Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society


Published on 07-12-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Reign of the Heavens Society has grown since its creation four years ago. Firstly, it was a society, then reformed into a faith based organization which created the reign of the heavens society Temple. The Reign of the Heavens Society itself absent the reign of the heavens society Temple has been reformed into and hereby introduces the “Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society”.

Its mission for its membership shall be to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the convention on the rights of the child.

The head of the Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society (FOROHS) shall be the chief of the Human Rights Defenders International that answers to the Society Board of the reign of the heavens society Temple and shall remain an appointed position.

A proclamation is required to join: LINK

Further a membership fee will be required. The new member will receive a membership certificate, a blessing from the Temple and two patches which is a Human Rights Defender International patch and a FOROHS patch.

Its website shall be:

There will be training in human rights and the rights of the child which will involve how to spot a real human rights violation and how to relate that violation to a violation of the rights of the child. Further there will be classes on how to write a report and how to use the Human Rights Tribunal to get your case assigned on the International record. There will be many other training courses available as the FOROHS grows.

All members of the Reign of the Heavens Society are welcome to join the FOROHS and begin a brighter future for this country and the next generation.

Please email for more information on how to join.


The office of Governor for the Government of The United States of America files multiple complaints!

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Published on 05-28-2016 by The American Herald


The Office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America has filed multiple complaints with the Department of Defense against various parties. 








Published by the office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America


The constitution for the United States of America is now recorded!

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Published on 01-26-2016 by the American Herald


It was requested of the Government of The United States of America to record the original constitution of 1789 within its office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America. The request was honored: LINK

What does this mean?

Since the 1787 entity created and signed by George Washington was derived from a company, the entity has remained a company since 1787 as recorded.

The recording of the constitution for the United States of America, 1787 within the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America qualifies the entity so recorded for funding from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. That funding is debt free and interest free funding. 

The recording also places the entity under the regulatory authority of the United States, in Congress assembled. Everyone should know by now that the United States, in Congress assembled has been reformed into a republic form of Government and therefore anything regulated by it shall be regulated under the same form. The human rights report added to the recording documents are not under enforcement. The record was evidence of its existence as a company so it was added to the recording along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the American Declaration of the rights and duties of man.

As far as the Government of The United States of America is concerned, the constitution for the United States of America is a contract and shall be regulated as a contract and strict adherence to the terms thereof.  The funding shall be regulated under the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All laws shall apply to federal employees only and shall be human rights compliant within its wording.

There shall be some changes that will be published in the future and the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Masters thereof are honored to serve as the keepers of the constitution for the United States of America and uphold the contract. 


amended on 02-18-2016 for the purpose of entity continuity.

Certified Copy

Hammond Family; are they being helped?

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Published on 01-12-2016 by the American Herald


Dear Readers:

Please watch this video and challenge yourself to figure out what is wrong with this picture?


The first thing that jumps out is where is the county court order to take the fence down?

The Militia that took the federal building that belonged to Harney County Oregon has yet to establish law and order.

1: If there is lawlessness in a county, militia has the same restrictions as any military. It also has the same duties and responsibilities as any military in the world, if a military force is going to invade an area to assist the people.  

2: The militia has to find the mayor, track down the charter, call for a town meeting and appoint temporary office holders, verify the population by taking a census, then setup elections while upholding law and order during the process with regular patrols and answering to the concerns of the people.

3: There are many people claiming that the constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are not followed by the republicans and democrats, however at the same time violate the same documents. If one side does not following two simple documents, that does not give rights to the other side to violate the same documents while trying to enforce the terms on others at the  same time (two wrongs do not make a right). If there are leaders lacking, it is up to the people to take the lead, however, in this case of the Oregon issue, it appears to be an arena and an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

4: Where are the rights of the people that work for BLM and their trial?

A: Where is the indictment from the county grand jury?

B: Where is their defense council of which as human beings the BLM employees are entitled?

C: When was their day in court?

D: When did the trial occur to take the fence down?

E: What is the difference between the federal district courts and the people of Harney County, Oregon? 

Further, the last question is: Which side is not violating the human rights of everyone in America and the duties and responsibilities of man?

During this episode of the Jerry Springer Show in Oregon, the Hammonds went to jail and are still there. Law and order has not been established when there has been plenty of time to do so. The militia has diminished themselves to private free lance mercenaries, and now the U.S. Military has the legal right to intervene to re-establish law and order as a military force.

We are sure the Hammond family is thanking the Bundy family for this one. The whole process has turned into nothing more then propaganda machine for a constitution and a bill of rights that has not had any real force and effect since the Pan American union of 1933, and nothing has been accomplished as far as any hint of justice for the Hammond family, if in fact their human rights have been violated.

On the other hand, people are very well aware that there is corruption in the judicial system and every other branch of the company, however, stooping to their level accomplishes nothing. The people have to be better then their leaders in order to earn the right to lead.


To conform or not to conform?

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Published on 12-25-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

This article has a few examples in it that this commentary hopes will bring some issues to the light and forefront of your thinking. The Articles is entitled: ” To conform or not to conform”.  This article will be lengthy.

Many have been asking why and how do some people in this country get away with crimes and others do not?

Remember when we were all in high school and some of us were tormented and others were not? The basic principals of this whole scenario in high school we all know as peer pressure. The peer pressure did not stop because you left high school. Peer pressure is used in all aspects of the American Society and the International Community. First it is used because is works immediately, and second it is effective up to a point.



How is non-conformity used to manipulate?

On a large scale and in the international community, peer pressure is used to hide crimes. If someone speaks out against or exposes a crime, they are non-conformists and outcasts until they “Play Ball”.  The group “The United West” will be placed on a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist list until they take those videos down and conform. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Sometimes empathy is the best tool used to help people understand the thinking behind this tactic used by people that have fractured a few laws and still remain in power.

Most non-conformist have guns. Since that is true, Islam is going to have a hard time taking America. The oval office is going to have a hard time paying back the money accepted from Islam. If Islam does not take America over, that is bad for recruitment because the failure will reflect on Allah. If Allah fails, then the whole claim that Allah is the one supreme being and is perfect does not hold water. That is the cache 22 for people when they claim to have power of attorney for their own god and profess to know its will. Its a business just like any other organization with the same pressures and sometimes they make bad investments.

Example: ISIS and ISIL were completely wiped out by so-called non-believers and infidels. ISIL was bombed to smithereens by the Russians. Then Islam comes out and claims that ISIS and ISIL does not represent ISLAM. Why the claim? Because ISIS and ISIL utterly failed and that failure reflects on the claims that Allah is the supreme being and never fails. Whoops, can’t have that, so all of a sudden they don’t represent true Islam. That is why Islam does not like to be criticized. Any failure reflects on the god they worship. The best thing to do is start transferring liability to others to make Islam look good. Islam starts issuing propaganda videos to help its image and trash those that can potentially wipe Islam out in America: LINK

In order to fix the problem. They have to take ordinary crime statistics, associate those statistics with a political dissident that believes in owning a gun, isolate the gun owning thinker with the sovereign citizen domestic terrorist label, and there it is, you have thousands of others that have conformed with slavery. 

Another good one is that they claim that the political dissident non-conformist does not believe that they have to follow local, state and federal laws. The exact opposite is true, most of the people “non-conformists” are pointing out that the local, state and federal officers are not following the law as it is written. The law is also not being applied to everyone equally, and therefore the non-conformists are simply isolating themselves from society to clear themselves of the liability of criminal activity. The criminals then label those people as sovereign citizens and domestic terrorists which places their lives in danger.  This is called attempting to murder a potential witness. So the formula used is; conformity=submission, submission=no witness, non-conformity=offense against the state which equals no credible witness.

The Bush family, Clinton family and many other families like them have hurt or murdered a lot of people in America. Yet nothing ever happens to them which means the law is not being applied equally and therefore becomes useless and null and void. The law of the local, state and federal cannot be respected because it is not being applied equally. Further, in the political arena, these families have a a lot of people blackmailed. If one goes down they all go down. 

Here is the problem, if a prosecutor starts the process of equally applying the law, a district manager will come in and stop it claiming that all federal agencies have to stick together. If the prosecutor keeps moving forward, then the prosecutor becomes a non-conformist and political dissident. Eventually the prosecutor will be fired and labeled a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist. Under that label, some local police officers will shoot that same prosecutor in some sort of traffic stop and the news will not divulge that the man was once a prosecutor trying to apply the law equally. It is easier and safer for the “sell out” prosecutors to go after the witnesses then it is to do the right thing. There are millions of witnesses sitting in jail right now because they tried to do the  right thing and follow the law or their political opinions were different from the majority. They simply thought differently then others.

In order for these tactics not to be effective, the people have to start thinking differently. If anyone sees anyone else under the label sovereign citizen and domestic terrorist, it usually means that they are being targeted for political assassination.  It is simply a death threat. If the general public believes what they are being told and fails to support the accused, the general public is now guilty of murder in the first degree when the political assassination is carried out by the police. Now everyone will have to re-think the position that if they are quiet, it will never happen to you. Just remember one thing, there is no limit to the paranoia of a criminal in power.

Paranoia is very powerful and can take a country down.  Criminals in power are constantly focusing on who is with them and who may be a potential witness against them rather than governing and doing what they were elected to do. All of their time in office is spent trying to hide crimes and look good in the press. They govern with fear and public opinion instead of simply governing. They constantly create fictional boogey men to distract attention away from their activities and crimes against their own country.  The enemy is over here or over there while they commit crimes and murder those that seek to expose them. Why would any organization believe that there is honor in their hearts and would do right by them when they are screwing over someone else at the same time?

Now that the readers know the formula of tyrants like Hitler and Stalin, it will not be hard to follow and identify. The basics of peer pressure can go a long way for those that use it on a daily basis. It is up to the people to start using peer pressure to reward those that do the right thing and expose a crime when witnessed, not hide in their homes trying to appear to conform to the wishes of the criminal heart. It is impossible to attempt to be politically correct and also adhere to the letter of the law.


Introducing the new and amended seals of the Judicial Branch of the Government of The United States of America!

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Published on 12-18-2015 by the American Herald


Introducing the new and amended seals of the Judicial Branch of the Government of The United States of America. LINK

After careful deliberation over the notice about the Union States Assembly: LINK

It is obvious that the Confederation Party has registered copyrights on all of its Government Materials: LINK

Further, the country is also profiled on this website: LINK

The committee saw this as an opportunity to improve its existing seals and make peace with a group attempting to make a difference in their own lives. 

Yes, the Secretary of State did receive a letter from a representative of Union States Assembly stating they would like proof of copyright registration. That proof was provided, however, like we said, the seals with the olive tree were plain and in need of improvement. 

The Government of The United States of America let the Union States Assembly have their seal and changed its seals to make peace with a warring group of people. However, that will be a one time gift. The next time will be a civil process that includes monetary damages. 



Angela Merkel says multiculturalism is a sham!

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Published on 12-15-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

It appears that Germany has come to its senses by simply using a little common sense. The Washington Post reported yesterday “Multiculturalism is a sham, says Angela Merkel”. Some other reporting outlets have picked up the story and run with it.  LINK

This world is all about learning from mistakes and fixing those mistakes. It appears that this idealistic point of view that Multiculturalism is good and will work is not realistic. When nationality is removed from a country, the country will fall.  When a certain type of republic is removed from a country, the country will fall. Those are the facts. 

The type of republic that this newspaper is reporting about is this:

republic as “a form of government in which the sovereign power is widely vested in the people either directly or through elected representatives.

The aforementioned definition has been labeled “sovereign citizen domestic terrorist” point of view by non-popular vote-elected officials elected by corporations and not by a popular vote of the people. Everyone knows this condition is in America. People have been complaining about it for years. 

This is the definition that was lost to the world and has been returned by the Government of The United States of America:

Presently, the term “republic” commonly means a system of government which derives its power from the people rather than from another basis,such as heredity or divine right. This remains the primary definition of republic in most contexts.

The message from the National assembly is this; The American Nationals do not care where you come from, there is no question of race on any forms of the Government of The United States of America, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, it does not matter if you are an orphan or if you have felons in your family.

All that matters is that you take an oath or affirmation and you uphold it and keep it. This means that if you take an oath or affirmation to The United States of America, and the Government is a republic, you are taking an oath or affirmation to yourself, to stay in honor with yourself, which in turn you stay in honor with your creator. 

The American Nationals did not take an oath or affirmation to a man or woman, they did not take an oath or affirmation to a thing or an entity, they took an oath or affirmation to bind themselves together with one cause: “The Strength of your honor is what makes a Nation”. Being true to ourselves’ is our greatest challenge.

Angela Merkel is now being true to herself. No one can do that except Angela. Not even our Father in Heaven interferes with these revelations of truth when dealing with self.

Heredity, Divine Right or birth right citizenship is a country killer. It excludes people and therefore creates multiculturalism. However, a republic without an oath or affirmation is also a country killer because the test of honor is absent. The delicate balance must be maintained.

America has been torn apart by multiculturalism. Right now it is the States against the Federal, the  Federal and the States against the people. Us against them, this group and that group. This is not the fault of the people completely, the fault mainly rests on the leadership. The leadership created the divide by not acknowledging one Nationality for all.  The leadership also took it upon themselves to remove the people from the equation thereby removing its authority.The leadership of the federal United States shuns those that are different, even its human rights divisions. To them, human rights belong to those that they deem worthy and looks good in the newspaper. They are driven by popularity rather than truth.

The country must come together under one Nationality, the American National, otherwise the light of freedom of the world will be extinguished. America must come together otherwise it will fall. The leadership in Washington D.C. has utterly failed in keeping the country together, it has divided it to a point of its own destruction. The leadership must come to their own revelation and admit when something fails. Being true to ourselves’ is our greatest challenge.

The Government of The United States of America is designed for the purpose of bringing the country together and to force those in dis-honor back to honor with themselves, in their own hearts, minds and souls. Like everything that matters in life, the construct of the Government of The United States of America goes directly to what matters.

If you are up to the challenge, contact the Secretary of State at secretaryofstate@theunitedstatesof  


Political Gurus and Political Dissidents Strike Again!

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Published on 12-05-2015 by the American Herald


The Government of The United States of America just finished elections, made a few new contacts with some more international organizations and here come the political gurus and dissidents trying to steal again.

The Clerk receives a message on Skype about the existence of this group calling themselves “Union States Assembly”. The groups so-called Scribe and Historical Records keeper is a man by the name of Mark Charles Dunlevy.

The Government of The United States of America first heard about Mr. Dunlevy on 2012-09-10 at 9:59 PM, when he declared Permanent Residency within the United States, at least that is how he filled out the form. The recorded documents are still available. 

Since Mr. Dunlevy was and is still a resident, the Secretary of State, Tom Goudey called Mr. Dunlevy to ask why the group calling themselves the “Union States Assembly” was using a symbol very similar to the one used within this Government.


Source: LINK

“Notice of Non-Association with political gurus and political dissidents!

“Published on 11-22-2015 by the American Herald”

“The political gurus go to the websites of the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Office and take information to make it appear as if the Government of The United States of America is associated with them or working with them. It is a way for the political gurus to make money off of political dissidents.

Then the committee asked Mr. Dunlevy if he knew that the Articles of Confederation was already claimed and amended.

Mr. Dunlevy first said no and that he had never heard of us. Then we asked how he was claiming the Articles of Confederation, and Mr. Dunlevy proceeded to claim that the Articles of Confederation were abandoned. Then proceeded to claim that he did not like the way we were headed with the Articles of Confederation.

Quote from the Notice:

“They will grab knowledge and information for political gurus that is legitimate and staple and sew bits and pieces together that look like a Frankenstein monster sold by political gurus attempting to legitimize their paperwork or position to the untrained political dissident. The political gurus use only pieces and parts to avoid copyright issues and make it appear as if the political guru wrote the document themselves. The main goal of the political guru is to make it appear to the political dissident that the political guru has all of the answers. The political guru usually creates more problems than they resolve. The political dissident is usually placed on a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist list as a result of the political gurus efforts.”

Mr. Dunlevy et al is claiming the same thing this Government claimed back in 2010 and was discovered in 1997. 

Although the American Nationals appreciate the fact that their claims are extremely solid, the American Nationals do not appreciate the fact that someone declares residency, takes information and then advertises it as if it was theirs and attempts to take a Government and a Nationality from the American Nationals without just compensation for all of the hard work that went into their Government.

The actions taken by Mr. Dunlevy et al consist of many crimes along with the four lies that were told to the committee by Mr. Dunlevy himself while at the same time claiming on their website:

“7) We are peaceful and have no desire for unjustifiable acts of war or any harmful intentions toward anyone or anything, lawful or legal.”

The committee noticed Mr. Dunlevy that the logo being used was similar and would give people the impression that this Government was involved with this “Union States Assembly” group and Mr. Dunlevy outright refused to remove the logo or change it. Mr. Dunlevy was noticed that this Government stands alone and does not appreciate anyone piggy backing on it. Mr. Dunlevy also claimed that he would fight this Government to the death.

The group never uses their full names, they use coded Initials when referring to each other. If they weren’t doing anything wrong, why hide the full names? Then Mr. Dunlevy  claimed that the group had a representative, then when asked the name of the representative, he changed the claim to a “spokesman” and still withheld the spokesman’s name.

Mr. Dunlevy et al claims that only the States can amend the original Articles of Confederation and did not like how it was done.

The claim by Mr. Dunlevy et al is not a party to the Articles of Confederation nor was a party to the claim back in 2010, therefore did not have a say as to how the Articles of Confederation were amended. The original 13 States had abandoned the Articles of Confederation, and therefore forfeited a vote by any delegates as to what the amendments would consist of in the present day. In fact, Mr. Dunlevy et al was notified and had already accepted the claim  that had been settled in 2010-11 by declaring residency. When Mr. Dunlevy et al was cornered with these facts, he promptly changed his claim in mid-stream to the term “Dormant” instead of “abandoned”. 

Even after all of the lies told, the committee asked why Mr. Dunlevy et al would not simply work with the Government of The United States of America and was notified of a program in place to help the group with their struggle. He said, “Because we were making the wrong choices as to how to set up a government”.

Quote from the Notice:

These political dissidents have no comprehension in law and the political gurus have no consideration for the human rights of others. Political gurus plagiarize, ignore copyrights and  believe that anything on the internet belongs to them and usually use the information to form bizarre liens in the name of political dissidents to attempt a big payoff for themselves.

Watch out for these people folks! LINK

They have started out in dis-honor and will remain in dis-honor until they start respecting the Human Rights of others. The Union States Assembly is simply a knock off of the “Union States Project” which were already notified of the claim in 2010 of which we believe fell apart due to in-fighting and corruption.

A lot of these groups are the same people doing the same thing, take from others, no original ideas, will not work with others, hard headed and stubborn. Many are years behind in research and discovery.

For entertainment purposes, people might want to look at the FAQ on the website of the “Union States Assembly”. Particularly this quote: “A. We follow the ONLY lawful law forms”.  We are still scratching ours heads on that one.

The major problem is that these types of groups form and try to associate with others that are legitimate. Then their antics ruin good names by claiming false association with legitimate organizations. The main problem is felt by many organizations around the world.

The only way to fight this type of theft is to expose it as soon as it is discovered. The Government of The United States of America has survived that last 7 groups like the “Union States Assembly” and will survive this one.



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Published on 12-01-2015 by the American Herald


Its election day for the Government of The United States of America!

The affirmed American Nationals are excited because today, their individual votes matters and no one can take it away from them.

The voting booth closes tonight at 12 am which means the voting booth is open for 24 hours.

The Government of The United States of America wishes it could share this experience with everyone. The experience is something that is hard to describe. People can’t sleep until they have voted. It only takes a claim to a Nationality, some dedication and a work ethic.

Happy voting day American Nationals!