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Wesley Clark is inciting violence!

Published on 07-21-2015 by the American Herald INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE Wesley Clark, a former 4 Star General of the Army and currently working for Blackstone has been found to be inciting violence by and between the American Society and the

The facts about an oath of allegiance to a country!

Published on 07-18-2015 by the American Herald Dear Readers, There have been many negative rumors about taking an oath or affirmation to a particular State or to a country. These rumors have taken its toll upon North America and its

Perception has been our biggest enemy!

Published on 07-11-2015 by the American Herald Dear Readers, Perception can be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally. Perception can be the truth or a deception. Example: A child is born, and the name of god to a child

Sacrifice and Possession Cannibalization in the American Society!

Published on 07-08-2015 by the American Herald Dear Readers: When anyone takes an oath or affirmation to The United States of America, there is a unique perspective that allows the individual to see the American Society from an outside point