Charge against Tampa Times

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COMES NOW, Adam Samuel Ben-Canaan (hereinafter “affiant”), whom reached the age of majority and competent to state the facts herein:

Claimant: Adam Samuel Ben-Canaan



Tampa Bay Times

Dan Sullivan

John Martin


Affiant hereby publishes the accusation of attempted murder against the aforementioned Respondents listed herein:

The affiant further states: Gaslighting herein is a general term indicating internet use of manipulating across the internet, referred to as trolls, also to include private government(s), corporations and to include such as Microsoft Bots AI programming and others unknown, designed to blog or represent as today a look-alike human, that represents as replacement or placeholder, an AI approach to a form of programmatic style of gaslighting, and

The affiant herein was improperly classified by various gaslighting by Respondents also known as U.S. Persons, and/or AI programming, targeted and labeled through forced association to a sovereign citizen and domestic terrorist for exercising a human right by coming to the aid of a friend who was incarcerated on other improperly classified accusations by various gaslighting U.S. Persons, thereby falsified and perjured statement(s), wherein the complaint was not vetted, and

Tampa Bay Times respondent 1, reported by Dan Sullivan respondent 2, and researched by John Martin respondent 3 published a libel arbitrarily which classified affiant’s person and another person as sovereign citizens domestic terrorists when affiant was never charged for domestic terrorist activity, never served for a charge of activity of domestic terrorism and given full and absolute due process according to international law according to the subject matter and found guilty by an independent and impartial trial, and

Sovereign citizens are classified as domestic terrorists and domestic terrorists can be shot on sight under international law. Respondents listed affiant as a follower of the other person listed on the published libel which arbitrarily violated the security of affiant’s person as a follower of domestic terrorism. Affiant has only knew the other person ( hereinafter “Ronnie Davis”)  for 2 and half months prior to to the start of chain of title  wherein affiant was incarcerated and railroaded for assisting Ronnie Davis from a known false statement made on record by a woman who was retaliating against Ronnie Davis for making this woman leave the property to the woman constantly being caught with theft multiple times from other people living on the property.  Respondents arbitrarily classified affiant at past time in association with Ronnie Davis a domestic terrorist regardless of association type, and

Prior to and meeting Ronnie Davis, affiant has not seen any publications of Ronnie Davis being found guilty by an independent and impartial tribunal being properly served the charges and given absolute due process as to international law, and

The published libel comes up all over the internet when applied the use of affiant’s person in search. A classification of sovereign citizen is all over affiant’s person. Respondents have marked affiant’s person for death by manipulating across the internet which would turn police officers for the corporate state into political assassins which activate instrumentality rule within the creature manufactured corporate state established as the pope as the beneficiary, and

Definition(s): Re-classified/ re-classified is a general term indicating the character of attributes relating to Communism or Socialist/Socialism to include other variety’s such but not limited to Marxism, Fabianism/Fabian Society, and Leninism.

Affiant is foreign to these corporate creature states within States and all acts by the creature state of Florida by and through its members in association have committed pain compliance to affiant and trafficked affiants person offshore and out of Country violating all human rights and many which are listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and affiant accuses and charges respondents of attempted murder and in violation of the Law of Nations customary international law, and

Affiant further sayeth naught

Adam Samuel Ben-Canaan


Michael Adam Fathauer     and      Lesley Jo Grande