Certain Acts Classified as War Crimes!




The National assembly passed some motions to classify certain acts as War Crimes due to how these particular acts are being used to defile and violate the Law of Nations. The following are now classified as War Crimes, any further use of these tactics will result in a conviction upon the persons of the individuals that use these tactics to subvert the Law of Nations: Link to Official Record!

1:Use of Political Correctness.

2:Use of the terms sovereign citizen and sovereign national in the same context as propaganda to place a hit on the target for political purposes or with intent to traffick their persons is classified as attempted murder and a war crime.

3:Religious organizations that claim their belief is the only way to salvation and force association is classified as a war crime.

4:Private companies that have hijacked the Public Highways as a war crime, these private companies are claiming to be government which is classified and understood to be fascism which subverts the Law of Nations.

5:Disarming of civilians and militia is now classified as a war crime.

A Treaty of Peace will be finalized in today’s National assembly and offered to the Commander in Chief of the United States Military for the purposes of officially ending the Civil War and remove the ongoing and seemingly perpetual Martial Law against the States of the Union by the three city-state empire.

Link to the established War Crimes Tribunal!


American National Union of The United States of America classifies all weapons and arms as private property!


                         INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

American National Union of The United States of America classifies all weapons and arms as private property when owned by civilians. Any attempt of confiscation by anyone of private property no matter what the Roman Catholic government states within States pass as their laws within their society is considered a war crime against civilians. LINK

Steven Derick de Baiocchi, motion for an amendment to the By-Laws, to ensure all declared 
Residents and American National Union of The United States of America members to retain all 
their inalienable and unalienable rights and are protected under this By-Law wherein all 
offspring declared by the parents in posterity are hereto by classified as private posterity of the 
family. In reciprocity with The United States of America.

This means that any attacks by agencies against the family falls under War Crimes no matter the reason.

The American National Union of The United States of America is open to those people that desire a republic form of Government. Those people that desire a Military theology type of government will not get along.

If you would like to join the American National Union of The United States of America please go here: LINK


Introducing the following Acts passed by the United States, in Congress assembled of the Government of The United States of America!

     PUBLISHED BY THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST ON 09-09-2017                         

                        INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The following acts were passed by the United States, in Congress assembled on 09-08-2017! Keep in mind that the Government of The United States of America has first in time and first in right status so these acts are legally binding.

The Denial of application of communist doctrine or Association(s) by political and foreign laws act resolves the total Communist Party Control issue.

1: Denial of application of communist doctrine or Association(s) by political and foreign laws act of 2017: LINK

The Monetary Legal Impossibility Act resolves the foreclosure issue

2: Monetary Legal Impossibility Act of 2017: LINK

The National Currency Act resolves the ability to pay debts issue and privately owned property issue

3: The National Currency Act of 2017 : LINK

The Voluntary Concealed Weapons Act resolves the Democrat/ Communist problem with gun ownership.

4: Voluntary concealed weapons permit act of 2017: LINK

The Foreign Agent Registration act addresses and resolves a National Security issue.

5: Foreign Agent Registration Act of 2017: LINK




First of all, for those that do not know anything about the National Lawyers Guild, this is what the company congress said about that organization on SEPTEMBER 17, 1950.


The National Lawyers Guild is the foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party, its front organizations, and controlled unions. Since its inception it has never failed to rally to the legal defense of the Communist Party and individual members thereof, including known espionage agents. It has consistently fought against national. State, and local legislation aimed at curbing the Communist conspiracy. It has been most articulate in its attacks upon all agencies of the Government seeking to expose or prosecute the subversive activities of the Communist network, including national, State, and local investigative committees, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and law enforcement agencies generally. Through its affiliation with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, an international Communist-front organization, the National Lawyers Guild has constituted itself an agent of a foreign principal hostile to the interests of the United States. It has gone far afield to oppose the foreign policies of the United States, in line with the current line of the Soviet Union.

These aims — the real aims of the National Lawyers Guild, as demonstrated conclusively by its activities for the past 13 years of its existence — are not specified in its constitution or statement of avowed purpose. In order to attract non-Communists to serve as a cover for its actual purpose as an appendage to the Communist Party, the National Lawyers Guild poses benevolently as “a professional organization which shall function as an effective social force in the service of the people to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property rights.” In the entire history of the guild there is no record of its ever having condemned such instances. end quote LINK TO FULL REPORT

The link to the aforementioned parties is found here at minute 3:15 wherein Sara Kershner is identified as speaking for the National Lawyers Guild.


Now that the responsible party has been identified and recorded in this publication of record. Lets see how interested the War Crimes Tribunal will be in this discovery and new evidence.


Political correctness is used to control our intangible property rights to language

A couple keywords to keep in mind while you read:

Tangible property: Property that you can own and hold and see and touch.

Intangible property: Property you own and can’t see, hold or touch. The right to use your tangible property. Like being able to drive your car whenever you’d like.

Do you know what it’s like to be silenced? Silenced until you compromise yourself and your beliefs to fit into what people think is politically correct or the “right way”?

Being politically correct is apparently more important than life itself. Somehow our intangible property right has shifted from certain words to other words without our knowledge or consent.

I had the exclusive intangible property right to a book blog. Sometime into it I started looking for a co-blogger to help me with upkeep and posting. When I decided on a blogger I specifically told said blogger in an e-mail that I don’t read or blog about the LGBT+ genre and community and if they agreed not to write about this subject among others on my blog I would gladly share my online space to write with me.

On their first post this blogger wrote a bit in their post about their sexual orientation. When I asked for them to remove it before publishing; this blogger questioned my exclusive intangible property rights to my blog.

The subject matter was personal information about this blogger I didn’t want on my blog. This blogger kept pushing and pushing for this topic to be put on my blog.

I stood my ground and said no. That was my blog and my space and they had their own blog to write about whatever they’d like. This blogger ended up quitting and proceeded to spread rumors about me because I wouldn’t give into their attempt to shift and control my intangible property rights to my blog. This blogger baited and switched me in an effort to control the direction of my intangible property to other political beliefs and agree to bend the terms and conditions that this blogger already agreed to prior to accepting the position as co-writer.

This blogger attempted to take away exclusive intangible property to my blog by attempting to control my intangible property right to specific words which formed beliefs that were not within the parameters of my own conscience.

I had a friend who was very angry at the world.

This friend would pick a fight with anyone who said the smallest thing -intentionally or not- that didn’t match with this friends political beliefs. This friend would get angry when someone wouldn’t automatically apologize for saying the wrong thing. This friend would become angry for asking why they were mad, as if someone should already know. They’d get angry when someone asked why you had to apologize for sharing an opinion. This friend would get angry when you wouldn’t use certain terms.

A while back I exercised my exclusive right to language and unintentionally said something that went against this friends political beliefs and when they called me out on it I asked them to explain why I was “wrong”. When they explained, I realized I didn’t agree with what they were saying and I stood by what I said. This friend spent days trying to tell me I was “wrong” and that I should apologize for what I said.

This friend took away my exclusive intangible property right to language itself by telling me my opinion was wrong and that their way was the only way.

I cut these people from my life without a second thought. These kind of people are draining and manipulative and if they couldn’t respect me and my voice I wouldn’t have them in my life.

I will not be silenced. I have a voice and it will be heard.

Anna Von Reitz is spreading fake news once again!


Published on 04-24-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Anna Von Reitz has been on the rampage spreading fake news again.

Here is the latest: LINK

“A Very Important Announcement– The Nature of the Battle

This morning it comes across my desk that the foreign organization calling itself “General Post Office” is assembling an “army” to invade the Continental United States.”

This claim by Anna is fake, no one is invading the Continental United States other than Islam at the moment. The rest of the comment is garbage to sell the initial claim that the continental United States is being invaded.

Here is another: LINK

This comment is completely fake. No one claimed to buy anything at auction, there was a Postmaster General in 1775 named Benjamin Franklyn that eventually was succeeded to Ebenezer Hazard which did not have a successor until 2010. There was no claim to a Postmaster General of the United States. The rest of the writings are completely fake to sell the lie of a Trojan Horse theory.

This is what the Government of The United States of America has on record as it pertains to Anna Von Reitz and James Belcher:

Anna and her husband came to the Government of The United States of America back in 2012. They both received trust documents that were being done at the time. The committee for General Post Office, LDC that was registered in Belize was operating in tandem with the original General Post Office of 1775 to pull the original General Post Office into an international jurisdiction and back into the States of the Union through The United States of America so Anna and her husband could receive their inheritance. Her main complaint was that no one called her when in fact she was invited to the weekly assembly and never showed up. Everyone at the time was invited to the assembly call. Folks, this is not fake because the certificate is here: LINK

Further, Anna tried a second time to take over the General Post Office in 2015:

Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>

to me
I made it back home and am attaching a copy of the Trust Certificate my husband received dated 23 July 2012 from an organization calling itself “general post office”.
As you can see, it included a RESIDENT Identification Number of 598307036169. I have an identical document with # 653471686044. There are also Foreign Business Certificates #203 and 204. I have a copy of The Articles of Confederation, as amended as issued by the General Post Master Council for The United States of America, as further amended 21 April 2012.

When Anna figured out that other people had a say in this Government, she attempted in many emails to discredit the Government and the General Post Office. The email string is basically a long line of more fake claims made by Anna against something that she could not control.

Right after the second attack by Anna, the National assembly voted not to honor her or her husbands claim to residency because of the following reasons: LINK

1: Anna is a foreign agent working for Vatican City that is well known to be a communist city-state: LINK to FULL Document

2: Anna has also taken a full blood oath to a foreign communist state:

“Judge Anna von Reitz. Yes, I have a blood oath standing on the altar of the Universal Catholic Church.
My Blood Oath clearly states to you— as it did to Cardinal George of Chicago (see the actual letter addressed to him that is part of my archive at www.annavonreitz.com)— that I was putting my life and soul at risk to bring forward the Great Fraud against the American states and people for remedy.”

3: Anna Von Reitz has never complied with the company Foreign Agent Registration Act that has been able to be determined to exist. 

4: Anna Von Reitz full blood allegiance is to a foreign communist country that actively infiltrates organizations and groups to attempt to get them to break the law which takes them down and disperses them, a tactic right out of the communist manual. Anna Von Reitz is spreading fake news and lies to scare people to keep them stateless.


1: Declaration of Political Status: “No such thing, you either belong to a political party or you don’t, the political party either has a political platform and a membership card or it doesn’t.  The Political Party has a political status, not an individual.  The political party is either a communist party, or a republic form of Government platform, or a democracy etc….

2: “Grant and Deed of Trust” : that does not have a Grantor or Grantee in the wording.

3: Record of name(s) affidavit: heir and beneficiary cannot exist in one document. They are two separate types of entities under two separate bodies of law and the wording is horrible.

4: Notice of Emancipation: dealt with actual slaves that were considered property at the time, nothing to do with today.

5: “Claim of Life Estate”: Life Estate is not a term, also done improperly and is null and void for vagueness and instructed to record in county records and were never told to publish anything which in this case was good for the signors of these types of documents.

A first year law student would laugh these documents out of the court room and she considers herself a judge which was self proclaimed. No elections, no legislature to make law to enforce, no political party, no court rules, no charter and goes on and on.

Anna Von Reitz uses slander and fake news to create fear that is intended to keep her subjects under control on behalf of her masters running a communist regime under the veil of religion. Anna Von Reitz has nothing to do with the American States of the Union and always places herself as a martyr against Vatican City which is what all infiltrators do. The tactic is right out of the book of foreign infiltration.

The Continental Army is not a standing army nor is it classified as a invading army. It is formed like the army in Switzerland which is not a standing army.

The Government of The United States of America, under the Law of Nations, has the right of self defense along with the States of the Union within The United States of America. Pope Francis declared the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe as an invasion. LINK

The U.S. Military is pledged to the United Nations: LINK    (page 6 last paragraph)

The States of the Union are left to fend for themselves and Anna Von Reitz is against this basic human and international right?

1: Why would the Continental Army scare Anna Von Reitz?

2: Why would Anna Von Reitz do her best to attack the original Government of a country that she professes to protect in the form of being a martyr against the evil doers of Vatican City?

3: Why do people follow this woman blindly and believe everything she says? Anna had to be trained somewhere.

4: Where are the documents to support her assertions that the office of the Postmaster General was bought at a bankruptcy auction and where are the documents that shows that an actual bankruptcy sale occurred?

5: Where are the documents showing any claim made by Anna Von Reitz? Answer: There aren’t any because all claims made by Anna Von Reitz are fake news or orders coming from somewhere or someone else to create fear and keep people stateless. 

6: What could be the motivation for this agent to be so vicious and how can she live with the lies she publishes? or is Anna Von Reitz so controlling that she tries to destroy what she cannot control?

7: How come when Anna Von Reitz gets into a fight with the so-called “Continental Marshals”, they all start getting busted all over the country as an organized crime syndicate with more charges stacked to the ceiling?

Anna Von Reitz is coming close to international espionage based on her recent postings which are all on record. In case someone missed the intent of the last statement, that is a warning for Anna and James Belcher. It won’t be the agents charged, it will be Vatican City itself charged with espionage which is an international crime.

Anna Von Reitz has failed her mission as an agent when she was not able to infiltrate this Government in 2015; and now she is using black operation tactics to cause confusion and division at the expense of the Public at Large. The result is a scared people that blindly follow a self proclaimed judge without questioning her sources if any and parrot her disinformation.

If you do not want to believe this publishing, that is fine. But at least do your research before you also end up looking like an foreign agent for Vatican City.

If anyone has any questions, go to the Support Center and submit a ticket: http://generalpostoffice.net .




The National assembly Nationalizes the States of the Union original Constitutions and hereby grants the metes and bounds back to each State!


Published on 04-22-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Many people do not know that there are at least 3 different and separate United States. This is what Family Guardian reports about the issue:

source LINK  Page 37

The Government of The United States of America has claimed without rebuttal that the name of the country is The United States of America.

The chart should read:

United States= Geographical=Country= The United States of America

United States=Geographical=Federal Territory under the charter of the United Nations

these United States=Geographical=States of the Union

United States-legal-Government of the United States of Manhattan Island=foreign company known as the Virginia Company and the Dutch East India Trading Company under the Netherlands

United States=Law of Nations=Country=The United States of America=Law of Nations=Government of The United States of America

This is no reflection on the work that is on the SEDM website. They are some good people that do amazing research.

The National assembly of General Post Masters/American Nationals under the Articles of Confederation , as amended August 5th, 2015 (last amendment through political convention) heard a motion to Nationalize the rest of the original State constitutions that were not nationalized and placed into the Union when they were formed due to the fact that the Virginia Company did not have that authority and nor did Manhattan Island.

When this link is read: LINK

The reader will witness the claiming of the metes and bounds when tossed by New World Order politicians over the last 50 years in order to form their World Communist Government that rules by continent. The flag is an older flag and so is the Great Seal, however all claims were properly brought forward to the new Great Seal and the New flag of the country.

What does this mean?

1: The States of the Union are no longer under a private company flag nor are they under the charter of the United Nations. 

2: Any treaty signed under the charter of the United Nations is notwithstanding within the States of the Union within The United States of America.

3: All United Nations agencies doing business as various COUNTIES, STATES ETC… are required to begin the process of transferring resources back to the original charters of the counties and States and begin the election process otherwise suffer the punishment of committing international crimes with multiple human rights violations including but not limited to human trafficking of persons.

4: The States of the Union are no longer privately owned trusts.

The reader should see at least four ramifications of the Nationalization process and there will be many more too numerous to mention in this International Public Notice.  Nationalization is defined here: LINK      It is required that all States of the Union have a republic form of government under the Law of Nations and not the type of Government that Adolf Hitler formed when Germany was Nationalized by the Nazi Party. Any form of government other than a republic form is notwithstanding:

definition: .

“republic as “a form of government in which the sovereign power is widely vested in the people either directly or through elected representatives.”
Not a republican form of government: LINK  which leaves a lot of wiggle room for cults and private membership associations to take over as we have all experienced.

The States are now accessible to the people that were born within the metes and bounds of The United States of America and according to the States laws, a fidelity oath is required for that claim to have standing.

This will be a lot to take in for most so this particular International Public Notice ends here and more will be forthcoming as this process moves forward.


Cease and Desist the Slander!


Published on 04-21-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

This is a quote from the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society when it was formed.

“Furthermore, I will safeguard the helpless and ignorant and teach them to stand on their own. I will uphold the laws of the reign of the heavens, its trust agreement and the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society, I speak these words in the name of Yahweh, not in conflict with the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens Yahushua, and before my neighbors, so that I shall have standing among all other Nations and States, the reign of the heavens society or otherwise. All these words I speak, I promise, and”

If anyone hears of any idiot claiming that we claimed the “Kingdom of Heaven” and the seat of the Most High Yahweh, please let them know that they will be receiving a slander suit against them to the tune of 750 thousand in legal tender for each count of slander. THERE IS NO ANTI-CHRIST HERE! There are good people doing some phenomenal work dedicated to the freedom of their own families, their country and fellow countrymen. 

As everyone can see that the Citizens and Nationals of the reign of the heavens fully acknowledge the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens and no one claimed Yahushua’s position or Yahweh’s position anywhere in the documents. The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is a misnomer created by the monarchs of Europe to condone their subjection of the people and to give the appearance that God in heaven endorses their throne and your subject status.

There is a difference between willingly following a man because you want to follow him through respect and wanting the same things and using the throne of the Most High to get people to believe that if you don’t submit that God himself will throw your eternal soul into hell to be burned in the lake of fire.

The latter claim by the Monarchs of Europe has been used to do evil against people in the name of God for centuries. Learn the difference and stop the slander that is derived from ignorance and childish fears. Further, there are a lot of very jealous people self projecting fears and superstitions and they are going to cost you a lawsuit and deprivation of liberty through economic hardship.

Further, the news outlets are doing nothing but attacking each other in a fight between the left and the right which is accomplishing nothing. Whether your news organization is alternative media or mainstream media does not matter, you are all media and attacking each other does nothing more than bring shame and disgrace to the media profession as a whole.

Slander is a heinous crime that has no place in America.  Slander is an embarrassment to our country and our countrymen.  Cease and desist on the lies and slander. It accomplishes nothing and allows a third party to reap the profits and rewards of a worn out political agenda.




Published on 04-11-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America authorized the passing of THE CONTINENTAL ARMY, NAVY AND MARINE ACT OF 2017 today.

The act is straight forward and brings a lot of the history of this country forward to the present time.

The act can be downloaded here: LINK

The new page on the National Great Registry can be found here: LINK

The sign up page with all of the details can be found here: LINK

Don Boxley has been appointed as organizer and contact for the Continental Army, Navy and Marines.  When the sign up form is filled out, he will get a copy. 

The community can be found here: LINK

This Continental Army, Navy and Marines is not affiliated with the U.S. Military or any other Military.  However, the Government of The United States of America is not at war with the empire either.

U.S. agents need not hide themselves when joining the Continental Army community website. You are welcome to join the site and ask questions. There is no need to get paranoid and suspicious. Further, you are welcome to join the Continental Army, Navy or Marines if you wish, for the purpose of defending your country.

The Continental Army, Navy and Marines are structured much like the Military in Switzerland. People in Switzerland were consulted about their structure and it was a prudent organization.

People with no Military experience have something to contribute to this Military. However, the more Military experience the higher the rank. Women are welcome to join.

Police, Sheriff’s, agencies and the like are welcome to join. The Homeland is in need of protecting, the local law enforcement cannot do it all nor are they equipped to do what people are expecting them to do. They need help! Lend a helping hand and accept the obligation to protect and defend your country. Members will not be expected to leave our borders. This Military is for protecting the country as a defense force. Not a Military to be deployed all over the world interfering with other countries and their governments.  The National Guard is not equipped to make a formidable defense, it is going to take all of us together. 

You do not need to be enlisted to join the Military community site. Become a part of your countries history!


The Government of The United States of America is not accepting responsibility for the Missile attack against Syria on April 6th, 2017!


Published on 04-08-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

It is vary apparent that the Virginia Company ( the Company) doing business as the United States of America and the United States have never read the Law of Nations. 

The event of Thursday night, April 6th, 2017 was a clear violation of the Law of Nations also known as International law today. The charter of the United Nations was an addition to the Law of Nations when it was created.

The Law of Nations is very clear on matters of war:

the LAW of NATIONS,  Book III of War chapter I, Of War,—its different Kinds,—and the Right of making War.

Definition: War is that state in which we prosecute our right by force.

Public war is that which takes place between nations or sovereigns, and which is carried on in the name of the public power, and by its order.
This is the war we are here to consider:—private war, or that which is carried on between private individuals, belongs to the law of nature
properly so called.

In treating of the right to security (Book II. Chap. IV.)we have shewn that nature gives men a right to employ force, when it is necessary for
their defence, and for the preservation of their rights. This principle is generally acknowledged: reason demonstrates it; and nature herself has engraved it on the heart of man.

As nature has given men no right to employ force, unless when it becomes necessary for self-defence and the preservation of their rights
(Book II. §49, &c.), the inference is manifest, that, since the establishment of political societies, a right, so dangerous in its exercise, no longer
remains with private persons, except in those rencounters where society cannot protect or defend them. In the bosom of society, the public authority decides all the disputes of the citizens, represses violence, and checks every attempt to do ourselves justice with our own hands. If a
private person intends to prosecute his right against the subject of a foreign power, he may apply to the sovereign of his adversary, or to the
magistrates invested with the public authority: and if he is denied justice by them, he must have recourse to his own sovereign, who is obliged to
protect him. It would be too dangerous to allow every citizen the liberty of doing himself justice against foreigners; as, in that case, there would
not be a single member of the state who might not involve it in war. And how could peace be preserved between nations, if it were in the
power of every private individual to disturb it? A right of so momentous a nature,—the right of judging whether the nation has real grounds of
complaint,—whether she is authorised to employ force, and justifiable in taking up arms,—whether prudence will admit of such a step,—and
whether the welfare of the state requires it,—that right, I say, can belong only to the body of the nation, or to the sovereign, her representative.
It is doubtless one of those rights, without which there can be no salutary government, and which are therefore called rights of majesty (Book I.

War is either defensive or offensive. He who takes up arms to repel the attack of an enemy, carries on a defensive war. He who is foremost in
taking up arms, and attacks a nation that lived in peace with him, wages offensive war. The object of a defensive war is very simple; it is no other
than self-defence: in that of offensive war, there is as great a variety as in the multifarious concerns of nations: but, in general, it relates either
to the prosecution of some rights, or to safety.We attack a nation with a view either to obtain something to which we lay claim, to punish her
for an injury she has done us, or to prevent one which she is preparing to do, and thus avert a danger with which she seems to threaten us. I do
not here speak of the justice of war: that shall make the subject of a particular chapter:—all I here propose is to indicate, in general, the various
objects for which a nation takes up arms,—objects which may furnish lawful reasons, or unjust pretences, but which are at least susceptible
of a colour of right. I do not therefore, among the objects of offensive war, set down conquest, or the desire of invading the property of others:—
views of that nature, destitute even of any reasonable pretext to countenance them, do not constitute the object of regular warfare, but
of robbery, which we shall consider in its proper place.

It is claimed by the Company that Assad attacked innocent civilians with chemical weapons after a Missile Attack had already been ordered and carried out. Further the Company claimed that the Assad Regime threatens the safety and security of the “United States and its allies” after a punishment had been implemented against Syria.

There was no proof that the Assad Regime attacked innocent civilians other than a news report coming from a source known as Cable News Network (“CNN”) wherein was accused of being a fake news network in February and was not invited to White House Briefings. 

This violation of the law of nations by the Company was committed under arbitrary conditions sparked by fake news which could result in a World War III.

International due process was ignored, a trial was commenced against a sovereign nation, the sovereign nation was judged based on fake news, the jury consisted of close relatives of the CEO of the Company, and the execution was commenced on April 6th, 2017 after a promise was made to the Companies voters that acts of intervention against sovereign nations was not to be tolerated and against international law.  Further, the Company is well aware of the Law of Nations wherein it states within its charter: To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;  Article I Section 8 of the charter (constitution) of the United States. 

Any recourse from this act committed by the Company CEO is not the responsibility of the Government of The United States of America under the Articles of Confederation as amended August 5th, 2015 or the country of The United States of America under the Law of Nations which is the Law of the Land.