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Published on 12-10-2015 by the American Herald


There have been many reads on the International Public Notice in regards to American Nationals and the requirement of a drivers license. LINK

The reason the decision was made about a requirement of a drivers license goes a little deeper then rights and privileges or the issue of right to travel. Those arguments have never been resolved because a drivers license has nothing to do with the issue of right to travel or that driving is a privilege. 

The issue resides with intangible property. Example: Property would be the public highways and or Public Property. Intangible property would be the right to use public property. One type of property is as just as important as the other. 

There was a case that came up with the State of Colorado about a drivers license issue. The American Herald is not picking on the State of Colorado, many states that enforce the convention on road traffic will find the same issues within the enforcement of the treaty. 

Here are a few points being made with the case and the whole document is available below: 

I. Subject Matter

The subject matter of the above case referenced is about the possession and control of certain property rights. Specifically, this case references intangible property rights.

The government of the State of Colorado has claimed that a license is suspended. This particular license deals with the intangible property rights of Paul Brouillard.

The government of the State of Colorado has claimed those certain intangible property rights of Paul Brouillard.

All people that claim a Nationality under Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have also claimed all intangible property rights which are accepted and acknowledged by the Government of The United States of America. As the subject matter of the issue is intangible property rights that are classified as human rights, the recognition of the Government of The United States of America by the government or political party of the State of Colorado is irrelevant.

II. Recognition of Intangible Property Rights:

Recognition by the government of the State of Colorado of intangible property rights:

“The term “property”, within the meaning of the due process clause, includes the right to make full use of the property which one has the inalienable right to acquire. People v. Nothaus, 147 Colo. 210, 363 P.2d 180 (1961)”, and

“All roads and highways which are, on May 4, 1921, by law open to public traffic shall be public highways within the meaning of this part 2” [C.R.S. 43-1-202. Public highways or roads], and

“(a) All roads over private lands dedicated to the public use by deed to that effect…” [C.R.S. 43-2-201 1(a), Public Highways (2015)], and

“For the establishment of a public way by dedication, acceptance by the public is as essential as appropriation by the owner of the fee. Burlington C. R. R. v. Schweikart, 10 Colo. 178, 14 P. 329 (1887).” [C.R.S. 43-2-201 1,Annotation II, (2015)]

III. Definition widely recognized by the States of the Union and enforced by the Unions Full Faith and Credit Clause:

  “Highway,” for the purpose of this chapter only, means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained by the state department of transportation or any county or city when any part thereof is generally open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel as a matter of right.

IV. Recognition by International Law and the Law of Nations:

This is also supported by Article 13(1) of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which declares “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement…within the borders of each state.”


However, the government of the State of Colorado includes the word “privilege” within its codes and definitions (ex. “To guard against the potential for any erroneous deprivation of the driving privilege by providing an opportunity for a full hearing” 42-2-126(b)).

Thus, it is clear that the government of the State of Colorado recognizes the use of the public highways as a privilege. The evidence for this privilege claimed by the government of the State of Colorado is its driver’s license.

The government of the State of Colorado does claim to maintain the public highways through its Colorado Department of Transportation. This is a noble, responsible and valuable service to the public.


However, the government of the State of Colorado is restricted from taking private property without just compensation. The Constitution of the State of Colorado, Article II, Bill of Rights, Section 15 reads, “Private property shall not be taken or damaged, for public or private use, without just compensation.”

The taking of private property without just compensation by the government of the State of Colorado would demean the State of Colorado to a citizen and subject of its own government, and reduce the State of Colorado to a mere thief stealing from fellow citizens under the authority of States rights.

The government of the State of Colorado claims a privilege against Paul Broulliard, however there is no evidence in existence that just compensation was tendered to Paul Broulliard from the government of the State of Colorado. Nor is there any evidence that a transaction took place by and between the government of the State of Colorado and Paul Broulliard for the purchase of intangible property of Paul Broulliard by the government of the State of Colorado.

Therefore, lacking consideration, a license issued and a license accepted does not exist by and between the two parties listed in the above stile of the case presented. Further, without consideration there is no contract and without the existence of a contract, there is no controversy for any court to settle.

Paul Broulliard has presented before the General Post Master Council a National Identification card which is evidence of intangible property of Paul Brouillard.

There is no driver’s license required by the Government of The United States of America. (LINK:

The National Identification card is evidence of an intangible property right that has not been purchased by the Government of The United States of America nor any other government or political party.

There is no evidence that Paul Broulliard has granted human rights, particularly the human right of intangible property to any government in existence. Therefore, a private nor public trust exists.

Please keep in mind readers that even though the name of a state remains the same perpetually. The same state can have many types and forms of governments. Governments have to abide by the restrictions placed on a state when a state is created regardless of type.

Here is the case in its entirety that was heard by the General Post Master Council and its orders etc…

Brouillard Paul Judicial-Review



  1. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!! and when I can get some people to listen to me (they think Im crazy ) you will have a lot more Thank yous ! Thank you for Saving our Lives ! Special Thank you my Friend ,Winfred P ADAMS USAF major retired. I Love you !!!!!

  2. Right, and how hard did the Corporation State of Colorado laugh at this? In reality, did this so called judgment change anything? Where is the Jurisdiction? Where is the Authority? Just because a few people decide to be something doesn’t give them the authority to do so. There are a multitude of groups claiming authority that is not real nor is it recognized.

    • So little understanding of the press gary-dean. However, upon further investigation into your gas lighting attempt against this newspaper, it appears that you have a vendetta against America based on your inability to attract a woman or keep one and if they reject you, they are the problem. (No such thing as a corporation called the State of Colorado, of course you have it backwards), further you have no understanding of the Law of Nations. So here is a little insight into the mind of gary-dean that apparently has been watching a few of David Wynn Millers garbage videos.

      Quote by gary-dean: ” Krimson
      DECEMBER 28, 2016 AT 5:28 AM
      It is interesting that you speak of these things… Your argument does have a lot of holes in it, but no matter. Overall it is an interesting point of view and not necessarily one that I don’t share as I grew up in Asia myself. Other than one girl, I did not experience any Asian women wanting to be with me or date me. There was in fact one, but she was arrogant and selfish (much like American women) I brushed her off and she eventually ended up marrying my brother… talk about a marriage from hell! Ok, he was not dominant at all as I am. His son is particularly smart, his daughter is really stupid… selfish and self centered. She is destroying her children. The white male is under specific and extreme attack… directly and indirectly. Look at the TV depiction of couples that involve a white person… their partner is more often than not black or Mexican… seldom white. Diversity is a direct attack putting pressure on young whites to intermarry and genetically speaking degrade the gene pool of the whites.

      Historically, the ancient Chinese have been highly intelligent… when you look at current IQ ratings worldwide, the northern Chinese actually have a higher IQ than Caucasians… but it is the white that have been better at applying that cognitive ability….

      An interesting fact: the RH negative factor is natural and normal to this planet… the characteristics of a person that is RH+ is brown eyes and black hair. The reason is that the Rhesus monkey (which is the Rh factor) is within the genetic foundation of every mammal on the earth (more or less as I am not sure about seafaring mammals). The Rh- factor is the absence of the Rhesus monkey gene which is present in only .1% of the population… hmmmmm The characteristics of that is natural blonde or red hair, with colored pigmented eyes… because of multiple race breeding and crossover, the characteristics can be somewhat diluted. But other characteristics are a larger brain, higher IQ, greater ability to process information.

      The characteristics that you are talking about with the Asian men as well as the Asian women are behavioral aspects of the characterization of the culture. If an Asian boy was raised in Africa, he would believe and act the same as the African men… if her were to grow up in a fully Caucasian community, then his outlook would be of that same social construct and cultural belief. Therefore if you want Asian men to become better, then it is the primary influence of the mother that teaches the child to be what he is to become. That is why there are so many useless overly emotional snowflake men in America… they were all raised generation after generation by women as the feminist destroyed men and the families…

      I would be interested in a dialogue in private if you would be interested… I do look forward to printing out the remainder of your writings and studying them in greater detail in order to understand better what your message is.

      thank you for sharing your thoughts and passion.

      P.S. Given the choice, I would love to take on several Chinese women into my house. They would be well cared for… Also, if you are approving these messages for public viewing, please do not approve it… as I prefer to keep this private if at all possible. I use a secure email server that is free to join, please join me there if you would. My private side is preferred to remain private…

      I have also ordered your book for further research… thank you


      Grew up in Asia? So what connections do you have with China?; and you obviously have a real issue with attempting to gas light. The key word is “attempt”, not succeed. Further, you obviously have an issue with race and some supremacy issues in that area.


      The American Herald

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