Statement from the National Government of the State of Texas!


                                        INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

Reference: Migrant Caravan heading to the State of Texas

My fellow Texans, we find ourselves in the middle of an International crises funded by people that do not like the fact that the State of Texas exists. These same people have worked tirelessly to undermine our core values.

In accordance with the Law of Nations, the Texans have the absolute right to protect the southern border by any means necessary. Anyone who volunteers to stand at post for the sole purpose of upholding their right under the Law of Nations is automatically immune from suit by any third party.

The National Government of the State of Texas will do everything within its authority to protect the lives, property and any other threat that may arise in political retaliation against you or your family. Your right under the Law of Nations is your protection.

It is time to put away childish fears, selfish wants and stand as the people with allegiance to the State of Texas. The Caravan must not succeed in their endeavors to violate the basic principles of the Law of Nations.

The National Government of the State of Texas is a Government of Laws and not of men, we must all do our part to protect the interests of our children, their future and their State from this lawlessness heading our way.

We must all support and have the backs of the U.S. Military, our Militias and National Guard. Many have asked when, and the answer is now.

Published by the office of the registrar for the National Government of the State of Texas:

Graham Bradford Lascsak


One thought on “Statement from the National Government of the State of Texas!

  1. IT IS NOTICED, that there are several thousands of people internationally classified as
    “Migrants”, from Honduras, San Salvador and Guatemala camping on the Southern Border of
    the State of Texas.
    The National Government of the State of Texas does not recognize the classification of
    “Migrants” manufactured by the tripartite “Empire of the City” and noticed through the United
    Nations by various Human Rights Commissions.
    The various Human Rights Commissions in various regions are not with the authority to use
    Human Rights to aide in an invasion of a country that are violating the basic principles of the Law
    of Nations thereby using Human Rights as a political tool to cover up international crimes.
    The civilians are being used to create an international precedence of “No borders and
    Boundaries” for future invasions involving militants, therefore the conclusion can only be that the
    people in this caravan are nothing more than cannon fodder for a larger invasion like what
    happened to the European countries. Using Civilians as cannon fodder is a war crime. Each
    Human Rights Commission is responsible for these War Crimes.
    Order lodged into the International Record of the International
    1: Any and all Human Rights Commissions are hereby ordered to stand down or suffer the
    consequences of War Crimes on their permanent records.


    1: The Militias, the U.S Military and any other force is hereby ordered to shut the Southern
    Border down for any persons traveling from South of the border attempting to cross the Rio Grande without fear of any Human Rights Violations charged against them by
    any and all Human Rights Commissions.
    2: Any and all use of force necessary to stop this orchestrated invasion is hereby authorized. Any
    and all that use this authorized force are immune from war crimes and held harmless by the Law
    of Nations through the War Crimes Tribunal. Protecting Borders is not a War Crime.
    3: If any of the participants of the caravan get past the southern border, they are not to receive any assistance, food, water or shelter because this Fabian strategy shall not stand. Those internationals funding this invasion shall bear the full and total expense of capture, and deportation of said civilians. Any assistance makes the aide and comforter a part of the War Crime of using Civilians as cannon fodder thereby aiding and abetting a carefully orchestrated invasion of the country by the discipline of the Fabian strategy. Those funding this invasion shall bear the full brunt of the expense of shutting down the southern border and the protection necessary to keep the border secured.
    4: The perpetrators of this War Crime are hereby ordered to reverse the bonds and funding for
    this War Crime and cancel all trading, interest and selling of said bonds. Any and all investors are
    hereby under arrest for perpetrating War Crimes against Civilians. Any and all issuers of said
    bonds are hereby under arrest for forcing a Military confrontation against civilians.
    It is hereby Noticed, Ordered and Authorized on the 18th day of November, 2018.

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