claims from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America!



Convicted human rights violators Anna Maria Riezinger, Paul Stramer and James Belcher damage claims from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. LINK

The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America is with the authority to decide if the damages are paid in full. If not paid in full within 90 days of this publication of record, the damage claim is converted into a lien against the persons and translated into a common law lien within the British American union wherein the lien can be sold. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


On behalf of the ANU Voting Committee – Voting begins 12M 11/4/2019 thru 12M 11/11/2019!


From: The ANU Voting Committee

First ANU Voting for the ANU Great Council for a two year term

If you have received this e-mail, please pass along to others in the ANU just as a reminder if you wish. This is not an all inclusive list by any means.

Link to Voting Booth is at Scroll down and follow directions.

Thank you for your participation and honor. Election results hope to be communicated on 11/12/2019 at the ANU meeting at 8 pm EST / 7 pm Central UTC-6.

The ANU Voting Committee

Second Notice: Ignore any and all decrees, mandates or anything else coming out of the convicted human rights violators Anna Maria Riezinger, Paul Stramer and James Belcher!



This is a second notice from the first notice published here: LINK

The three names listed above are under international judgment and have no claim to anything and never did: LINK

Once again, no links to the claims, still trying to say James Belcher, a convicted rapist has a claim to The United States of America,  all the while all three working for a foreign monarch.

Four years ago, all three were still claiming to be under the constitution of the United States. It was only when THE T-ROH SHOW showed everyone the truth did these thieves start trying to claim The United States of America.  

Everyone that attacks the Government of The United States of America would not have a clue about the real country had it not been for THE T-ROH SHOW and none of them lifted a finger to help in its reformation. As a matter of fact all they have done is make demands with a stolen seal. They have made demand after demand and nothing has happened because they do not understand true independence and self reliance.  

All three have lied, cheated and stolen and none of them are qualified to run a country nor know anything about the Law of Nations. The Government of The United States of America has remained at least ten years ahead of every group out there in research and are the only ones that get anything accomplished.

All other countries have registered with a stock market somewhere in the world, this makes them operate as corporations and the Government of The United States of America is the last country standing while being attacked from people it is trying to help.  Every person that attacks is helping the globalists. 

This is the Great Seal of The United States of America: 

and has been since before these three thieves, vagabonds and fugitives started their theft, satanic campaign to destroy all countries. 

This is the National Flag of The United States of America: amended: LINK

It has been in place since 2011. 


This is the National Anthem claimed in 2014: LINK

“America the Beautiful”

Then a rapist and two thieves with a stolen seal come around and their followers don’t even question the lies told to them everyday.

This is when the States of the Union were re-established and by whom?: LINK and the three thieves came forward to commit their theft trying to steal credit when none of them knew what the States of the Union were at anytime and still do not understand what has happened to them. 

Everything that has happened since 2010 has come through this Government and National assembly from Yahweh through Yahushua (Jesus the Christ), and these three fugitives steal the credit and lie to everyone on a daily basis like any of them have a clue about what they are saying. 

Why do people think that when someone gets so butt hurt and will trash this Government for months and years when caught committing a crime? It is because they know they screwed up their only chance to a Nationality and the real country. The pain reaches to their core and they cannot get over it. They will say the most vile things for years. It is because this is real. 

A lot has been accomplished and none of them nor any of their followers will receive any results of those efforts in anyway. They will make empty demands and create paperwork that will do nothing as a result. Round and round they go. We came up with the circular statement on THE T-ROH SHOW and were presented with the term a few weeks later from one of their groupies as if they came up with it calling it a 4 year circular pattern. The devils den of thieves are so predictable…… 

When the Government of The United States of America finally gets a jail, all three persons will be in it for the rest of their lives. These human rights violators have caused more damage than the whole country will ever realize. We cannot get a jail fast enough and the Globalists love them for what they have done for them. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


Attention: Ernest Laverdiere Jr.: bring proof that any of what is written here is the truth or forever be known as a liar!



Hello Earnest Laverdiere Jr., (hereinafter “Earnest”) you are hereby placed on notice that if you cannot come up with any proof of what you wrote below in an email that was obtained legally and verified as coming from your email within 30 days of this publication of record, weekends and holidays included, your person will be subject to an automatic fifty million dollar lien due and owing immediately to the lienor and owner of the name and will forever be known as a liar and can be called a liar without recourse from you. 

1: Quote: Keith Edward Livingway was arrested in Simpsonville Kentucky for a DUI in 2009 and a DWI in 2010.  Earnest: where are the arrest records of a DUI or DWI? You have 30 days. 

2: He is running an operation out of a postal box in Costa Rica: Earnest: which particular postal box, we need a number and the documents connecting Keith Edward Livingway to Costa Rica in anyway? You have 30 days. 

3: and was placed on the Sovereign Citizens Domestic Terrorist List for spreading false legal premise regarding the United States of America fraud to deceive people into becoming Sovereign Citizens in a country that has never been sovereign in its existence.  Earnest: where are the official records regarding this claim made by you? You have 30 days. 

4: He was also trying to pass a fake currency called a “COUBIT”and declaring that it was equal in value to the U.S. Dollar which was a currency of his creation for the”YISRA”EL NATION. Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show where it is illegal and a fraud for a nation to have its own currency? You have 30 days. 

5: His case was dismissed on a jurisdictional matter and labeled “Non Transferrable to other courts………

Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show the court documents as to the designation of the case. You have 30 days. 

6: Sounds like this guy was trying to set up his own money laundering operation for the Rothschilds or drug dealers…………..E.

Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show the connections by and between the name above and the Rothschilds or drug dealers. We need to see the investigation paperwork or any other evidence towards this claim. You have 30 days. 

7: WE were warned about the Reign of Heavens years ago. Earnest: we need the evidence as to the legal existence of “Reign of Heavens”. You have 30 days. 

8: Cindy K. Currier was their spokesperson back then in 2015. Earnest, we need the evidence where Cindy K. Currier was a spokes person for anything by either letter of appointment and letter of acceptance and acknowledgement as a spokes person.You have 30 days.

9: Remember the 4 year loops.This is one of them. Earnest: Please explain a 4 year loop and what that theory is at this time. You have 30 days.

10: Earnest, please show the authority where the so called American States Assembly has the right to use the U.S. seal on its documents. You have 30 days.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


Updated 11-02-2019 Email sent by Ernest Laverdiere Jr. (hereinafter: “Earnest”) after being served with initial notice:

Additional challenges:

1: Gentlemen:..If you think that you have possession of “The United States of America Incorporated in 1868 at a naval auction which was a scottish arrangement,you are not in possession of the lawful government. Earnest: We need proof that The United States of America existed as a corporation in 1868 tied to the scottish and further need proof that anyone claimed it if it does exist. You have 29 days

2: A maxim of law is that possession by pirates does not change ownership. Earnest: We need proof that pirates exist in your claim. You have 29 days.

3: We American Nationals of the 50 unincorporated states have always been the true owners since the Vatican in 1871 placed a phoney corporation over the original calling it The United States of America INC,which has been bankrupted 4 times and is being replaced with a republic. Earnest: We need proof of claim of the status of an American National in accordance with the Law of Nations. We need proof of existence of the bankruptcy paper work. You have 29 days.

4: WE just dodged WW3 by electing Donald Trump.This stopped the deep state from hiding in underground bunkers as 90% of us were exterminated (Georgia Guidestones). Earnest: Where is your proof of claim? You have 29 days.

5: The Papal Bloodlines and Vatican Draconians who worship Lucifer and sacrifice kids are behind this via The Ninth Circle Satanic Group.Presently,the 2nd marine division is blowing up the massive trafficking tunnels in California and has freed 35,000 kids from traffickers. PG&E is just a orchestrated cover.Earnest: We need proof of claim. You have 29 days.

6: The 4th marines are in Dallas.The defeat of the Adrenalchrome blood drinkers of these children will meet their fate.The hidden technology of this cabal is being released in the form of free energy,Med Beds that restore youth and immunity,and replicators that make food,clothes and tools.WE are entering a golden age  via a 1000 year peace treaty signed with the Galactic Council. Earnest: Where is this treaty? Proof of the 4th marines in Dallas, and proof that a replicator exists, you have 29 days.

7: President Eisenhower signed the GRAEDA TREATY of 1954 with the Zeta Greys from the Orion constellation who gave us all of this advanced technology.Earnest: Where is this Graeda treaty of 1954? You have 29 days.

8: My Father was the top financial officer for the air force at the pentagon and explained Roswell to me.We and Hitler made deals with these creatures who are circling the planet ready to land.Hollywood told all of this in their science Fiction movies.Your future will be great as this information is soon to be released to the people. Earnest:Where is the proof of all claims? You have 29 days.

Jason C. Cashon of the state of Texas is a full fledged communist and human rights violator!



Once again, someone in the state of Texas is as stupid as we believe they are whereas they still use the term “right quick” as an official language. Jason C. Cashon, self proclaimed judge seems to never understand the basics of the Law of Nations.  LINK

The private fight between Jason and Graham is on going and Jason keeps racking up the human rights violations on his person. 

Jason is at a high school level of knowledge when it comes to the law. He has hated Graham since they knew each other as teenagers. Jason is also vindictive because Graham tried to get Jason to recuse himself but Jason really hates Graham and loves to torture Graham on a daily basis. All torture claims are recorded and so are all human rights violations by Jason. 

We keep getting this same term from lawyers, judges and patriot groups alike. They all use the term “works”. They all say, did it work? We know this works, or that doesn’t work. It seems like there is a high school competition between the patriot crowd and the lawyers. So every court case is a competition. The situation is really that simple, it’s all high school in America’s courtrooms.   

The lawyers use force, torture and other tactics against the patriots to make sure what they do “does not work” and then go on television and boast how what the patriot did, “did not work” to show manufactured dominance to the public to secure their place in their British American union. 

Then a patriot does something to the lawyer and boasts that what they did in the court “worked”. 

So the lawyers  and judges think that everything that is done is a ploy, a competition and a game to win and the other side is trying to be left alone. 

We have spoken to domestic lawyers and their psychological maturity is barely out of high school and have no clue what the Law of Nations is and some think it means when nations write laws that its the Laws of Nations when it is really a book that teaches how to create nations.  

We sent a claim against the Texas legislature charging that no one has signed a social compact agreement and therefore the state legislature had no authority to write laws in the first place and that we were trying to fix the problem.

We tried to show them that they are treating inhabitants as slaves. They ignored the claim because they thought it was a ploy to get out of liability for something even though they never accept their own liability for their own mistakes.

We are assuming that none of them really understood what we were talking about or they realized what we were saying and tried to bury it  so no one would realize that they never saw that coming.

Either way, all office holders in the state of Texas were out smarted and lawyers hate it when they get caught not knowing something about their own craft or their craft is not adequate to handle a situation. 

Is Jason C. Cashon going to face human rights violations? Yes, no doubt. 

What Jason and many others do not realize is that people have a right of self determination. This right is acknowledged every where in the world for good reason. It is so human beings don’t kill each other. 

Jason still thinks that Graham is under the constitution of the United States and Jason does not know that when we are talking, it is not about any subject matter that Jason would understand.

We see Jason’s mistakes and stupidity, Jason does not which makes our job much easier. 

Jason, in our view is stateless, and the State of Texas that Jason ignorantly believes that he is a citizen does not really exist as a working State meaning it is a failed State without a permanent population and working government. The United States is under the same condition wherein all countries registered with the S.E.C. are failed States that become collection agents for the bankers. 

This is why the State of Texas is a trust territory of The United States of America and Jason will never understand why he has no say in the condition of the State of Texas at this time. 

Jason thinks we are trying to beat him like we are in some kind of high school competition when we are really trying to get away from Jason and people like Jason because from our point of view, Jason does not know enough about the law to place our judicial authority into his hands. You don’t give a 60 thousand dollar truck to a 16 year old boy and that is what has happened by giving Jason an office that allows him to wield power like a little boy would wield power.

We see this kind of behavior all over the country and we call it stupid because the behavior is way below an actual maturity level that is acceptable to run a country. 

It is frustrating because we all have to pay the price of a younger immature mind while its learns and makes stupid mistakes.  

We see the same high school maturity level in Washington D.C. so it is hard to completely blame Jason. Jason simply follows what he is use to seeing everyday. They have yet to outgrow someone like Francis or the city of London and notice their immature mistakes.

No one is perfect, however people that have that much power with that maturity level is very dangerous to have exist. 

However, Washington D.C. at this time is going to get a lot of human beings killed in the near future with this civil war brewing because someone is not mature enough to handle defeat. 

Jason may see his mistakes after his human rights violations are completely placed on his record and maybe then he will realize his multiple mistakes. 

The reality is simple, if people do not want to be communists like Jason, then we have an absolute right to go our separate ways.

This does not mean that when we go our separate ways, children like Jason can kidnap those that have gone their separate ways and claim to be able to decide their fate. That right only comes from a social compact Jason, not because you and a bunch of other thugs believe you know what the law is and have never read it. 

If the so-called office holders want to play government, fine, play in your fantasy world all you want and do what you want to those that will put up with you.

If someone wants to leave, you high school boys have no right to try to dominate others, that is called slavery, fascism and communism and eventually a revolution will start against those high school boys to tear down that communist wall. Please go and educate yourselves on the condition of North Korea and how people are shot trying to leave, that is you Jason, you do not see yourself that way yet, however you are trying to keep Graham as your slave and turn Graham into a communist like yourself. You are the guy that would pull the trigger if Graham tries to leave your failed state. 

In the real world, we listen to each other and if we do not see eye to eye, this does not mean one side is wrong or right, it means we are going our separate ways and wish each other well.

That is the spirit of the Law of Nations. Jason may understand this one day and many others because it is a level of maturity that most of us grow into at a later age in life.  

One last time, let Graham go, you two need to leave each other alone. Get your failed state out of his business because a declaration is absolute. 

If someone in the United States understands what we are talking about here, please go to Jason and explain to him what he is actually doing, not what he thinks he is doing.

The more Jason tortures Graham, the closer to a revolution we all will have to endure. We know in Jason’s hateful mind, he is probably wishing for a violent end to this conflict so he can murder Graham to show dominance when in reality he has condemned his own soul. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 




Election time for the American National Union of The United States of America!


Published by the American Herald on 10-31-2019




Comes now Jason Westley Hall on this day 15 th day of October 2019
Chairman Interim of the Great Council of the American National Union of The United States of America is campaigning a two year term as Chairman for the American National Union of The United States of America.


Hello, my name is Christopher Michael Doherty and I hold the office of Deputy
Chairman interim of the Great Council of the American National Union of The United States of America.

I was blessed to be one of the original signers of the constitution for the American

National Union of The United States of America shortly after claiming my Nationality.

From the time it was revamped in November of 2017 and brought forward to the present timeline the Union has grown steadily.

One of the first orders of business was to ratify the Charter of the American Continent.

Once moved under the obligations of the Charter of the American Continent, the original Union of 1774 freed the States of the Union out from underneath Monarch rule through the Universal Postal Union also known as the General Postal Union of 1874.

The aforesaid Charter grants the people and their posterity the opportunity to shape their economic destiny on the American Continent free from the tyranny of a global governance and its economic interdependence.

Further, the ANU has moved to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within its By Laws and will continue to fulfill its obligations therein being subject to the Law of Nations as well as the laws of The United States of America.

Let’s look at Article 23 which is a basic entitlement guaranteed by the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights, which reads:

Article 23

1. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and
favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

2. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal

3. Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

4. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection
of his interests.

Over the next two years we will look to create effective uses for the flow of currency to find and purchase real property for the sea and air movement for the production of goods and services with a warehouse.

Recruit and develop skilled workers for the creation of a new energy economy across multiple sub Unions and focus our efforts on building a solid foundation for our safety, status and standing by expanding our legal department to include a legal training program to train legal liaisons.

Offering the ANU my skill set of leadership and vision, I ask for your vote as we look ahead to close out 2019 strong by holding the first elections of office holders of the Great Council of the American National Union of The United States of America.

Christopher Michael Doherty



Being with our government and now the American National Union for close to one year, it does not cease to amaze me of the great growth inwardly and outwardly in all our ways.

Differences, disagreements, and great debate make us who we are as Declared Residents or American Nationals. I am offering to be placed on the 2019 first American National Union election ballot for the office of the Treasury.

When casting a vote for those you feel will best lead and demonstrate the leadership you want over the next two years, I do ask for your vote and know the best candidate or write in nomination will be what is best for all.

Offering my skill set that Yahushua has provided to me in all ways is a pleasure to use within the American National Union, and The United States of America. I seek peace, balance, in all ways, great communication, total transparency, and the best use of our fiscal resources at all times.

From Liberty to Freedom-
I am John Mark Adams.


I, Michael Adam Fathauer, is running for the Office of the Secretary for the American National Union of The United States of America.

I have knowledge of chain of title, letterheads and many other secretarial roles that legally binds contract law.

Being apart of the original States of the Union through the Articles of Confederation 1774 has brought me a great sense of profound belonging and purpose and I wish to serve this Union with all obligations associated with in.

If elected, I will follow my obligations, duties and responsibilities that I have acknowledged and accepted and will faithfully fulfill.

Serving The United States of America has brought me great joy and sense of security that I shall pass on.

Thank you, vote Michael Adam Fathauer

H.R. 6170 (97th): National Driver Register Act of 1982 “in name only” never divulged that it was a political decision!



Source: LINK

National Driver Register Act of 1982 was all done under emoluments and created another register that was not needed under the guise of Alcohol related offenses. 

The 1789 company corporation has been at it again by not telling and or notifying people that when they apply for a state drivers license that it is literally a political decision thereby becoming a part of the communist party. In other words, it was a scam to get people to fund the communist party wherein on the surface, it appears that the people consented to being a part of the communist party, while domestically, no such notice was given. 

In other words, what happened is that the 2 (527 organizations) the Republican and Democratic so called national parties are private companies and therefore not national political parties. At the same time, the communist party comes in as a national party never claiming to be a 527 organization. 

Through the aforementioned policy that was signed in 1982 created a completely brand new registry for motor vehicles that was not necessary and under the communist party. The communist party notified other countries saying that the people here in America voted in the communist party and no one knew the difference because the international evidence showed the people voted it in with the Declaration of Interdependence of 1976 and then through the 1982 policy resolution.  

Before the communist party reared its ugly head, there was a private property registry within each office of the Secretary of State  of each State for motor vehicles and there was a Department of Motor vehicles for State owned vehicles and commercial vehicles. The system was bypassed with this fraudulent 1982 National policy under communist party rules. 

The communist party further placed a habendum clause in the vehicle titles that gave the privately owned property to the state under the communist party. The inhabitants have been donating to the communist party for a long time and funny part is the states were paid to do it under the cover of “federal grants” for highway improvements.

Further, check the habendum clause on your property deed that reads “TO HAVE AND TO HOLD” under certain conditions. With title there is no such clause nor restrictions.

The habendum clause was added by the communist party to all deeds and then they made it a policy that no deeds would be recognized without the habendum clause. 

We have all evidence of these claims and the communist party owes a lot of money back to a lot of people.

Welcome to the light communist party members and to your future lawsuits that will be coming quickly. With power comes liability, your time of perceived immunity is now over.  

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


Notice to the Tarsus Club-Murray Chance and Rothschild!



Stabilize South, Central and North America, neither of you will get your New World Order, Vatican City will fall for accepting your Vicar offer, something that belonged to neither of you and we know what both of you are doing with it. Nice con, however it is over.  

The throne was not placed in your hands as a sign and you both have hijacked a perceived authority and are playing around with it with real world consequences. 

The New World Order has been tried and failed. All of the chaos both of you are causing is not for a greater purpose and the ends do not justify the means. 

Stop what both of you are doing, repent and return to peace. 

Published by  the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


All main stream News Media outlets and News Networks declared as revolutionary militants with daily attacks against civilians with communist propaganda!



It has been established that the U.S. political parties (527 organizations) have joined with world communism by joining the United Nations.

Definition: “(40) Source: LINK

The term “world communism” means a revolutionary movement, the purpose of which is to establish eventually a Communist totalitarian dictatorship in any or all the countries of the world through the medium of an internationally coordinated Communist political movement.”
The main stream news networks attack anyone with the wrap up smear tactic if anyone believes in free speech or speaks the truth and exposes lies etc…there are countless examples.
The main stream news networks, once joined with the United Nations became communist revolutionary militants whether they knew it or not.  When the journalists read the monitor and it has attack wording, that militant has now attacked a civilian and is guilty of a war crime.
When the main stream news networks print fake or false news about a particular person, that tactic is now recognized as a war crime. 
We better understand the #MeToo movement and their tactics and the red flag laws is an extension of the #MeToo movement. 
We have done some interviews with inhabitants and all of them are saying the same thing but not recognizing the signals that they are being trafficked into a Communist totalitarian dictatorship scenario right into the court rooms and the tactics are the same in the main stream media. LINK
THE T-ROH SHOW will be covering these tactics used by the militants and once known and understood, game over. 
Official assembly record: LINK
Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 

It appears that Hillary Clinton is the master mind behind the coup in the United States!



Almost everything, including but not limited to the Russia investigation is tied to Hillary Clinton herself. We know Barry Soetoro is cooperating with Hillary Clinton in everything and appears to be deathly afraid of Hillary Clinton. 

There is evidence coming out of the wood work since the announcement of an investigation into Hillary Clinton. 

This last coded message placed on twitter by Hillary Clinton ties her directly to the multiple death threats made by proxy all over the country. Just because Hillary Clinton practices evil does not mean she is smart. Keep boasting and giving orders out in the open Hillary Clinton, Baphomet and Moloch are playing you like a fiddle.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.