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January 21st, 2020

TO:  North Texas State Mental Hospital and various agencies with employee relationship, or assignment to patient

James E. Smith, Carolyn E. Sanders, Matt (Rights Protection officer), Larry Lewis, Lori Bohannon – Clerk of County Court

RE: Graham Bradford Lascsak – housed in Start 2


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED within 24 hours of delivery by fax that Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee a member of the American National Union of The United States of America be immediately released from North Texas State Mental Hospital due to forced pain compliance, torture, slavery, forced association through Political religion by the North Texas State Mental Hospital.

The prohibition against torture in international law is, like that against slavery or genocide, absolute. Torture is impermissible under any circumstances, including war, public emergency or terrorist threat. The prohibition is so strong and universally accepted that it is now a fundamental principle of customary international law. 

As a right of self-determination Graham Bradford Lascsak has naturalized within The United States of America thereby expatriating from the United States to correct his political status by claiming a nationality, an entitlement protected by Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  A link to the Naturalization process of the Government of The United States of America can be found here.   LINK 

By failing to comply with this order you are hereby notified that the North Texas State Mental Hospital, including but not limited to all the listed persons are through the claim of torture in violation of all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which carries a fine of  750,000 per violation by UCD or USD.

His political determination is now with the North American National Party.  Graham Bradford Lascsak resident id number is 972470705012, and his Natural Area Code is 6QKSL NBDPV.  Having exercised his political will to declare Residency within the States of the Union by having his PERSON delivered back to the Original Union under first in time, first in right via the General Post Office.

A link to the proclamation of existence of GRAHAM BRADFORD LASCSAK, PMA published by Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee over a three-day period in the legal public notice section of a publication of record stands unrebutted.  The link is attached herein. LINK 




  • Release: Set free, discharge, remove from custody without harm, vacate person from premises, release, to give up a right as releasing one from his/her obligation to perform under a contract, or to relinquish a right to an interest in real property, to give freedom, as letting out of prison, the writing that grants a release.