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The Public Officials of Manhattan Island are at it again!

Published on 05-10-2015 by the American Herald INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE Manhattan Island has apparently employed a police officer in his 30’s, one Ben Byrne to violate International Covenants, Human Rights and the lieber code. “Byrne, a reserve officer with

Human Rights Defenders Report # 407B

Published on 05-02-2015 by the American Herald Report # 407B On or about 05-02-2015, one of the Human Rights Defenders came across an article dated April 30th, 2015: LINK It seems pretty harmless at first sight and it appears that

Settle the World!

Published on 05-01-2015 by the American Herald INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE Self-determination: The right of a cohesive national group (“peoples”) living in a territory to choose for themselves a form of political and legal organization for that territory. Colonization: An act