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  1. Laurie says:

    Who are you? Some of your articles are confusing me. You speak as if you are the U.S. Government.

    • admin says:

      No, not the U.S. Government. The Government of The United States of America is a National Government for those people that would like to claim a Nationality.

      • Curtis Nix says:

        Hummm, You claim you are an National government,, But Madison the writer of the constitution said the nnited States of America was not National government but a Federal government as some one of the 50 States is national as in State National Citizen

        • admin says:

          The Government of The United States of America has nothing to do with a constitution of the United States or Madison or any of those folks. It is completely foreign to the United States.

  2. Chris hall says:

    I’m liking what I see, very well informed, concise, give me some time and more sources, please.

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