Open letter to American National Union of The United States of America from the House of Leeflang, Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

                                                      Published on 12-05-2017 by the American Herald

                                                                        International Public Notice


Open letter to American National Union of The United States of America

The Netherlands House of Representatives debate on ‘Black Face Pete’, ‘negro insurection’ and Apartheid is a remnant of unfettered colonial kakafonie.  

The Netherlands House of Representatives is structurally committed to assist the regime of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in breaking the law. And, furthermore, hide from public scrutiny and world opinion the human rights abuses and military atrocities that are being committed on an industrial scale .

The Institute of Human RightsNational Ombudsman and Amnesty International are central in the Netherlands corrupt political system to bamboozle the international community on it’s fake commitment towards international human rights treaties.

Political gangsterism, institutionalized corruption, human rights abuses and military attrocities in the Netherlands should take center stage for the Secretary of State of The United States of America, foreign diplomats and international human rights defenders. 

On January 15, 2015, special forces from the Netherlands Armed Forces and islamic gunmen  from tribal areas of the Turkish/Syrian border – in complete secrecy – have wrought major havoc on the ‘House of Leeflang’. By abducting, interrogating and attempting to rape the smallest of children, the Netherlands has directy participated, and violated every human rights commitment under international law. The Netherlands, which is a central component of the European Union and NATO, always acts in a hideous, subversive and criminal manner when its interests are at stake. The fact that the Department of Defense, Justice Department, National Ombudsman Amnesty International, Institute of Human Rights … and the House of Representatives continue to engage the ‘House of Leeflang’ with smoke-screen and cover-up strategies makes this a systemic crime.

Consequently, the Netherlands must be regarded as a highly evolved and sophisticated criminal enterprise in the international relations system.  

The Government of The United States of America is advised to provide immediate resources in order to bring the regime of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte before international tribunals, and to guarantee political asylum in the event of full-blown repercussions from the authoritarian European Union.

In 2018 the Netherlands will be a non-permanent member in the UN-Security council.  This will give that country significant prestige on the global stage. That must not be allowed to happen.  

Hoping to have informed you accordingly,

I kindly remain.

Ewald Sherwin Leeflang


House of Leeflang

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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